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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F12
Rhodes, Levin    Rhodes2 
2 F25
Maitland, William    Rhodes2 
3 F67
Garrett, Daniel    Rhodes2 
4 F71
Garrett, James    Rhodes2 
5 F40
Alexander, Henry Anna   Rhodes2 
6 F59
Gray, Ira Brickhouse, Affa 20 Oct 1858 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
7 F36
Rhodes, Simeon Brickhouse, Jamima 25 Apr 1809 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
8 F14
Rhodes, Benjamin Brickhouse, Ludica 12 Jan 1852 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
9 F19
Snell, Warren Cottie   Rhodes2 
10 F62
Snell, Asa Brooks Dorcas   Rhodes2 
11 F64
Rhodes, William Elizabeth   Rhodes2 
12 F58
Rhodes, Frederick R. Elizabeth, Nancy   Rhodes2 
13 F01
Rhodes, Abram R. Etheridge, Elizabeth ABT. 1839  Rhodes2 
14 F49
Jr., John Rhodes Etheridge, Elizabeth Jan 1842 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
15 F06
Rhodes, Nelson Perry Etheridge, Minnie Welton 30 Dec 1904 Columbia Tshp, Tyrrell Co, NC  Rhodes2 
16 F32
Etheridge, Silas Etheridge, Sarah   Rhodes2 
17 F39
Ward, Asa Frances   Rhodes2 
18 F68
Rhodes, John Garrett, Elizabeth   Rhodes2 
19 F70
Corprew, ? Garrett, Joanna   Rhodes2 
20 F69
Ward, ? Garrett, Mary   Rhodes2 
21 F10
Rhodes, John W. Gibson, Mary Jane   Rhodes2 
22 F28
Rhodes, John Hassell, Mary 20 May 1849 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
23 F38
Rhodes, Simeon Hopkins, Susan 26 Jul 1847 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
24 F37
Brickhouse, Benjamin Howett, Sarah 19 Nov 1848 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
25 F07
Rhodes, Nelson Perry Jackson, Martha 25 Nov 1901 Columbia Tshp, Tyrrell Co, NC  Rhodes2 
26 F47
Rhodes, Wallace Disaway Jordan, Lillian Marie   Rhodes2 
27 F18
Maitland, William L., Sarah   Rhodes2 
28 F11
Rhodes, John E. Maitland, Emmaline ABT. 1903  Rhodes2 
29 F24
Rhodes, Alexander Maitland, Martha C. 24 Sep 1913 Columbia Tshp, Tyrrell Co, NC  Rhodes2 
30 F09
Rhodes, William M. Mann, Elizabeth Ann ABT. 1871  Rhodes2 
31 F15
Prichard, David Mary   Rhodes2 
32 F05
Rhodes, Edgar L. Miller, Matilda 28 Sep 1892 Columbia Tshp, Tyrrell Co, NC; Quality: 3  Rhodes2 
33 F22
Nooney, Jesse Miller, Matilda 2 Jan 1902 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
34 F60
Rhodes, William T. Miller, Phoebe E. 30 Jul 1890 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
35 F50
Rhodes, Eby Morris, Mary "Polly" 29 Sep 1831 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
36 F31
Etheridge, Asa Olif   Rhodes2 
37 F72
Rhodes, William Parthenia   Rhodes2 
38 F73
Fagan, William Parthenia   Rhodes2 
39 F30
Rhodes, John Phelps, Catherine 28 Jan 1808 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
40 F46
Murphy, Spencer Riley Rhodes, Alice Ellen 1 Mar 1951  Rhodes2 
41 F29
Godwin, James Rhodes, Amelia 14 Feb 1818 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
42 F34
Brickhouse, Benjamin Rhodes, Clarkey 5 Nov 1815 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
43 F66
Garrett, Daniel Rhodes, Elizabeth   Rhodes2 
44 F56
Roughton, Spencer Rhodes, Elizabeth 17 May 1853 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
45 F57
Reynolds, James Rhodes, Elizabeth ABT. 1858  Rhodes2 
46 F54
Gray, Ira Rhodes, Elizabeth Ann 17 Jul 1850 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 
47 F45
Savage, Schley Rhodes, Florence Matilda 28 Jun 1941  Rhodes2 
48 F08
Pritchard, Henry L. Rhodes, Frances 20 Aug 1885 Columbia Tshp, Tyrrell Co, NC  Rhodes2 
49 F55
Sr., James Silas Davenport Rhodes, Hilda   Rhodes2 
50 F35
Swain, Benjamin Rhodes, Joanna 23 Jan 1822 Tyrrell County, NC  Rhodes2 

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