I have been researching my ancestor, William Rhodus (1791 SC-1852 MS) for two years now and have been unsuccessful in finding/proving his parents. I have read several books that record my Rhodus family, but they always stop with him and can only hypothesize who is parents could be. If you know of ancestors of William Rhodus, contact me, Daniel Verret, at "", by clicking the link.

Please see some of the information below:

Goal: To discover William Rhodus’ parents.

William Rhodus: b. 10 Mar 1791 in South Carolina. Married: 1820 in Pike County, MS to Elizabeth Bond (b.1804 G.A..-d. 1889 M.S.) William Rhodus died in 24 Mar 1852 in Pike County, M.S.

William Rhodus settled what is now Osyka, Pike County, Mississippi is.

Their children:

1.      Mary Ann Rhodus: b. 29 Ju 1823 in M.S., d. 07 Sep 1843 in MS

2.      Jane Rhodus: b. 16 Apr 1825 in MS, d. Aft. 1870 in MS

3.      William Wesley Rhodus: b. 25 Dec 1827 In M.S., d. 27 Nov 1852 in MS

4.      Issac Rhodus: b. 18 Feb 1830 in MS

5.      Willis Rhodus: b. 17 Mar 1832 in MS & d. 24 Mar 1852 in MS

6.      James John Rhodus: b. 02 Apr 1834 in MS & d. 27 Jan1916 in MS, James John Rhodus at FindaGrave.com

7.      Lydia Ann Rhodus: b. 29 Jan 1836 in MS & d. 1904 in LA.

8.      Thomas C. Rhodus: b. 28 Sep 1839 in MS & d. 1888 in MS, Thomas C. Rhodus at FindaGrave.com 

9.      Zachariah Reeves Rhodus: b. 14 Mar 1842 in MS & d. 1872 in MS, Zachariah Reeves Rhodus at FindaGrave.com

My main source of information about my Rhodus family was the book, "Bala Chitto Simmons Family" by Hansford Simmons. Also, I have searched through the book, "Passports of Southeastern Pioneers, 1770-1823" by Dorothy Potter and it did NOT mention William RHODUS. Furthermore, the book, "Pike County Mississippi 1798-1876 Pioneer Families and Confederate Soldiers" by Luke Ward Conerly does NOT mention William Rhodus. However, the next book written by Luke Ward Conerly does mention William Rhodus, "Pike County, Mississippi 1798-1910". It says, "William Rhodus could have been the son Widow Elizabeth Rhodus of Sumter (Sumter Co.), South Carolina in 1800. This woman appeared on the report with a son in the age bracket 16 to 26-- or the range of William Rhodus of Pike Co. Mississippi. This Elizabeth is no doubt the same woman who had a Revolutionary War Claim in South Carolina. Since a Solomon Rhodus got land grants after the Revolution, he is possibly of this same family and possibly William's father."

However, I found the Will of Solomon Rhodus and he stated, "It is my will, that out of my Estate my Brother William Rhodus or his heirs be paid five shillings as a remembrance of my brotherly love. " He says, "brotherly love" therefore he cannot be William Rhodus’ father. Also, he mentions his wife, "Nancy Rhodus" not Elizabeth, so this cannot be the father of William Rhodus, but perhaps his brother? Solomon Rhodus' will was written in May 25, 1804.

Moreover, I have recently discovered Elizabeth Rhodus’ Revolutionary War claim was through her husband, Nathaniel Rhodus who died during the conflict with the British. Therefore, he died between 1775-1783, so he could not possibly be the father of my William Rhodus. Now, I have considered that she could have remarried, but I have been unsuccessful in finding that out.

I recently contacted South Carolina Archives to look into to William RHODUS and they wrote back to me that a William Rhodus is mentioned as a son in the Estate files of Elizabeth Rhodus (1802), Sumter County Estates Box 81, Pkg. 8, Frames: 286-291,Roll SU 11 & Catherine Rhodes (1817) in Kershaw County Estates, Apt. 59, Pkg. 2061, Frames: 65-83, Roll C 9273.

I found the Will of Catherine Rhodes (1817) online in the South Carolina State Archives database. To view it see the following link: Will of Catherine Rhodes (1817)

I read through Catherine Rhodes’ will and I thought it was very interesting that she saw her lawyer twice. Once in 1814 and again in 1817 to update her Will in case her son, William Rhodes was not present in South Carolina when she died. The reason this is so interesting is because my William Rhodus is first recorded on tax rolls between 1820-1823. So, as of right now Catherine Rhodes is my best and most promising lead, I think anyway. Unless Elizabeth Rhodus remarried and had my William…
Lastly, I believe this William Rhodus remains a mystery because the Pike County, Mississippi Court House burnt down in 1883, resulting in the loss of all documents. The information I have on my family comes from family bibles, federal records and books written prior to the incident in 1883.

1850 Federal Census of Pike County, Mississippi that includes William Rhodus & family: 1850 Federal Census of Pike County, Mississippi that includes William Rhodus & family

I have searched through the following popular Rhodes lines and have proven all William Rhodes as NOT mine:

The Descendants of William Rhodes Sr. of Orange Co, VA
Descendants of William Rhodes of Mecklenburg County, VA

I wanted to reach out to you ask if you for help. I am at my wits end and could really use some fresh advice or perspective. I am determined to find out who is father was and I won’t stop until I do. Please feel free to pass my e-mail and message along to anyone who could help!

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