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Data on Arthur Rhodes, Rodes, Roades, Rhody, by Harold Rhodes

Arthur Rhodes and family came to Edgefield County, South Carolina sometime in 1795 before Jesse was born. Most likely the family moved from North Carolina. No records or family stories of Jesse’s biological father being in South Carolina.

He wasn’t enunciated in the Edgefield County Census of 1790

1800 US Federal Census of South Carolina, Film Roll 47, Edgefield County page 187, Arthur Rhody.
Free White Males
2- under 10** Jesse 4 years old and a brother
3- 26 thru 44** Arthur Rhody (Jesse’s Step or Birth Father)
Free White Females
1- 26 thru 44** Jesse’s Mother

26 August 1803 Estate James Rhodes Dec’d recorded.
Arthur Rodes (Rhodes) buys a gun from the estate sell of James Rhodes.

South Carolina, Edgefield County, Index to loose Probate Papers, 1785 – 1957, No. of Apartment – 44, No. of Package - 1854

1810 US Federal Census of South Carolina, Film Roll 62, Edgefield County page 46.
The census taker started to write Mary of Mrs. but she wasn’t there. Maybe he was trying to write Arthur Rodes?
Free White Males
1- under 10*** Jesse’s youngest brother
2- 10 thru 15** Jesse 14 years old and a brother
1- 26 thru 44** Arthur Rodes
Free White Females
2- 10 thru 15** Jesse’s sisters
1- 26 thru 44** Jesse’s Mother

10 December 1813 to 10 January 1814
Patrick Noble, Paymaster of the Regiment, 1st Class, 1st Brigade of South Carolina Militia.

Arthur Roades Private

Edgefield, South Carolina in the War of 1812, by Carlee T. McClendon, page 39

1820 US Federal Census of South Carolina, Film Roll 33, Edgefield County page 114 Je/re Rhodes .
Free White Males
2- 16 to 26** Jesse 24 years old and a younger brother
Free White Females
1- 16 to 26** Jesse’s Sister
1- 26 to 45** Jesse’s Mother
1- 26 to 45

Jesse’s Mother’s name is still unknown at this time.

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