The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

From the book entitled: History of the town of Stonington, county of New London, Connecticut: from its first settlement in 1649 to 1900
Author: Richard Anson Wheeler
Publisher: Press of the Day publishing company, 1900


In the old town graveyard at Newport, R. I., is the heraldic tombstone of John Rhodes, Esq., who died March 31, 1746, aged 75 years, grandson of Sir Godfrey Rhodes of Rowden, in Yorkshire, Eng., and according to Burke's Extinct and Dormant Baronetcies, "Francis and Charles Rodes, grandsons of Sir Francis Rodes, Bart, a nephew of Sir Godfrey, went to America." As these are familiar names in the Rhodes family, which came to Stonington, Conn., we feel that this John Rhodes, Esq., may be the connecting link in the family between England and America, as he might have been the father of Capt. Simon Rhodes, who was born Jan. 24, 1716, and was of Newport, R. I., when he was married by Elder Joseph Park on Dec. 15, 1756, to Anne, who was the daughter of Capt. James and second wife, Content (Maxson) Babcock of Westerly, R. I. Tradition says that he had been married before and as he was 40 years old at the time he married Anne, this might have been so. The first mention of Capt. Simon Rhodes on the Stonington records is "A distribution of lands between Jonathan Babcock and his sister, Ann Rhodes, the wife of Capt. Simon Rhodes of Stonington, Oct. 24, 1759." Afterwards there are several deeds showing that he purchased large tracts of land. He built a house on the land owned by his wife, which is standing at the present time, and known as the Rhodes Mansion Place. It is situated not far from Westerly, R. 1. Capt. Simon's wife, Anne Babcock (No. 46), Babcock family, was born March 30, 1732, and died Nov. 7, 1768, aged 37, and then Capt. Simon married Aug. 27, 1769, Martha Babcock (No. 100), Babcock family, who was born Dec. 8, 1729, daughter of George and Susannah (Potter) Babcock. Capt. Simon Rhodes died April 22, 1784, aged 68 years, and Mrs. Martha Babcock Rhodes married May 12, 1800, Col. James Rhodes, b: Aug. 5, 1730, (not known to be any relative of Capt. Simon Rhodes). He died June 21, 1806, and she died March 30, 1809, aged 80 years. Col. James Rhodes' first wife was Anna Crandall who he m. Dec. 14, 1752. After her death he married 2d, Abigail Greenman Feb. 21, 1768 (No. 22), of Greenman family. She died Dec. 17, 1799, aged 59 years.  Then for his third wife he married, as mentioned before, Mrs. Martha Babcock Rhodes. Some of the best people of Stonington have descended from Col. James Rhodes.

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