The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

A00845, JOHNSON, Stephen, lst Regt Cav, Sarah (Rhodes), Clay Co, 1908, 12 pgs
A01146, JOHNSON, George B., Arty Units, Sarah (Rhodes), Escambia Co, 1907, 16 pgs
A02331, TAYLOR, Fitzwilliam B., 15th Conf Cav, Fannie (Rhodes), Jefferson Co, 1907, 21 pgs
A03380, RHODES, James, (See A10445)
A03399, CHAVERS, John T., Alabama, Lucrecianne (Rhodes), Escambia Co, 1908, 10 pgs
A03801, RHODES, Jehu R., South Carolina, Olivia (Coachman), Duval Co, 1912, 09 pgs
A03877, RHODES, John, Alabama, Mary (Earnest), Hamilton Co, 1908, 11 pgs
A04452, RHOADES, George Anderson, Georgia, Louise (Kent), Polk Co, 1902, 16 pgs
A04508, RHOADES, Isaac N., Alabama, Percilla (Johnson), Santa Rosa Co, 1918, 06 pgs
A04587, RODES, James Y., Virginia, Emily (Wiseman), Volusia Co, 1920, 04 pgs
A05533, RHODES, Anthony E., North Carolina, Hernando Co, 1904, 25 pgs
A05620, RHOADES, George Anderson, (See A04452)
A10188, HILL, Benjamin Augustus, Alabama, Sarah (Rhodes), Columbia Co, 1930, 10 pgs
A10445, RHODES, James, Alabama, Rebecca E. (Harris), Escambia Co, 1908, 20 pgs
A11605, CAMPBELL, William Thomas, Alabama, Teressa (Rhodes), Escambia Co, 1908, 23 pgs
D13997, GREEN, Anson R., lst Regt Cav, Susan (Rhodes), Suwannee Co, 1908, 13 pgs
D22257, RHODES, J.C., Georgia, Madison Co, 1922, 08 pgs

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