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Rhodes' in the Queensland Australia Birth Records (1829-1914)

Reg # Family name Given name Fathers given names Mothers names
1913/C013757 Laurie-Rhodes Cecil Heaton Leopold Francis Christina Beck
1909/B020746 Rhodes Frederick Cecil Fred Edith May Thomas
1914/B038233 Rhodes Charles Edward   May Jane Rhodes
1911/B024495 Rhodes Margaret McIntyre Arthur Leslie Mary Bennett King
1914/B036478 Rhodes Robert   Ella Rhodes
1912/B029728 Rhodes William   Ella Rhodes
1908/C012356 Rhodes Charles Arthur Frederick John Elizabeth Jane Crouch
1907/C000143 Rhodes Enid Ethel James Jessie Singleton
1907/C002114 Rhodes Hannah Charles Catherine Scott
1908/C006885 Rhodes Jane Sterling Arthur Lesley Mary Bennet King
1911/C008351 Rhodes Daniel Sydney Thomas Cecilia Murphy
1913/C013757 Rhodes Cecil Heaton Leopold Francis Christina Beck
1913/C001899 Rhodes George Fredrick William Elizabeth Jane Crouch
1913/C000021 Rhodes Diamantina Victoria James Jessie Singleton
1913/C012493 Rhodes Lydia Charles Catherine Scott
1911/C012792 Rhodes Leopold Joseph Leopold Francis Laurie Chrisitna Beck
1914/C005490 Rhodes Richard Cuthbert Charles Cooper Sarah Jane Harvey
1914/C009613 Rhodes Oswald Thomas Thomas Cecilia Murphy
1910/C002482 Rhodes William Charles Chatrine Scott
1910/C000033 Rhodes Septimus Harold David James Jessie Singleton
1894/C001571 Rhodes Arthur John   Rhoda Dorothea Rhodes
1911/C000090 Rhodes Winton James Jessie Singleton
1893/C009342 Rhodes Charles Edward John Henry Kate Sweeney
1893/C003106 Rhodes Caroline John Rosetta Taylor
1891/C003435 Rhodes Ellar John Rozetta Taylor
1892/C002467 Rhodes Charlotte May Charles Catherine Scott
1894/C000273 Rhodes Lydia Thomas William Mary Jane O'Rourke
1894/C001978 Rhodes Emma Jane Charles Catherine Scott
1901/C001790 Rhodes Alice Charles Catherine Scott
1901/C006318 Rhodes Alfred George   Rhoda Rhodes
1900/C000173 Rhodes Cecil James Jessie Singleton
1903/C000031 Rhodes Bessie Anderson James Jessie Singleton
1904/C000122 Rhodes James James Jessie Singleton
1901/C001493 Rhodes Frederick William Frederick William Elizabeth Jane Crouch
1903/C000020 Rhodes Norman William William Jane Anderson
1900/C001651 Rhodes John Cecil Frederick John Elizabeth Crouch
1896/C002080 Rhodes Charles Andrew Charles Catherine Scott
1904/C010797 Rhodes Thomas Charles Catherine Scott
1897/C000151 Rhodes Jessie James Jessie Singleton
1898/C002129 Rhodes Cill Charles Catherine Scott
1895/C003305 Rhodes Margaret Rosetta John Rosetta Taylor
1897/C002110 Rhodes Lily Thomas William Mary Jane O'Rourke
1895/C002242 Rhodes Thomas William Thomas William Mary Jane O'Rourke
1896/C003162 Rhodes Mary Jane John Rosetta Taylor
1899/C000049 Rhodes William Charles James Jessie Singleton
1897/C002109 Rhodes Violet Thomas William Mary Jane O'Rourke
1863/B002087 Rhodes Margery Mary Charles Margaret Macpherson
1892/C002003 Rhodes Rhoda William Annie Farley
1866/B005427 Rhodes Unnamed (M) Henry Martha Kluver
1866/B004862 Rhodes William Charles Margaret McPherson
1867/C001839 Rhodes Eliza Jane John Mary Jane Blackburn
1874/B017741 Rhodes Matilda James Mary Ann King
1869/C002656 Rhodes Thomas William Charles Lydia Patter
1869/C000945 Rhodes John John Henry Mary Jane Blackburne
1872/C000573 Rhodes Rhoda John Henry Mary Jane Blackburne
1870/C001027 Rhodes William John Henry Mary Jane Blackburne
1874/C000707 Rhodes Frederick John Henry Mary Jane Blackburne
1874/C000113 Rhodes Hannah Charles John Lydia Potter
1877/C002146 Rhodes Frederick John John Mary Jane Blackburn
1876/C001746 Rhodes Caroline Elizabeth James Mary Ann King
1880/C002480 Rhodes Mary Violet John Mary Jane Blackburn
1880/C002139 Rhodes Ernest James James Mary Ann King
1883/C004360 Rhodes Mary John Mary Jane Blackburne
1883/C000331 Rhodes George William William Frances Nicol
1884/C000612 Rhodes Edith Elizabeth William Frances Nicol
1883/C006531 Rhodes Lillian James Mary Ann King
1887/C008839 Rhodes Arthur Leslie John Thomas Mary Donavon
1887/C003636 Rhodes Clara Elizabeth William Frances Nicol
1890/C005667 Rhodes William Henry William John Frances Nicol
1888/C000122 Rhodes John James John Rosetta Taylor
1907/B016066 Rhodes Arthur   Caroline Rhodes
1883/M001241 Rhodes Joseph Thomas Catherine Parker

Thanks to the folks behind the Queensland Australia Government and the Queensland historical index search site for this information.

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