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 #   Repository ID   Name   Tree 
1 REPO81  Rhoads 
2 REPO81  richard_of_yorkshire 
3 REPO1  rhodes_york 
4 R00020  NAME Family History Library ADDR 35 N West Temple Street CONT Salt Lake City, Utah 84150  Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
5 R2 Ancestry Our Back Rhodes Genealogy Pages 
6 R2 Ancestry Carl's 
7 R00008 Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
8 R1 RhodesChris1830 
9 R2 RhodesChris1830 
10 R3 john_c_rhodes 
11 R00007 Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
12 R00023 Beeville Public Library Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
13 R00010 Book on Internet Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
14 R2 Clerk of the Court Jarrett Rhodes 
15 R1 Clerk of the Court Jarrett Rhodes 
16 R00006 Copy in possession of Gerald A. Rhodes Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
17 R00022 Copy of Abstract in possession of Gerald A. Rhodes Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
18 R00018 Copy of page 879 in possession of Gerald A. Rhodes Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
19 R13 Doyle and Coleen's House, Davis, OK Jeff Snavely Rhodes 
20 R00025 Electronic copy in possession of Gerald Rhodes Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
21 REPO181 Family History Library richard_of_yorkshire 
22 R01 Family History Library Elisha Hunt RHODES 
23 REPO180 Family History Library richard_of_yorkshire 
24 R1 Family History Library Carl's 
25 R1 Family History Library Our Back Rhodes Genealogy Pages 
26 R1 Family History Library Wm Wade Rhodes 
27 REPO183 Family History Library Rhoads 
28 REPO182 Family History Library Rhoads 
29 REPO181 Family History Library Rhoads 
30 REPO180 Family History Library Rhoads 
31 R00024 Family History Library Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
32 REPO183 Family History Library richard_of_yorkshire 
33 REPO182 Family History Library richard_of_yorkshire 
34 R9 Carl's 
35 R9 Our Back Rhodes Genealogy Pages 
36 R6 Our Back Rhodes Genealogy Pages 
37 R6 Carl's 
38 R24 Jeff Snavely Rhodes 
39 R5 Carl's 
40 R5 Our Back Rhodes Genealogy Pages 
41 R4 Carl's 
42 R4 Our Back Rhodes Genealogy Pages 
43 R00014 In Possession Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
44 R00003 Internet Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
45 R00021 Kansas State Historical Society Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
46 R00012 Michigan Dept. of Health, copy in possession of Jerry Rhodes Rhodes_Oulton__Yorkshire__England 
47 R5 Midwest City, Oklahoma Co., OK Jeff Snavely Rhodes 
48 R3 Not Given Our Back Rhodes Genealogy Pages 
49 R20 Not Given Ulrich Rhodes 
50 R3 Not Given Carl's 

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