The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

From the book entitled: The Biographical directory of the railway officials of America
Publisher: Railway Age Pub. Co., 1901

Thomas D. Rhodes, Assistant General Passenger Agent Cincinnati Portsmouth & Virginia Rd and Assistant to President South Carolina & Georgia Extension Rd and Ohio River & Charleston Rd. Office Cincinnati, O. Born April 27, 1856, in Greene County, Pa. Entered railway service 1875 with the Empire Line, since which he has been consecutively Sept. 1877 to Jan. 1879, chief clerk passenger department Cincinnati Southern Ry; Jan. 1879 to Nov. 1. 1881. chief clerk and private secretary to general superintendent same road; Nov. 1, 1881 to March 1. 1882, private secretary to receiver Marietta & Cincinnati Ry; March 1, 1882 to Sept. 30, 1883. paymaster same road, afterwards the Cincinnati Washington & Baitimore Rd; Oct. 1, 1883 to May 13, 1884, treasurer for receiver Cincinnati & Eastern Ry; May 13, 1884 to Feb. 1. 1887, general passenger agent same road; Feb. 1, 1887 to Jan. 1, 1891, treasurer and general passenger agent Ohio & Northwestern Rd; Jan. 1, 1891 to Dec. 1, 1895, out of service, and was for three years engaged in banking and hotel business at Chicago, 1ll.; Dec. 1. 1895 to Jan. 1901, general passenger agent and assistant to president Cincinnati Portsmouth & Virginia Rd; Dec. 1. 1895 to date, assistant to president South Carolina & Georgia Extension and Ohio River & Charleston Rds; Jan. 1901 to date, assistant general passenger agent Cincinnati Portsmouth & Virginia Rd.

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