The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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Thanks to Phillip Wayne Rhodes of the Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia for bringing us this data.  Check out their website at www.jmlibrary.org.

Bean, Theodore W., editor, History of Montgomery County, Pennsylvania (Philadelphia: Everts & Peck, 1884), Vol. II, p. 864-865.

Jacob b: Rhoads, one of the thrifty and enterprising farmers of Gwynedd township, and one who has made agriculture a study and a success, was born on the farm he now owns, July 20, 1820.  His early life was spent upon the old homestead farm, half a mile from the town of North Wales, and his educational advantages were such as the common schools of that period afforded.

He commenced business for himself in 1846, when he rented his father's farm, and attended strictly to that branch of business for several years, or until 1856, laying well the foundation for the future success that has attended his every enterprise.  In the latter year, he added to the duties and responsibilities of a large farmer that of butchering for the Philadelphia markets, which he has successfully carried on to the present time [1884]. 

At the death of his father, in 1866, he inherited one-half of the old homestead farm, containing one hundred and forty acres, and purchased from the heirs the other half.  The farm was formerly owned by Joseph Evans, and purchased by Abraham, father of Jacob b: Rhoads, in 1806.  The North Pennsylvania Branch of the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad passes through the farm of Mr. Rhoads, and the long, deep cut and tunnel south of North Wales is on or through his farm.  Since Mr. Rhoads has owned the old homestead he has remodeled the dwelling and built the large and commodious barns and out-buildings, that are not only a convenience for the farm, but an ornament to that part of the township where they are located.  He has also owned two other farms of one hundred acres each, which he sold to George Castner and G. b: Kittlehaus.

Mr. Rhoads has by his industry, economy and fair dealing with his fellow-men not only merited but has received their confidence and esteem in business transactions, and has been honored for six years with a seat in the board of school directors of his township.

Mr. Rhoads married, March 13, 1845, Ann Jenkins, who was born November 22, 1818.  The result of this union has been as follows:  Sarah Amanda, born December 10, 1846, married October 29, 1868, to George W. Castner; Mary, born March 18, 1851, married, January 20, 1885, to Charles Jacobs; Anna, born June 24, 1857, died December 23, 1857; Abraham J., born September 7, 1859, married, October 23, 1883, to Elizabeth Hood.

Abraham, the father of Jacob b: Rhoads, was born December 4, 1782, and died November 22, 1866.  His wife, Sarah Baker Rhoads, died April 3, 1840.  Their children were as follows:  Charles, born February 3, 1816, died October 6, 1820; Jacob B., born July 20, 1820; Elizabeth, born November 5, 1823, married, February 20, 1849, to Jacob Acuff; Annie, born March 7, 1827, married, May 1, 1856, to George Colyer (she died January 17, 1857); Samuel; Joseph; Morris; Issachar; Catherine; Ellen; and Ezekiel.  Ann, mother of Abraham and grandmother of Jacob b: Rhoads, died March 16, 1839.

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