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Probate records of Adam Rhodes in Champaign Co., OH
1874 Reverend Ebenezer Rhodes, of McLean Co., IL
1899 Rev. Ebenezeb Rhodes, of McLean County, IL
1874 John H. S. Rhodes of McLean County, IL
1874 Jeremiah Rhodes of McLean County, IL

 Special thanks to Sharon Lemkuil, for this data.


Record Book 2, Pages 267 & 359 - Filed September 1811 -

Partition John Rhodes
Heirs of Adam Rhodes

Adam Rhodes died September 1810, owning 90 acres (location not stipulated). Heirs: John Rhodes; Adam Rhodes; Ebenezer Rhodes; Britain Lovett & Elizabeth his wife; George Sargent & Abigail his wife, all of Champaign County; Peter Van Buskerk [BUSKIRK] & Ruth his wife of Pickaway County; Mary Rhodes Titsworth died four years ago, leaving: Edward Sutherd & Elizabeth his wife of Ross County; John Miller, Philip Miller, Ada Miller, Thomas Othey & Abigail his wife, John Sorts & Mary his wife, Joseph Titsworth (minor), James Titsworth (minor) & Sarah Titsworth (minor).

Record Book 2, Page 359 - Filed 8 May 1812 -

Petition for Partition Adam Rhodes, partition of estate of Adam Rhodes deceased

Adams Rhodes possessed a title bond on James Galloway Jr. for 130 acres in Treacles Creek in Military Survey Number 5444. The 130 acres consisted of 80 acres which was surveyed for Richard A. Pearson and patented to James Galloway and 50 acres, part of Military Survey Number 5751 which was 411 acres surveyed for Jonathan Clark and patented to James Galloway. (The surveys now lay in Goshen Tp.) James Galloway Jr. and wife, Martha, executed a deed and conveyed the lands to the heirs of Adams Rhodes in fee simple on 28 March 1812. The heirs of Adam Rhodes were: Adam Rhodes; John Rhodes; Ebenezer Rhodes; Elizabeth, wife of Britton Lovett; Abigail, wife of George Sargent -all of Champaign County, Ohio; Ruth Van Boskirk [BUSKIRK], wife of Peter Van Boskirk [BUSKIRK]  of Pickaway County, Ohio; Mary Rhodes Titsworth died five years ago and left the following heirs: Elizabeth, wife of Edward Southard of Ross County; John Miller; Philip Miller; Adam Miller; Abigail, wife of Thomas Bythy and Mary, wife of John Sutes - all of full age; and minors of Champaign County, Joseph Titsworth, James Titsworth and Sarah Titsworth. The court appointed appraisers: Joseph L. Cummings, Henry Hazel and John Britton, valued the land at $2.75 an acre and John Rhodes purchased the land at full value.


Champaign Co. Deed Bk. I, p. 134, John Rhodes and Sarah, his wife, in consideration of $55 from Michah Skinner, 14 Jul 1818, 11 acres on Treacles Creek, conveyed to heirs of Adam Rhodes, dec'd, [recorded 15 Jan 1830].

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