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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F007
 Woodring, Tiffany Marie   JUNES_FAMILY 
2 F046
 Lynch, Barbara June   JUNES_FAMILY 
3 F192
 Rhoades, Amy Edith   JUNES_FAMILY 
4 F189
Antaki, John E. Lynch, Alberta Helen   JUNES_FAMILY 
5 F116
Arnold, William Peak, Christian   JUNES_FAMILY 
6 F084
Baker, Fred Laurence, Elizabeth   JUNES_FAMILY 
7 F170
Baldwin, Albert R. Rhodes, Sarah Hurd 2 May 1849  JUNES_FAMILY 
8 F173
Baldwin, Albert Rhoades Flaherty, May Eliza   JUNES_FAMILY 
9 F171
Baldwin, Albert Rhoades J.Ryer, Caroline 13 Sep 1880 Sharon, Walworth,WI  JUNES_FAMILY 
10 F174
Baldwin, Henry (Baldwin), Sarah (Sally)   JUNES_FAMILY 
11 F138
Ball, Daniel Smith, Lydia   JUNES_FAMILY 
12 F062
Barton, John Langille, Charlotte Gertrude   JUNES_FAMILY 
13 F086
Beauchamp, Fred Laurence, Lynette Annette   JUNES_FAMILY 
14 F148
Bemis, Jonathan Rhodes, Deliverance 1789  JUNES_FAMILY 
15 F085
Benedict, Harold Laurence, Ruth   JUNES_FAMILY 
16 F165
Bidlack, Jonathan Unknown, Mary BEF. 1815  JUNES_FAMILY 
17 F180
Breed, Allen Newhall, Huldah   JUNES_FAMILY 
18 F159
Bugbee, Daniel Bemis, Harriet 21 Sep 1841 Marlboro, N.H.  JUNES_FAMILY 
19 F057
Bundy, Fred Langille\Longueil, Avis Mabel   JUNES_FAMILY 
20 F177
Burrage, Thomas Breed, Elizabeth   JUNES_FAMILY 
21 F027
Butler, William Rhoades, Nancy   JUNES_FAMILY 
22 F017
Call, Bert Harris Rhoades, Katie Laura 29 Jul 1917 Bellows Falls, VT.  JUNES_FAMILY 
23 F047
Carey, Ralph Lynch, Alberta Helen   JUNES_FAMILY 
24 F024
Chase, Isaac Tyrell Edson, Phoebe 9 Feb 1834 Andover, VT.  JUNES_FAMILY 
25 F119
Coates, John eels Henley, Alse 3 Nov 1690 Lynn, MA  JUNES_FAMILY 
26 F117
Coates, Robert Hodgkins, Mary 29 Dec 1682 Lynn, MA  JUNES_FAMILY 
27 F111
Coates, Robert John Sumner, Jane   JUNES_FAMILY 
28 F120
Coates, Robert William Unknown\unknown   JUNES_FAMILY 
29 F075
Cobb, Adelbert Laurence, Mildred   JUNES_FAMILY 
30 F136
Cobb, Hollis Rhoades, Alice Elaine   JUNES_FAMILY 
31 F100
Converse, Robert Newton, Sarah   JUNES_FAMILY 
32 F069
Cooper, Robert Pike, Mary Ellen   JUNES_FAMILY 
33 F140
Cummings, Charles Rhoades, Sophia C 1 Jan 1836  JUNES_FAMILY 
34 F026
Cummings, John Rhoades, Sarah   JUNES_FAMILY 
35 F091
deRode, Hugh    JUNES_FAMILY 
36 F128
deRode, John    JUNES_FAMILY 
37 F092
deRode, Michael    JUNES_FAMILY 
38 F127
deRode, Richard    JUNES_FAMILY 
39 F130
deRode, Richard Unknown   JUNES_FAMILY 
40 F132
deRode, Robert    JUNES_FAMILY 
41 F135
deRode, Robert    JUNES_FAMILY 
42 F129
deRode, Thomas ?, Cicily   JUNES_FAMILY 
43 F134
deRode, Thomas    JUNES_FAMILY 
44 F106
deRode, Willemus    JUNES_FAMILY 
45 F133
deRode, William    JUNES_FAMILY 
46 F194
Dolente, Michael Henry Lopez, Bernadette   JUNES_FAMILY 
47 F023
Edson, Marquis French, Rachel 26 May 1808 Chester, VT.  JUNES_FAMILY 
48 F035
Emerson, Ebenezer Walcott, Elizabeth   JUNES_FAMILY 
49 F103
Fairbanks, Almon Mansfield, Mary Melintha 14 Nov 1882 Westminster, Windham, VT.  JUNES_FAMILY 
50 F043
Felt, Joshua Walcott, Ann ABT. 1712 Salem,MA  JUNES_FAMILY 

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