The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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Rhoades/Rhodes/Roads' that served at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War

ID Number       Last Name       First Name       State    Rank    Regiment

RI29591          RHODES         BRISTOL        RI        Private 1 RI     RI29591

DE16644         RHODES         JOHN DE       1ST LIEUT      1 DEL DE16644

RI12463          RHODES         JOHN             RI        PRIVATE        2 RI *

VA07776         RHODES         JOHN            VA       PRIVATE        6 VA  *

NC13619        RHODES         JOSEPH          NC      CAPTAIN       8 NC  *

RI29692          RHODES         PRIME            RI        Private              1 RI  *

RI01493          RHODES         RICHARD       RI        PRIVATE        1 RI  *

RI01744          RHODES         SAMUEL        RI        PRIVATE        1 RI  *

VA05675         RHODES         THOMAS        VA       PRIVATE        1 VA *

                        RHODES        WILLIAM         VA       PRIVATE        2 VA ^

DE30460         Rhoades           Thomas            DE       Private               1 DEL  *

DE17053         ROADES         THOMAS        DE      PRIVATE           1 DEL

NC23493        ROADS           ISAAC            NC      PRIVATE           2 NC  *

VA28947         ROADS           JACOB            VA       PRIVATE        1 DRAGOONS *

NY22755        ROADS           JACOB            NY      PRIVATE        4 NY *

PA00212         ROADS           JOHN               PA       CORPORAL   5 PA *

NJ02121          ROADS           MATTHEW     NJ        PRIVATE        1 NJ *

^Source: Compiled Service record Rhodes, William 2nd VA                 

 *Source: http://valleyforgemusterroll.org/

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