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RHOADES - Othaniel Rhoades was born in 1815 in Jackson County, the son of Joshua and Susannah Jane Rhoades. early settlers in Milton Township. Jackson County. Othanicl Rhoades married Anna Maria Beam in Jackson County on 17 Apr 1836. On 30 Sep 1843 John Rhoades married Sarah Beam in Jackson County. It is believed that Othaniel and John Rhoades arc brothers, and Anna Maria and Sarah Beam arc sisters.
Othaniel and Anna Maria Beam Rhoades moved to Minersville. Meigs County and were listed there in the US census taken in 1860 and 1870. In the 1880 US census, they were listed in Brown Township. Vinton County, living with their son Ripley. They had nine children: John A. (born 24 Feb 1838. died 26 Jul 1908). who married Hannah Elizabeth Hart (born 13 Apr 1842, died 16 Jul 1926). daughter of Jacob and Eliza Varncy Hart: Joshua N. (bom 25 Dec 1839. died 17 Apr 1903), who married Martha Matilda Gillilan (born 11 Oct 1840. died 27 Sep 1929). daughter of Abram and Polly Chapin Gillilan: William Lafayette (born January 1842. died 30 Jan 1907). who married first Elizabeth Kimes (born 1846. died 9 Oct 1886) and second Almira S. Guess (born August 1845, died 6 May 1923): Susannah Jane (born 6 Apr 1844. died 21 Jun 1931). who married Benjamin C. Gillilan (born 23 Jul 1832. died 23 May 1899). son of Abram and Polly Chapin Gillilan: Mary Diana (born 1846). who married Thomas Parker (born August 1843 in Wales); Zachariah born 1848): Ripley (born 25 Oct 1850. died 18 Jul 1929) who married Elizabeth Hotter (born 24 Oct 1851, died 2ft Mar 1925), daughter of Valentine and (Catherine Hirsh Hoffner. Stephen (born 1856. died 2X Apr 1931): and Sarah Ellen (born 1858).
Two sons of Othaniel Rhoades spelled their surnames differently. John spelled it "Rhodes." John A. Rhodes lived in Minersville. Meigs County. He served during the Civil War as a corporal in the I74ih Regiment of ihe Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Company F from 2 Sep 1864 to 28 Jun 1865, He is buried in Gilmore Cemetery. Suiton Township. Meigs County.
Joshua spelled his last name "Rhoads." Joshua N. Rhoads lived in Brown Township. Vinton County, before moving to Starr Township. Hocking County, w here he lived on Asbury Ridge Road. He served during the Civil War from 22 Apr 1861 to 28 Aug 1861 in the 18th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company F. He served from 31 Mar 1865 to 31 Jul 1865 in the 197th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Company I and was appointed to corporal on 6 Jun 1865. He is buried in the Asbury Church Cemetery. Starr Township. Hocking County.
Another son of Otbaniel Rhoades served during the Civil War: William Lafayette. Lafayette Rhoades spent from 22 Apr 1861 "to 28 Aug 1861 in the 18th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry. Company F. serving with his brother Joshua. Lafayette spent from 18 Sep 1861 to 21 May 1863 in the 33rd Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infanty. Company I. being appointed to corporal on 11 Oct 1861, He enlisted a third time and spent from 30 Aug 1861 to 28 Jun 1865 in the 174th Regiment of the Ohio Volunteer Infantry, Company F. serving with his brother John. Although Othaniel and Anna Maria Beam Rhoades died in Brown Township, Vinton County, the dates of their death are not known. Submitted by Juanita Woods

RHOADES-BEAM - Ripley Rhoades was born 25 Oct 1850) in Jackson County, the son of Othaniel ami Anna Maria Beam Rhoades. Ripley Rhoades married Elizabeth Hoffner on 19 Feb 1871 in Meigs County. Elizabeth Hoffner was bom 24 Oct 1851 in Germany, the daughter of Valentine and (Catherine Mirsp Hoffner.
Ripley and Elizabeth Hoffner Rhoades had thirteen children: Amanda Elizabeth "Tidy" (born 5 Jan 1872. died 4 Feb 1937). who married Otho Neil Rhodes, son of Joshua and Martha Matilda Gillilan Rhoads (Tidy Rhoades and her husband Olha Neil Rhoads were first cousins): Suzannah Jane "Susan" (born 9 Apr 1873. died 26 Mar 1949). who married Albert Raymond Petinell (bom 1 Nov 1869. died 24 Jan 1950). son of Jasper and Lucy-Ann Faulkner Pennell; Cathern "Kate" (born 9 Mar 1874. died 15 Mar 1959). who married Robert Allen Webb (bom 31 Jan 1873. died 18 Sep 1949). son of Hamilton Jefferson and Mary Jane Alexander Webb: Rosa Ella (born 16 Oct 1876. died 13 Mar 1879 of scarlet fever): Viola (born 28 Feb 1878, died 10 Mar 1883 of heart disease); John Ripley (born 17 Aug 1880. died 13 Nov 1918 during the 1918-1919 influenza epidemic), who married Lillian A, Kimmeyiborn I Sep 1876, died 11 Nov 1918 during ihe 1918-1919 influenza epidemics daughter of Abraham H. and Elizabeth Herrold Kimmey: Magdalena "Lena" \ born 4 Mar 1882, died 27 May 1934 k who married William Harvey Whitlatch (born 6 Jun 1882, died 22 Jan 1954). son of Daniel Boone and Esther Devore Whitlaich; Charles Mathew "Charley" (born 17 Jan 1884, died 23 Nov 1963). who married Mary Elizabeth Chaffin (born 3 Apr 1887, died 24 Dec 1949). daughter of Alfred Marion and Mary Barbara Minnameyer Chaffin: Blanche May (born 7 Oct 1886, died 23 Feb 1924 of diabetes mellitus); Philip T. "Phil" (born 27 Jul 1888. died 26 Sep 1937), who married Flossie Tripp. daughter of Clara Tripp and step-daughter of John "Doc" Kale; a child who was born possibly August 1891 and died in infancy; Mabel Margaret (bom 25 Jun 1892, died 18 Jan 1979). who married James Walter Woods (born 25 May 1888, died 25 Nov 1962), son of Lorenzo Dow 'Hans" and Abigail May Chaffin Woods: and Robert A. (born March 1895 K who married Gladys Gildersleeve and lived in Hudson, Illinois.
Elizabeth Hoffner Rhoades had a daughter Emma who was horn 25 Dcc 1865. Although Ripley Rhoades was nut Emma's rather, he adopted and raised her as his own daughter and she went by the name Rhoades. On 25 Dec 1884 Emma Rhoades married William M. Rhoades thorn November 1845, died 28 Apr 1926), son of John and Surah Beam Rhoades. Emma Rhoades died 18 Apr 1953. She is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. Zaleski w ith her husband.
Elizabeth Hoflner Rhoades died in Zaleski on 26 Mar 1925. Ripley Rhoades died in Zaleski on 18 Jul 1929. Both are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery. Submitted bv Rita Woods

Title: Vinton County, Ohio History and Families
Edition: illustrated
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company, 1996
Pages 124-125
ISBN: 1563112957, 9781563112959

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