The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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I received the following data from Harold Rhodes, of Dallas, TX. If you are related to these people please contact him. Do you know of anyone searching the James (1) Rhodes (b.~1761, d.~1803) and wife Mary "Polly" (Pace) Rhodes (b.~1763,d.~1827) of Edgefield County, South Carolina. Mary is the daughter of Richard Pace V and Sarah Day. They had a son, James (2) Rhodes, who married Patience Bridges daughter of John Bridges and Sarah (--?--). There could be other children.

I looked at “ Edgefield County , South Carolina Deed Books” Abstracted by Carol Wells. Found where Jesse sold the land to Martin Hitt, couldn’t find when the land was deeded to Jesse or by whom.

In 2001 Jim Morgan told me about Jesse Rhodes selling 85 acres to Martin Hitt in 1821. Two years before he married Nancy Carson. Ref: Edgefield Deed Book 38 p. 301, 17 Oct 1821.

Checked the deeds to who might have owned the land before Jesse. Now all the people adjoining Jesse’s land were all intermarried. Together they owned land from Big Creek to Stephens Creek .

George W. DeLaughter (SR) b: 1731 Germany , m. (--?--) Carson .

George W. DeLaughter (jr) b: 1760 Edgefield Co, SC m. Charlotte Charity Pace the daughter of Richard Pace.

John Delaughter b.1784 Edgefield Co, SC m(2). Mary Carson the daughter of James Carson (Sr).

James Rhodes b.1761 Edgefield Co, SC m. Mary (Polly) Pace the daughter of Richard Pace.

Ludbrook Lee b__ m. Charlotte Charity Pace the daughter of Richard Pace.

Martin Hitt b.1870 the son of John Hitt and Sarah (Day) Pace. Sarah (Day) Pace was the wife of Richard Pace.

Started my search to find who owned this land. Using “ Edgefield County , Soth Carolina: Deed Books 1 – 40,” abstracted by Carol Wells.

Conveyance Book 14 p. 214-216 & p 217-223

p. 217 – 223 John Anderson and wife Elizabeth to George Delaughter. Deed 21 February 1797, -L-80 sc money, 122 acres part of tract originally granted to Solomon Newson on Stephens Creek bounded by Goode, George DeLaughter, Peter Hitt, Jas Rhodes. Wit James Carson Senr, James Carson Junr, James Bruwer, Robert Carson. /s/ Jno Anderson. Within mentioned is my part of land of Ricard Pace decd which I have sold to George Delaughter for –L-65 sterling, 21 Feb 1797. Wit James Carson Senr, James Carson Junr, Robert Carson./s/Ludbrook Lee, /s/James Rhodes . Proven by James Carson 9 May 1797; Chas Old JP. Proven 9 May 1797 by James Carson Junr; Chas Old JP. Judge Joseph Hightower, certifies renunciation of dower by Elizabeth Anderson wife of John Anderson, August 1797; /s/ Elizabeth Anderson. Judge Joseph Hightower certifies release of dower by Mary Rhodes wife of James Rhodes and Charlotte Lee wife of Ludbrooke Lee, 21 February 1797: /s/Charlotte (I) Lee, /s/ Mary (-) Rhodes. Recorded 4th September 1797. [

Deed Book 25 p. 275

Deed Book 29 p. 64 & p. 67

Best I can tell Mary “Polly” (Pace) Rhodes gave Jesse the land. Mary “Polly” (Pace) Rhodes and her sister, Charlotte Charity (Pace) (Lee) Delaughter, inherited the land from their father.

Based on Jesse Rhodes selling 85 acres of land that Mary "Polly" Rhodes must have given him. Mary's father, Richard Pace, brought the land. On his death the land became Mary's and her two sisters.

Jesse's ownership of the land is not questioned on the deed. So everyone knew the land was given to him by his mother.

So Jesse must be the son or adopted son of James (1) Rhodes and Mary "Polly" Pace. If he is adopted that could help explain the Saunders/Sanders connection.

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