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From the book entitled: Herringshaw's national library of American biography: contains thirty-five thousand biographies of the acknowledged leaders of life and thought of the United States; illustrated with three thousand vignette portraits ...
Volume 4 of Herringshaw's National Library of American Biography: Contains Thirty-five Thousand Biographies of the Acknowledged Leaders of Life and Thought of the United States; Illustrated with Three Thousand Vignette Portraits, Thomas William Herringshaw
Editor: Thomas William Herringshaw
Publisher: American Publishers' Association, 1914

Cornelia Harsen Rhoades, litterateur, author, was born Dec. 1, 1863, in New York City. She is a blind writer and uses the typewriter with ease. She is the author of The Little Girl Next Door; That Preston Girl; Little Miss Rosamund; Priscilla, of the Doll Shop; and other works; and uses the pen names of Nina Rhoades.

Henry Heckford Rhoades, soldier, journalist, explorer, was born June 15, 1844, in New York City. He served in the civil war and in the Spanish-American war; and attained the rank of lieutenant. He made an arctic cruise with De Long in 1873 in search of the Polaris survivors. He is the editor of the Tribune Almanac and Year-Book of New York City.

Richard S. Rhodes, publisher, inventor, was born in 1842 in Rhode Island. In 1870 he established the publishing house of Rhodes and MeClure, of which he was president. He invented the audiphone, an instrument which enabled deaf persons to hear through 'the teeth. He died May 13, 1902, in River Grove, Ill.

J. N. Rhoads, physician, inventor, author, was born Aug. 26, 1859, in Montgomery county, Pa. Since 1886 he has practiced medicine in Philadelphia. Pa.; and is the inventor of an operation for lengthening tendons and bones, and other instruments. He is the author of The Sequel of a Thunder Storm; and several medical Monographs.

James E. Rhoads, journalist, educator, college president, was born Jan. 21, 1828, in Marple, Pa. In 1854-62 he was engaged in the general practice of medicine in Philadelphia, Pa. In 1876-83 he was editor of the Friends' Review of Philadelphia, Pa. He was appointed a trustee and in 188394 was the first president of Bryn Mawr college of Pennsylvania. He died Jan. 2. 1895, in Bryn Mawr, Pa.

Samuel Rhoads, congressman, was born in 1711 in Philadelphia, Pa. In 1774 he was a member of the continental congress; and the same year was mayor of Philadelphia. He was one of the founders of the Pennsylvania hospital. He died April 7, 1784, in Philadelphia, Pa.

Samuel Nicholson Rhoads, merchant, author, was born April 30, 1862, in Philadelphia, Pa. He is a dealer in rare books; and since 1893 has collected museum speciments of natural history in nearly every state in the Union, Canada, British'Columbia, Cuba and Mexico. He is the author of The Mammals of Pennsylvania and New Jersey; and Reprints of Ord's Zoology.

Thomas J. b: Rhoads, physician, surgeon, merchant, banker, poc. was born Sept. 26, 1837, in Berks county, Pa. In 1862 he was commissioned as assistant surgeon of the one hundred and sixty-ninth regiment Pennsylvania volunteer infantry. Together with his brother, Reuben, he had charge of the forces at Fort Keys and the hospital on the point. In the spring of 1863 Dr, Rhoads moved with his regiment and remained with it as acting assistant surgeon until it was mustered out of the service. After the war he settled down to the practice of his profession at Boyertown, Pa. In 1883 he organized the Farmers' National bank of Boyertown. and has ever since been its president.

A. L. Rhodes, lawyer, jurist. In 1864-72 he was chief justice of the supreme court , of California.

Albert Rhodes, diplomat, author, was born Feb. 1, 1840, in Pittshurgh, Pa. He is a writer who was successively United States consul at Jerusalem, Rotterdam, Rouen and Elberstadt; and since 1885 has been a resident of Paris. He is the author of Jerusalem as It is; The French at Home; and Monsieur at Home.

Bradford Rhodes, state legislator, banker, was born Feb. 25, 1849, in Beaver county, Pa. In 1888-90 he was a member of the New York state legislature; and in 1892 declined nomination for congress. He founded and was the first presiaent of the thirty-fourth street national bank of New York; is president of the First national bank of Mamaroneek, N.Y.; and president of the Union savings bank of Westchester county, N.Y.

Christopher Rhodes, soldier, public official, was born Sept. 15, 1840, in Providence, R.I. He was educated at the Providence high school and Brown university; and is now successfully engaged in the real estate business in Providence, R.I. In 1863-65 he was head clerk and deputy provost marshal for the second district of Rhode Island; and in 1872-82 was deputy secretary of state. In 1869-73 he was colonel and A. d: C. to Governor Seth Padelford; and in 1884-88 assistant secretary to the republican state central committee. In 1888 he was electoral messenger to carry electoral vote of Rhode Island to President Harrison; and in 1898 was commander of Rodman post, No. 12, Grand army of the republic. Since 1888 he has been a member of Rodman post No. 10, Grand army of the republic; and resides in Providence, R.I.

Daniel Rhodes, clergyman, abolitionist, Amis born in September, 1898, in Maryland. He was one of the pioneers of methodism in Ohio, and a noted abolitionist. He died in December, 1891, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Harrison Garfield Rhodes, playwright, author, was born June 2, 1871, in Cleveland, Ohio. He is the author of The Lady and The Ladder; Charles Edward; The Flight to Eden; and Captain Dieppe, a play.

James Ford Rhodes, author, was born May 1, 1848, in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a historian of Boston. He is the author of History of the United States from the Compromise of 1850.

Marion Edward Rhodes, educator, lawyer, congressman, was born Jan. 4, 1868, in Glen Allen, Mo. He graduated from the university of Missouri; and from the Stansbury college. He taught in the public schools of Missouri; and for three years was principal of the public schools of Potosi, Mo. Since 1896 he has practiced law in Potosi, Mo., and was prosecuting attorney of Washington county, Mo. In 190507 he was a representative from Missouri to the fifty-ninth congress as a republican.

Mosheim Rhodes, clergyman, author, was born April 14, 1837, in Williamshurg, Pa. He has been a Lutheran clergyman of St. Louis since 1871. He is the author of Life Thoughts for Young Men; Life Thoughts for Young Women; Recognition in Heaven; Vital Questions; The Throne of Grace; and Expository Lectures on Philippians.

Rufus Napoleon Rhodes, journalist, lawyer, state legislator, was born June 5, 1856, in Pascagoula. Miss. In 1877-81 he was city attorney of Clarksville, Tenn.;. and in 188182 was a member of the Tennessee state legislature. He founded and is editor and manager of the Birmingham News; and is second vice-president of the Associated press. He is a brigadier-general in the national guard of Alabama.

Samuel Rhodes, congressman. In 1774-75 he was a delegate from Pennsylvania to the continental congress. He died in Pennsylvania.

Stephen Holbrook Rhodes, insurance president, state senator, was born Nov. 7, 1825, in Franklin, Mass. For three years he was mayor of Trenton, Mass.; and in 1870-71 was a member of the Massachusetts state senate. Since 1879 he has been president of the John Hancock mutual life insurance company of Boston, Mass.

William Henry Rhodes, author, poet, was born July 16, 1822, in Bertie county, N.C. He was the author of The Indian Gallows, and Other Poems; and of a volume called Caxton's Book. He died in 1852.

William Henry Rhodes, educator, school superintendent, was born Feb. 27, 1858, in Comfort, N.C. He was educated at Trinity college of North Carolina; at the university of North Carolina; at the university of Texas, and at the university of California. He has been superintendent of public instruction for Jones county, N.C.; principal of Polloksville high school; principal of Princeton high school, and principal of Richland's high school of North Carolina. He is now superintendent of the Rhodes military institute of Kinston, N.C.

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