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RHODES, Charles Alexander, 1855 Class of 1877 Sci., 1884 Med. Born in New York, 1855; educated in private schools and Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute; graduated B.S., New York University, 1877, and M.S., 1882; graduated M.D., New York University Medical College, 1884; served in Bellevue and St. Francis's hospitals; in practice since 1885; connected with various hospitals; author of " Diseases of Children," 1892.

CHARLES ALEXANDER RHODES, M.S., M.D., is paternally descended from Zachariah Rhodes, who landed at Plymouth in 1634, and from Roger Williams, Dr. John Greene, William Arnold, John Lippitt, and Richard Waterman, founders of Providence, Rhode Island. On the maternal side he is descended from Herman Schuneman, who arrived in New York in 1708, and from Jonas Bronk, Martin Gerritsen Van Bergen, Kilian Van Renssalaer, Wauter Van Twiller, John A. Witbeck, and John Finch, of New York, Albany, and Catskill. He is a son of Charles Fox Rhodes and Cornelia Henrietta (Schuneman) Rhodes, and was born in New York City on December 3o, 1855. His early education was acquired in private schools in Brooklyn, and he was prepared for college in the Brooklyn Polytechnic and Collegiate Institute. In New York University, which he entered in 1873, he pursued the scientific course, and was graduated with the degree of Bachelor of Science in 1877. In 1882 he received the Master's degree in Science, and in 1884 he was graduated with the degree of Doctor of Medicine from the University Medical College. For a year thereafter he served in Bellevue and St. Francis's hospitals, and then in 1885 began the general practice of medicine. Hi which he has since continued. He was Clinical Assistant in diseases of children at the New York Polyclinic in 1888-89, Attending Physician in diseases of children at the De Milt Dispensary in 1889-95, Instructor in diseases of children at the New York Post-Graduate Medical School in 1890-99, and has been Visiting Physician and Vice-President of the Medical Staff of St Luke's Home for Females since 1888. He is a member of the New York County Medical Society, the Alumni Association of New York University, and the Delta Phi Fraternity. In politics he is a Republican. He is the author of a handbook on "Diseases of Children," published in 1892. His address is No. 1126 Park Avenue, New York.

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