The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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Thanks to Wayne Rhodes of the Jones Memorial Library in Lynchburg, Virginia for bringing us this data. Check out their website at www.jmlibrary.org.

Covington, W. A., History of Colquitt County (Atlanta, GA: Foote and Davies Co., 1937), p. 283-285.

 William Henry Rhodes

 This citizen of Colquitt County, and who lives near Moultrie, Ga., was born on May 21, 1890, at Moultrie, Ga., and obtained his education in the Moultrie Public Schools.  Since his graduation from the Moultrie High School, he has taught some in the common schools of Colquitt County, and is now operating extensive farming interests near Moultrie.

 He is a Methodist, a Democrat, a Mason, an Odd Fellow, and a W. O. W.

 He participated in the World War.  Was stationed at Fort Oglethorpe as a private of the first class, and served in General Hospital 14.  Trustee of Okapilco Consolidated School, 1936, 1937, 1938.

 Name of father was William Joseph Rhodes, born October 31, 1858, in Dougherty County, Ga.; married on December 30, 1888, in Colquitt County, Ga., and died on September 21, 1921, in Moultrie, Ga.  U. S. Postmaster at Maple Ford and Justice of the Peace in Colquitt County.  By profession he was a merchant and a farmer.  Maiden name of the mother of W. H. Rhodes was Leila Jackson McCollum, born March, 1871, in Mitchell County.  Leila M. E. Church, South, situated in the northeast part of Colquitt County, was named for her.  She still survives, living at Moultrie, Ga.

 Name of paternal grandfather of W. H. Rhodes was John A. Rhodes, born October 13, 1834, in Doody County, Ga., and died April 17, 1918.  Confederate veteran and farmer.  Name of paternal grandmother was Mary Thorn Calhoun, born January 12, 1836, in Calhoun County, Ga.  Name of maternal grandfather was Moses A. McCollum, born March 26, 1847, in Monroe County, N.C., married January 6, 1868, in Colquitt County, Ga., and died July 17, 1906, in Colquitt County, Ga.  He was a local Methodist minister and a farmer.  Maiden name of maternal grandmother of W. H. Rhodes was Arra P. Hayes, born January 28, 1846, in Camden County, S. C., and died on April 16, 1918, in Colquitt County.

 W. H. Rhodes married on November 26, 1922, in Moultrie, Ga.  The maiden name of his wife was Nellie Clyde McFather, and she was born on October 9, 1897, in Worth County, Ga.  Her father was Wm. d: McFather, who was born August 11, 1871, in Randolph County, Ga., and died on January 3, 1933, at Tarpon Springs, Fla.  He was a farmer.  The mother of Nellie Clyde McFather Rhodes was Jessie Rogers Cosby, who was born March 15, 1875, in Randolph County, Ga., and who died on March 31, 1910, in Colquitt County, Ga.  She was a teacher in the common schools of Randolph County, Ga., before her marriage.

 One child, Edgar Olin Rhodes, the issue of the marriage of W. H. Rhodes and Nellie Clyde McFather Rhodes lives with his parents near Moultrie, Ga., and was born February 3, 1924.

 William Henry Rhodes is at present Commander of Thomas S. Teabeaut Post 41.

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