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From Fran Henderson

This record is posted with the consent of Roger Kammerer, compiler of The
Onslow Register. It appears on page 107 of Volume 2, published in 1988.

Durant Hatch Rhodes Bible Dated 1844, published at Cooperstown, NY, by H. & E. Phinney.

Durant H. Rhodes and Easther H. Spicer was married on Dec. 16, 1824.
James S. Herritage and Serena F. Rhodes was married on Dec. 13, 1849.
Jeremiah S. Rhodes and Sarah W. Mixson was married on March 17, 1852.
David Farrier and Elizabeth S. Rhodes was married on Dec. 13, 1855.
Jacob G. Rhodes and Edith C. Cox was married on March 6, 1856.
James H. Rhodes and Penelopy b: Haywood was married on Sept. 27, 1866.
James S. Herritage and Sarah Catherine Rhodes was married on April 15, 1873.
Durant H. Rhodes was born April 9, 1797.
Easther H. Spicer was born Oct. 6, 1807.
Serena Foy was born Feb. 16, 1780.
Jeremiah S. Rhodes was born Nov. 9, 1825.
Jacob G. Rhodes was born Nov. 1, 1827.
John W. Rhodes was born June 23, 1830.
Serena F. Rhodes was born May 20, 1832.
James H. Rhodes was born June 17, 1835.
Elizabeth Jane Rhodes was born Aug. 10, 1839.
Nancy Caroline Rhodes was born March 26, 1842.
Sarah Catherine Rhodes was born Dec. 10, 1843.
Joseph Edmund Rhodes was born June 4, 1848.
Durant William Rhodes was born June 30, 1867.
Della Spicer Rhodes, dau. of James H. and Penelope b: C. Rhodes
was born 11:00 pm Oct. 29, 1868.
Mary Hardis Herritage, dau. of James S. and Sarah C. Herritage
was born Jan. 14, 1874.
Richard K. Herritage, son of the same parents was born Dec. 31, 1875.
Jeremiah S. Herritage, son of the same parents was born Oct. 24, 1877.
Josephine Esther Herritage, dau. of the the same parents
was born Jan. 30, 1880.
Sarah Simmons Herritage, dau. of the same parents was born July 16, 1885.
Josephine Esther Herritage died Oct. 25, 1910.
Mary Hardis Herritage, wife of John Calvin Koonce, died Sept. 10, 1947.
John Calvin Koonce died Oct. 27, 1946.
Serena Golden died Oct. 6, 184(4?).
Nancy C. Rhodes died Nov. 15, 1842.
Jeremiah S. Rhodes died Aug. 7, 1862.
Serena F. Herritage died Nov. 26, 1871.
Durant H. Rhodes died March 20, 1874.
Easther H. Rhodes, wife of Durant Rhodes died Oct. 25, 1877.
Jacob Golden Rhodes died Dec. 6, 1885.
J. W. Rhodes died May 24, 1831.
Sarah Catherine Rhodes Herritage, wife of James Simmons Herritage
died June 7, 1898.
Joseph Edmond Rhodes died Sept. 8, 1919.
Bible copied by Stella H. Coleman 1983.

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