The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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Births include:

Nathan C. Rhodes was born June 23, 1795

Ruth C. Rhodes was born October 28th, 1790 [Nathan's wife]

Andrew M. Rhodes was born May 11th. 1822

Jacob C. Rhodes was born Dec. 12th., 1825

Elizabeth S. Rhodes was born March 5th. 1828 [married Sampson]

Amy Weaver Rhodes was born March 13th, 1831

Andrew's wife Maria Frances Wilbur was born January 4th., 1819

Marriages include:

Nathan C. Rhodes & Ruth his wife were married January 25th., 1818

Their daughter Elizabeth ( Sampson ) was married Aug. 11th., 1844

There son Andrew Merit Rhodes & his wife Maria Frances ( Wilbur ) were married May 21st., 1851


Deaths include:

Amy Weaver Rhodes died Sept. 17, 1831 , aged Six Months & 4/30 , buried at the North Burial Ground , Providence RI

Jacob C. Rhodes died October 10th., 1846 aged 20 years, 9 months and 28 days , Entomed at Seekonk 8 months and buried at S. P. Cemetery June 10th, 1847

Ruth G. Rhodes died March 5th, 1852 , Entomed at Swan Point Cemetery , Providence March 10th, 1852 in her 61st year.

Elizabeth Sampson Olney (formerly Rhodes ) died at Providence R. I. September 1, 1891, buried in East Providence RI

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