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Record Book 11, Page 71 Filed 22 August 1828
James Dallas, Administrator of William Rhodes
Susan Rhodes, widow
Previous to the filing of this suit a judgement of $1600 had been granted against William Rhodes, Joseph Pence, John Fitzpatrick, and James Paxton, as endorsers of John Frizzle and Randall Largent, in the favor of William Fisher and William Ward. Therefore, $400 may be liable against William Rhodes' estate. William died owning 140 1/3 acres of the north-east quarter of Section 32 Township 5 Range 11 (Urbana Tp.); all of the quarter except for 20 acres which had been sold previously to Joseph Clevinger. The heirs of William Rhodes were: Susan Rhodes, widow; Sanford Rhodes and William Rhodes, who did not live in Ohio; James Rhodes deceased left the following heirs: Samuel Rhodes, John Rhodes and James Rhodes, along with minors who did not live in Ohio and Israel Hamilton was appointed guardian ad litem; Isaac Rhodes who did not live in Ohio; Joseph H. Rhodes; Nancy, wife of W. Largent; Polly,
wife of John Wallace; Elizabeth Rhodes; Susan, wife of John King; and the heirs of John Rhodes deceased of Logan County, Ohio: Nelson Rhodes, James Rhodes and Minerva Rhodes (John H. James was appointed guardian ad litem for John's heirs). The court appointed appraisers, William H. Fyffe, William Glenn and Lewis Long, valued the estate on 3 October 1829 at $5.50 an acre, subject to the dower of 32 acres with the house and another 8 acres (total 40 acres). The appraisal was sworn before Matthew Magrew, Mayor of Urbana. On 22 December 1829 Hugh McDonald purchased the land for $812.68 3/4.

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