The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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Thanks to Sue Moore , for bringing us this information.

by Sue Moore, 1986

  May 29, 1792 George Rhodes and Elizabeth Feleiger (spinster), dau of John Feleiger (consent); surety Isaac
  Ong. Marriage Bonds Augusta co. Va. (Records of Augusta co. Va. 1745-1800 by Chalkley vol II)
  Daniel Smith's Supernumeraries for 1773:  Michael Kales, Steeven Coonrod, Mathias Kersh, Henry Null, 
  Jonathan Evans, Richard Ragan, Frederick Kaler, Mathias Rhodes, John Thomas, Valentine Castle, Stephen
  Hancberger, Robert Hook, Jacob Lingle, John Striclas, Sam'l Erwin, Joseph Sawins, Thomas Powell, Mathias
  Monse, John Black, Frederick Up. (Records of Augusta co. Va. 1745-1800 by Chalkley vol II)
  Mathias Rodes' will 5/14/1774 to son Mathias; to wife, Barbara; to children (copy from the original - a
  very bad translation of German) teste: Jacob Mayer, Nicholas Kern. Valentine Cloninger testifies to
  correctness of translation. 8/16/1774 proved by witnesses (Chalkley vol III pg 135)
 9/22/1787 Joseph Mathews and Asher Waterman, surety.  Joseph Mathews and Mary Rhoads. By Rev. 
James Chambers
  Tully Davitt vs. Thomas Rhoads - Debt. Augusta 5/27/1790
  List of Tithables for the Town of Staunton to be collected at $4 each to be applied to the repair of Streets
  1779-1780.  Thos. Roads
I JOHN RODES d 1775 Albemarle co. Va. md Mary Crawford came to Albemarle co. Va. in 1749
	A CLIFTON RHODES 11/6/1740 d 10/1/1819 md Sarah Waller CS PS VA (Albemarle co. Va.)
	B DAVID RHODES bc 1731 d 12/29/1793 md 1st Mary Mills, 2nd Susan Anderson PS VA
	D JOHN RHODES 11/6/1729 d 7/15/1810 md Sarah Harris    Fif VA
I MICHAEL RHODES 5/1/1749 d 10/11/1820 md Ann Strickler Pvt VA
I NICHOLAS RHODES bc 1761 d 1/24/1830 md Elizabeth Taylor Pvt Va
I ROBERT RHODES 5/11/1757 d 11/20/1818 md Eliza Delany  Capt Va.
I ABRAHAM DANIEL RHODES SR. resided Md. killed enroute to the Cove by a tree falling on him at Burnt 
Cabins  Huntingdon co.
	A ABRAHAM JR 1784 d 6/9/1854 md Magdalena Martha Catherine Bare 2nd Elizabeth Clapper Barbara 
		1 JOHN b: 11/6/1806 unmarried
		2 NANCY 1/11/1809 md Jacob Wike
		3 ABRAHAM b: 1/12/1811 unmarried
		4 SAMUEL b: 1/12/1813 md Mary Calpper
		5 JACOB A 1/14/1815 md Nancy Wolfkill
		6 BARBARA 11/13/1816 md John Gance
		7 ESTER 5/16/1821 unmarried
		8 CHRISTIAN A 4/10/1819 md Sarah Doughterty
		9 PAUL b: 4/10/1824 md Catharine Graffiud
		10 MARY 6/19/1826 infancy
	B SAMUEL 12/2/1785 d 11/14/1865
I CHRISTOPHER RHODES 1820 Greenbriar co. Va. 3m 0-10 1m 10-16 1m 45-up 4f 0-10 2f 10-16 1f 26-45
I JACOB RHODES md 1807 Rockingham co. Va. Catherine Helfrey
	A ERASMUS 2/24/1826 Melrose, Va. md 11/20/1867 Lewis co. Wv Mary Catherine Conrad
	I EVALINE md     Sweeny
	J JANE md  Breiner
George Rhodes md 1791 Orange co. Va. Nancy Wright
Hezekiah Roads md 12/ /1720 Middlesex  Va. Anne Hill
Randal Rhodes md 5/15/1737 Middlesex Va. Mary Bristow
Benjamin Rhodes md 12/18/1776 Middlesex Va. Patience Kelly
John Rhodes md 6/16/1738 Middlesex Va. Mary Davis
William Roads md 9/13/1722 Middlesex Va. Hannah Miller
I THOMAS RHODES  7/4/1756 Loudoun co. Va. enlisted in Leesburg, Va. 2/8/1777 Cont'l Va. No 16227 
No S 17045  Pension granted 7/18/1833 aged 78 yrs in Tyler co. Va. supporting data by Rev. Rezin Davis, 
Asa Harris, and  Elizabeth Harris.
I JOHN RHODES b: ca 1760 d 1840 HRSN co. Va. md 1st Elinor  May have lived in St. Mary's Co. Md. ca 1776
2nd 1/15/1827 Sarah Webb 1789 (sister to his son-in-law) after John died she went to Gilmer co. Va.
 (source Marilyn Schuelzky,)
	A JOHN JR. ca 1794
	B BASIL ca 1794 md 11/10/1818 Deborah Coplin
	C WILLIAM 1788 md 1/15/1826 Frances Bridwell; went to Taylor co. Va.
		1 JOHN
		6 JANE
	D ELINOR 1791 md 10/13/1817 Mordecai Madden
	E NANCY md John Richcreek; went to Coshocton co. OH
	F LAVICA 5/25/1801 d 6/12/1837 Kosciusko co. Ind. md 11/28/1820 Daniel Webb
	G MARTHA "Patsy" md 11/21/1825 Benjamin Knight
	H ELIZABETH singe in 1840
	J JAMES ADAMS 1827 md Ellenor Garrett; went to Gilmer co. Va.
		2 JOHN
		9 IDA
		10 CHARLES WESLEY md 1873 Gilmer co. WV Sopiah Virginia Keith
	L WASHINGTON 1831; went to Gilmer co. Va. md 3/15/1854 Gilmer co. Va. Rebecca Ford
The Rhodes came from Ireland, John, Jacob and Christopher Peter Rhodes was three we know for sure..  
This was the beginning of the below.  Indians killed most of the family.
I CHRISTIAN  "Christopher Peter" RHOADS 1730 d aft 1830 Botetourt co. Va. Hunter & Indian Fighter
maybe married 2nd 4/20/1801 Rockbridge co. Va. Rebecca Neece over 21 Bond: Christopher X Roads & Valentin
Kizer (in German) Rebecca 1780 d 1853 Jackson co. Va. Rebecca had a dau. Laurie b: 1820 md William Humphries
Rebecca will Jackson co. Va. 4/22/1853 son-in-law W. H. Humphreys, Executer, daughter Lauria Humphreys
and children (not named) Witness: H. Thomas, James Chancey; probated 8/8/1853
1778 Rockbridge co. Va. tax list
1810 Botetourt co. Va. 5m 16-26 1m 26-45 1m 45-up 2f 16-26 1f 45-up
(Matthias, Benj, Peter, Samuel, Michael and Frederick at home)
1820 Botetourt co. Va. 3m 26-45 1m 45-up 2f 26-45
(Peter, Samuel and Michael at home)
1830 Botetourt co. Va. 2m 30-40 1m 40-50 1m 100-up 2f 10-15 1f 20-30 1f 40-50 1f 50-60
(Peter, Samuel and Michael at home)
Rockbridge co. Va. A man named Rhodes lived in the pioneer days in Rockbridge co. Va. near the Natural 
Bridge.  He was hunter and Indian fighter.  At one time, his stock were all killed or carried off in an
Indian raid, and his cabin burned, but the family escaped to the fort.  In 1832, six of his sons came to
Mill Creek Valley, to the Flesher farm opposite Ripley. (Jackson co. Va.) Their names were Christopher,
Benjamin, Michael, Samuel, Mathias and Peter.  Christopher, Samuel and Benjamin were married, and lived
at the different improvement on the farm, beginning at the upper end. (Mill Creek) Mathias was married,
but had no children.  Michael and Peter never married.  The old farm is still in the hands of descendants
of the Rhodes family. (Pioneers of Jackson co. pg 153 by John A. House)
My grandfather told me stories of the his Rhodes that had lived around the Natural Bridge back in 1957.
	A ROBERT md 4/16/1782  Bond Rockbridge co. Va. Margaret McNutt d/o John McNutt
   	  1782 Rockbridge co. Va. tax list
   	  1820 Rockbridge co. Va. 1f 45-up (only Margaret)
   	  1830 Rockbridge co. Va. 1f 70-80
	B GEORGE 1760 d bef 1850 Jackson co. Va. md
   	  md 2nd 1/3/1789 Bond Rockbridge co. Va. Susanna Peters d/o Hannah Peters
   	  1803 Tavern license Rockbridge co. Va.
   	  1812 War of 1812
   	  1810 Rockbridge co. Va. 2m 0-10 2m 10-16 1m 45-up 1f 0-10 2f 10-16 1f 16-26 1f 26-45
  	  1820 Rockbridge co. Va. 1m 0-10 1m 10-16 1m 16-26 1m 45-up 2f 16-26 1f 26-45 1f 45-up
  	  1830 Rockbridge co. Va. 1m 15-20 1m 50-60    1m 70-80 1f 20-30 1f 50-60
 	  10/12/1835 Rockbridge co. Va. Deed Bk T pg 256 to John W Tygrett
   	  1840 Jackson co. Va. pg 227 2m 0-5 2m 5-10 1m 20-30 1m 70-80 1f 0-5 1f 5-10 1f 20-30
		1 CATHERINE md 7/2/1803 Rockbridge co. Va. Andrew Lear (ABRAHAM RHOADS says 
                   CATHERINE RHOADS is the d/o GEORGE RHOADS)  md 2nd 2/8/1815 Alexander Anderson
		2 CHRISTOPHER J. 1793 Rockbridge co. Va. d 1870 Jackson co Va md 4/4/1816  Patience R. Tolley 
                  daughter of Thomas Tolley, Patience born 1797 Rockbridge co. 
                  Va. d 1854 Jackson co. Va. Lived on Elk Fork, at the mouth of Billy's Run, Jackson co. Va.
    		  1812 Soldier War (source West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia v 5)
   		  1820 Botetourt co. Va. 1m 0-10 1m 16-26 1f 0-10 1f 16-26
    		  1840 Jackson co. Va. 2m 0-5 1m 5-10 2m 15-20 1m 20-30 1m 40-50 1f 0-5 1f 5-10 1f 30-40
    		  1850 Jackson co. Va. #327
   		  1860 Roane co. Va. #623
			a MARTHA ANN 1817 Rockbridge co. Va. md 5/27/1838 Wm. R. Randolph 1816 d 5/9/1863 s/o 
                           William R. Randolph Sr. and Anne Carey Staats(first husband Cornelius Staats) Anne d/o 
                           Thomas Carney and Polly Parsons; Anne Carney md 9/26/1812 HRSN co. Va. Cornelius 
                           Staats. Anne had two children by this marriages Isaac Staats and Mary Staats. Cornelius 
                           d 1816 aged 26. Thomas Carney 10/15/1768 d 10/19/1846 s/o John Carney, md 1/3/1788 
                           Mary "Polly" Parsons 1/1/1773 d 12/4/1863, d/o Charles and Elizabeth Chestnut Parsons
	  		  Some places have Anne Carey Staats md to Enoch C. Thomas instead of Willima R. Randolph
	  		  1860 Roane co. Va. #623
	  		  William Riley Randolph Jr. Civil War Company G 9th Reg Inf Union Army enlisted 3/1/1862 age
	  		  43 d of disease 5/9/1863
				i    John W. 8/9/1839 Jackson co. Va. md 6/5/1862 Nancy A. Reed d/o David and Susan 
				     Carpenter Reed
				ii   Christopher Smith 1/18/1841 Gay, Jackson co. Va. md 8/7/1862 Annie Gandee 5/1/1846 
				     Harmony, Va.
				iii  Hiram T. 6/1/1843 md 8/2/1863 Minerva Westfall d/o John H. Westfall and Marinda Green
				iv   Margaret 8/6/1846 d 3/ /1913 buried Mt. Harman Cem. Roane co. WV md Alvin Reed s/o 
				     David and  Susan Carpenter Reed 
				v    Melvina J. 1848 d 4/9/1855 Nesselrotte cem. Gay, Va.
				vi   James Addison N. 10/17/1849 md 12/3/1869 Nancy Cobb
				vii  William W. 3/8/1852
				viii George Alexander 6/5/1854 md 10/20/1873 Phoebe A. Parsons
				ix   Virginia Elizabeth 6/5/1856 md         Martin
				x    Matthew S. 1860 d 9/12/1861 Nesselrotte cem. Gay, Va.
			b JOHN W 1/ /1827 Rockbridge co Va md 6/19/1849 MARGARET ANNA ELVIRA ELIZABETH 
                           RHODES 12/ /1823 d/o SAMUEL RHODES and Margaret
 	  		  1850 Jackson co. Va. #328
 	  		  1860 Jackson co. Va. #970
                          i Harriet Ann 1849 md 10/29/1868 Wm G. Rader of Wirt co. s/o John and Mary
                          ii Daniel Webster 1852
                          iii Conza Theresa E. 1850
                          iv Harrison 9//1859 md Emily J.
                          v Miles 10//1855 md Melissa 
                          vi Virginia Salena "Celena V.) 1858
                          vii Albert Baxter 1859
                          viii Jefferson Peter 1862 md 1/19/1885 Rebecca Taylor of Doddridge co. VA
		  	c son 1810/20
			d AMANDA LUCINDA 1832 md Alexander Litton md 2nd 4/15/1866 Allen Greenleaf
			f WILLIAM LEEPER 1835 Randolph co. Va. md 2/17/1856 Rebecca J. Rollins d/o John M. Rollins 
                          and Mary Hoffman 1860 Jackson co. Va. #964, sister of Watson Rollins.
                           i Asbery M. b: 8/ /1857 md 9/6/1877 Phebe G. Patterson
                           ii Sophronia E. 1859 md 1/15/1880 Llewellen Litton
                           iii Dartha "Dorothy" 1861
                           iv William P.
                           v Warwick 1866
                           vi Eliza d: 1868
                           vii Gordon 6/ /1873 md Phoebe
                           viii Viola E. 1877
			g PHILIP CHRISTOPHER 1837 Randolph co. Va.
 	  		  1860 Roane co. Va. #623 living with William R. Randolph his brother-in-law
			h MARY JANE 1840 Jackson co. Va. md 4/25/1868 John W. Greenleaf b: HRSN co. Va. s/o 
                           Nathaniel and Matilda Greenleaf
			i maybe GEORGE A. ca 1822 Rockbridge co. VA. md 1st 10/4/1842 Dalitha Young, 2nd 2/25/1879 
                           Mary C. Harold
	  		  1850 Jackson co. Va. #211-322
                          i Charles A. 1843 md 4/20/1868 Nancy Cobb
                          ii Susannah S. 1846 md 10/7/1869 William Davis s/o Robert & Sidney Davis
                          iii Lucinda 1848
                          iv Levina 1848
                          v E. b: 1854
                          vi Melvina J. 1858
                          vii Thomas H. 1860
		3 SAMUEL 1800 Rockbridge co. Va. d 1893 md Margaret Reese b: 1802 Rockbridge co. 		
    		  Va.  d 1888 , some records have him s/o of Christopher Rhodes and Catherine Peters
    		  1830 Rockbridge co. Va. 1m 0-5 1m 20-30 1f 5-10 1f 20-30
    		  1850 Jackson co. Va. #322
    		  1860 Jackson co. Va. #981
    		  1870 Jackson co. Va.
    		  1880 Jackson co. Va.
                            CHRISTOPHER RHODES and Patience
			b MATHIAS 1830 md 2/16/1854 Sarah R. Rollins 5/ /1835 d/o John Rollins and Mary Hoffman
     			   1860 Jackson co. Va. #953-898
     			   1870 Jackson co. Va. #99
                           i Margaret G. J. 1858 md 11/3/1880 Wm A Cobb
                           ii Watson 3/ /1959 md 9/16/1880 Elizabeth Litton
                           iii Floyd 1862
                           iv Emma Zetta "Emaseta" 1868
                           v John M 1870
                           vi Jonah 5/ /1874 md Nette
                           vii Luther 1878 
                           viii Franklin P. 12/ /1855 md Mary E. Fairburn
			c CASHENRIA "Catherine" 1830 
			d ARCHIBALD "ARCHIE" 12/ /1822 md 12/24/1855 Delilah Rollins 10/ /1840
			  1860 Jackson co. Va. #983
			  1870 Jackson co. Va. #100
                          i Everett C. 1861
                          ii Martha W. 1863
                          iii Winton 1865
                          iv Lewis S. 1866
                          v Samuel O. 9//1867
                          vi Charles Oakey P. 3//1869
                          vii Holley M. 1871
                          viii Cyntha 1873
                          ix Dora b: 12//1879
			e ANDREW 1835 md Cynthia M.
			f GEORGE W 5/ /1838 d 3/ /1920 md Martha Margaret Jane Reynolds 1856 d/o Thomas 
                          Reynolds and Lucinda Tolley
                           i Lavina Ellen 1867
                           ii John W. 3//1870 md Alva
                           iii Charles H. "Holt" 6//1873 md Irene McRourt
                           iv Wm d: 8/1875
                           v Andrew Oliver 6//1880
                           vi Cora 1//1883
                           vii Theodora 9//1885
			g JACOB 1840 md 1/27/1887 Melissa J. Price
			h JOHN WESLEY 1/ /1846 md 12/30/1875 Mary Allen d/o Henry Allen and Elizabeth
                           i Eva L 10/1877 
                           ii Dennis 5/1879 
                           iii Daten "Dayton" 2//1880
                           iv Ferdie E. 7//1884
                           v Emmet S. 6//1888
			i male 1835 died young
			j SOLOMON DAVID 1828 md Susan Catherine
			  Civil War show his parents as Samuel and Margaret
			  1860 Jackson co. Va. #982
			  1870 Jackson co. Va.
                           i Mary E.
                           ii David Crockitt 1854 md Rebecca A 2nd Maggie Green 34d Dellie Godbey Cox Riddle.
                           iii Lucinda 1857 md 3/26/1876 Thomas L. Grant
                           iv Agnes md 12/3/1874 W. A. Casto
                           v Miriam 1861
                           vi Anna E 1864
                           vii John Armstrong 4/19/1867 md America Ann Price
			  (Frances M. Rhodes)
    		  1830 Rockbridge co. Va. 1m 0-5 1m 20-30 1f 15-20 1f 20-30
		5 ALEXANDER 1807/10 Rockbridge co. Va. md 2/23/1829 Mahalia Eden 1812 Rockbridge co. Va. 
                   d/o Jesse Edens and Dorthy Wills Davis
    		  1850 Jackson co. Va. #331
    		  1860 Jackson co. Va. #989 (living with them George Anderson age 15)
			a LLEWELLYN ALLEN 7/14/1833 md 3/25/1854 Agatha Cynthia Jane Lytton 1841 d/o David 
                           Litton and BARBARA RHODES;  Llewellyn maternal grandfather was a soldier of the 1812 
                           war. (source West Virginia Heritage Encyclopedia v 4) 1860 Jackson co. Va. #9901253 
                               i Nicholas 1855
                               ii Sarah 1857
                               iii Marcellus 1858
                               iv Emily V 1861
                               v Isiah 1863
                               vi Elbin 1865
                               vii Alfred 1867
                               viii Angeline 1870
                               ix Bennett 1872

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