The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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Dinah Rhodes (c. 1810), one known son, James Rhodes born c1845 (see below)

James "JR" Rhodes (c. 1845) married Nancy Stevens (c. 1850). Both from Barnwell, SC. George Rhodes, Sr., stated orally  (1960s) that both his parents were slaves (to W. Rhodes Kelley): his mother Nancy Stevens worked as a cook, and his father James Rhodes (JR) drove the "buggy" and looked after the horses. The 1870 census report shows that James Rhodes's mother, Dinah Rhodes (c. 1810) lived with her son at that time, at age 60 years. This would place her date of birth at about 1810, and born in Barnwell/Allendale.   JR's mother, Dinah Roberts (c1810 - ?), was living with the family up until 1880. (She also appeared in the 1870 census.)  James "JR" Rhodes and Nancy Stevens Rhodes had  at least 11 children:

James David  Rhodes- c1870
Charles Rhodes- 1872
Samuel Rhodes- 1874
King David Rhodes- 1877
Mary Rhodes- 1880
Joseph b: Rhodes- 1884
Ulia C Rhodes- 1886
Francis D -Rhodes 1888
George Rhodes, b: 1890 or 1892 (son of James Rhodes and Nancy Stevens), married Hansom Bush. George Rhodes was raised by James Rhodes (c. 1845) and his mother Nancy Stevens (c. 1850).  George Rhodes and Hansom Bush Rhodes moved to New York in 1930. George Rhodes, died in 1985, married Dorothy Hamlin Rhodes had two daughters. L. Rhodes
W. Rhodes

C. Rhodes
R. Rhodes

Julia Rhodes- 1892
Wilson Rhodes- 1895

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