The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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From the book entitled: The South Carolina historical and genealogical magazine, Volume 23
Author: South Carolina Historical Society
Publisher: South Carolina Historical Society., 1922

Records from the St. Helena Register

John Bach Rhodes, from Bridgenorth, Shropshire, Married by Rev. Mr. Moreau 11 June 1774, Mary Talbird, Spin.

John Rhodes, Sn. of John & Mary, born Jan. 3,1777, bapt. Jan. 17,1777, by Mr. Moreau.

Nathaniel Henry Rhodes, Sn of Do. born 2 Feb'y, 1783. Bapt. May 1, 1783, by the Rev. Mr. William Estwich (?) Graham.

Henrietta Rhodes, of John & Mary, born 24 June, 1790, bapt. 4 Nov. 1790 by Do.

Mary Rhodes, Da. of Do. born 28 Jan. 1793, bapt. 5 Jan. 1794 John Island.

Mary Wilkinson Rhodes, Da. of Nathaniel Henry & Mary, born 8 Jan. 1808. Bapt. 7 Oct. 1808 by J. b: Campbell, Parents Sureties.

John Rhodes, Sn. of Nathanial Henry & Mary, born 11 April, 1809 bapt. 7 Oct. 1810, by J. b: Campbell, Do. sureties.

Edward Leacraft Rhodes, Sn. of Nathaniel Henry & Mary, born 22 April, 1810, bapt. 7 Oct. 1810 by J. b: Campbell, Do. sureties.

Nathaniel Henry Rhodes, Sn. of Nathaniel Henry & Mary, born 20 Nov. 1811, bapt. 12 July, 1812, by Campbell, Parents