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From the book entitled: Roane County, West Virginia Families, Part 1927
Authors: William H. Bishop, William Henry Bishop
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com, 1927
ISBN: 0806345861, 9780806345864

RHODES: Of Reedy.
Samuel Rhodes, first of the name settling in Reedy, was born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, about the year 1800; there married Parthena Vandino, lived there in Rockbridge County several years, during which their first three or four children were born. They came to Jackson County, Western Virginia about 1845, settled near Ripley and lived there some ten or fifteen years, then came to the Middle Fork of Reedy, purchasing a farm near mouth of Staats Run, where they completed their lives. This Samuel Rhodes, though born in Rockbridge County, is to be distinguished from the Samuel of the family of Rhodes of the same county who left Rockbridge and settled on Upper Mill Creek.
To Samuel and Parthena (Vandine) Rhodes were born four sons and three daughters, all of whom came with them to Reedy. Their names, John Woodard, Sarah Ann, Eliza, Martha, Louise, Isom, Virgil and Catherine.
John Woodard Rhodes married Lucinda Parsons, of Jackson County, West Virginia. They lived and died on the old ancestral place on Middle Pork of Reedy. Their bodies He interred in the Roach cemetery nearby.   On the ample stone marking the grave is this inscription:
"John W. Rhodes, 1831-1902—wife Lucinda, 1832-1904."
To theme were born and grew up the following sons and daughters: Louisa, died, not having married; Dorcus, wife of Henderson Williams; Albert and Allen, twins. Albert M. went to Texas many years ago. Allen W. ("Bunn") married Sarah E. Watson, daughter of Simon Watson, then of Right Reedy. To "Bunn" and Sarah were born two daughters, Gertrude and Nellie. Gertrude married Robert McCutchen, of Reedy; Nellie married William Stephens, now residing at Rockport,Wood County, West Virginia; Carrie married Conda Leary, of Middle Keedy, October 27, 1886; they went to Harris, Missouri, shortly after marriage.   Maggie married Charles Goff, of near Town Reedy.
Sarah Ann, daughter of Samuel and Parthena Rhodes, was twice married. Her first husband was Alexander Chancey, son of Hiram, of Keedy; Alex and Sarah Ann reared three daughters, Leilia, Jane and Martha. Leilia married Leroy M. Eagle, of Buffalo, of Mill Creek; marriage records showing her name as "Cora Chancey," February 2G, 1877. They later made their home many years in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Of the marriages or otherwise of Jane and Martha I do not know.
Alexander Chancey having died, Sarah Ann married for a second husband, John Carder, January 16,1874. To them were born one child, a daughted, her name I do not know. Corder died December 5, 1876, aged 54 years and ten months.
Of Isom, Virgil and Catherine, children of Samuel Rhodes and Parthena, his wife, we have no information.
Eliza married Robert J. Moss, born in Harrison or Lewis County. Robert J. Moss was first of this name to become a resident of Reedy. He was born in Louisa County, Virginia, year 1810; his parents coming to Harrison County where Robert J. grew up. He came to the Little Kanawha about Burning Springs when a young man, engaged in lumber and flat boating; came to Reedy, there on June 10th, 1868, united in marriage with Miss Eliza V. Rhodes, daughter of Samuel and Parthena Rhodes, his wife; they made their life time's home on the Middle Fork of Reedy three miles above "Three Forks;" where he built up a farm of some two hundred acres, more or less. To Robert J. and Eliza V. were born and by them brought up—except the two or three younger ones—the following named children; Richard H., Minnie C, James H., Holly O., Fannie L., Robert V., and William H. Moss.
The wife Eliza V. having died Robert J., united in marriage with M. Elizabeth Rader, August 6, 1899, she a widow Wyatt at the time and a daughter of Harvey H. Rader and wife.
To Robert J. and wife M. Elizabeth were born the following children: John II.. Glen W., George C. and Buel Moss.
Robert J. Moss died in September, 1908, from injuries when thrown to the ground by an unruly steer he was driving on the highway. He left an estate of some eight to ten thousand dollars of personality, and real estate of a similar value, mostly bequeathed and devised for maintenance and education of his younger children, by will written and witnessed in year, 1895.

RHODES:   Sec paragraph "Community Centers" in Chapter Harper District.
Peter Rhodes, the Lower Plat Fork miller, is the pioneer of this family. Peter and his brother, Samuel Rhodes, were born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, about 1807 and 1809, respectively, and came to Jackson County and settled on Upper Mill Creek, near what is now —1926—United States Post office "Gay."
This arrival may have been as early a? the year 1840. Rev. John H. Smith, of Harper (1883), says he married "Letta Rhodes in the year 1860," but does not any whoso daughter she was, nor where the marriage took place. However, soon after the War of "65" Peter is found at the mill, built by Parrot Ferrell, a mile or so above the mouth of Trace Fork; had improved the mill and henceforth it was known as "Peter Rhodes" Mill. Of Peter's children whom we can name, is his son Marion Rhodes, who succeeded to the mill and other property of Peter when he died, 1024, at the unusual age of one hundred and sixteen years. More remarkable is the fact that at one hundred and twelve, thirteen and fourteen, he was stilli attending the little mill, and would carry in all grists except such as were in the large bags.
Samuel Rhodes, the other brother mentioned, had married in Rockbridge County, Virginia, where part or all of his six children were born, who later became residents of Jackson County. Their names in order of their respective births, arc: Matthias, Archibold A., Andrew, John Wesley, George W. and Eliza.
Of the foregoing children of Samuel Rhodes, we concern ourselves here with John Wesley and George W. only, because these became citizens of Roane.
John Wesley Rhodes, son of Samuel, above mentioned, married Mary Allen in Roane County, West Virginia, December 30, 1875. A poor scribe causing her first name to be -written "May." She was a daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Alien, and his wife, whose home for long previous to the marriage of Mary, was on upper Left Pork of Elk of Mill Creek, and near Gay United States Post office Mary died and was buried.
To John Wesley and Mary (Allen) Rhodes were horn—all near United States Post office "Cay"—one daughter, and four sons. Eva L. who married William E. Greathouse, son of W. M. d: and wife, on May 9, 1917, his age 44, her age 40-
Dennis married Maggie Hughes, of Flat Fork, March 1, 1903, his age 24, her age 19. He was a field man in the employ of the United Fuel Gas Company at time of the marriage. He was one of the first natives to learn that business. Dennis and Maggie made their home in Spencer, about 1915, where he is in the mercantile business. They have a family of several children.
Dayton married Maud, daughter of Charles C. and Martha ( Stewart) Casto, formerly of Jackson County, "at the Grand Hotel," Spencer, West Virginia, April 13, 1902, his age 32, her age 22.
They have three daughters and one son, Phillis, Martha, Virginia and Charles. Theirs is one of the several good brick residences of the city. Dayton commenced as first garage owner of the Town of Spencer, and dealer in the Ford automobiles, and is reputed to have grown wealthy in the fifteen years of the growing automobile business that ensued.
Ferdio Ephrnim, commenced some years ago in a dry goods business in the city, Dennis later joining him. They are reputed to lie great financial successes. On September 19, 1917, Perdie E, married Olla Thompson, his age 33, her age 32. She is a daughter of Thomas Albert and Mutlie (Pursley) Thompson.
Emmet, the youngest, not married, "was killed in action," on a battlefield of France, in the World War.
George W. Rhodes, fifth son of Samuel, ancestor first mentioned, marred Miss Jane Reynolds, of near Ripley, and to them were horn the following named children:
John Wesley, who married Ettie Craddock, and began as a farmer near Spencer. We do not have dates or ages. They had two sons in the World War, one of whom, Romie, on the monument "Okey," "was killed in action."
Charles Holt married Miss Irene A. McKown, daughter of Ephraim McKown, Sr., of upper Spring Creek, on January 21, 1894, his age :{0, her age 24. To Charles H. and Irene A. have been born and grown up, several children. Their home is in Spencer, where for fifteen years C. Holt has
been in business, first as a stone and brick work contractor, and later as a partner of the Rhodes, Meredith, Thomasson Plaining Mill Company, or "Spencer Brick Company."
William Downtain, traveling salesman, married Florence Stalnaker, daughter of William A. Stalnaker, of Calhoun County, West Virginia, his age 27, her age 21.   They have their home residence in Spencer.
Oliver Dow, trader, farmer, married Oma, daughter of J. Lee Radabaugh, of near Spencer, on November 30 1905, his age 25, her age 20.
Theodore, married Ocie Crislip, of Spencer, May 16, 1909, his age 23, her age 20. They went to California some years ago, where they yet live.
Cora b: Rhodes, youngest of this family, is a trained nurse, and joined her brother, Theodore, in California a few years ago, and is there now—1926.
An Alexander Rhodes, born in Rockbridge County, Virginia, married Miss Mahala Edens, in that county, came to Jackson County, about the year 1850, for their son, Llewlelyn Rhodes, long a resident of Cay, marred there in Jackson County in the year 1854. He served as a Union soldier of the war—1862 to 1865—Alexander made his home on Flat Fork prior to 1880, and has left there several descendants whose names and careers we do not have.
Isaiah Rhodes married Amanda Jolly, settled on Flat Fork. They left four sons and three daughters.