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From the History of the Parish of Ribchester, in the County of Lancaster
By Thomas Charles Smith, Jonathan ShorttPublished by Bemrose & sons, 1890
Pages 244-246

James Rodes, of Ribchester, gent., in 1558 complained that Richard Syngeltoune, Edmund Braydell, and others had, " with swordes, staves, daggers, and other forcyble weapons," assaulted and evicted him from his own premises, which he held under a long lease (dated 12 Dec., 1536) from Lawrence Preston, of Preston,1 gent.2
  John Rodes, probably son of James, in 1568 was plaintiff, as seized in fee, against Elizabeth, wife of Robert Milner, tenant at will, and Nicholas Talbot, a trespasser, defendants, in a suit to recover 31/2 acres of land in Ribchester.  John Rhodes, of Ribchester, gent., occurs in a list of freeholders in 1584.
  In 7 Eliz. (1566) John Rhodes sold his right in a messauge and mill, with lands, in  Ribchester, now in the tenure of Roger Knoulles, Margaret Sede, Agnes Dodhurst, and William Singleton, of Banck Hall, to Francis Holt, of " Grystelhurst," Esq.3

John Rodes, of Ribchester, gent., son of John, in 32 Eliz. (1590), was defendant against John Dewhurst, of Boyes House, gent., plaintiff, in a suit regarding a close of land in Ribchester called " Birdy banke." The dispute turned upon the exchange of a close called the " great meadow," which the defendant said was never completed.  Reference is made to the plaintiff's "covetous and unconcionable mind," to the marriage of the plaintiff to Grace," cousin german of John Rhodes, in consideration of which marriage the plaintiff had received 20 marks. Mention is also made of certain lands called " Mutton Heis," occupied as tenant by Henry Greuehil, whose ancestors had lived there " tyme out of memory of man." John Rodes completed his long defence by denying the assertions of the plaintiff, that he (the defendant) was " very well knowne to be a man of bare consciens, loose life disposition and government;" or had combined with his " dogged natured neighbours advanced from meane parentage to some credit" to " envy and malice the prosperous estate" of the plaintiff.2 In the year 1600 John Rodes de Ribchester occurs in a list of freeholders."
  John Roades, of Ribchester, gent., had issue a son John, who succeeded to the estates. Ho died 28 Jan., 1620, and was buried at Ribchester. At the Inq. p. m., John Roades was declared to have held in fee messauges called le halgh Ouse and " le fforrest house;" 58 acres of land, and 2 orchards and gardens in Ribchester. He also held a messauge lately purchased from Henry Preston, of Preston, gent., deceased, and other lands.
  John Roades, of Ribchester, gent., by his wife, Jane, had issue two daughters, Ellen, born Oct. 14, 1618; and Margaret, born Feb. 11, 1620. John Roades was buried at Ribchester, Feb. 9, 1623, aged about 33 years; and his daughters Ellen and Margaret were found to be his co-heirs.
  Margery Rodes, of Ribchester, widow, by her will, dated 27 Aug., 1621, left: to the poor of Ribchester 20, to be paid by John Rodes; to Margaret Haihurst, daughter of her brother, Eichard, "one flannell petticote;" to Elizabeth Cooper, widow, her sister, "one gown and 20s.;" to Margaret, wife of John Hayhurst, one " camerie" band; to Eme Rodes, Anne Rodes, John Rodes, and Mary Rodes, children of James Rodes, each 13s. 4d.
  John Roades, of Ribchester, miller, was doubtless connected with John Roades, gent. He had issue, by his wife, Elizabeth Watson, sons, James, bapt. April 15, 1627; and Edward, bapt. Jan. 18, 1629; and a daughter, Eme, bapt. July 10, 1629 (see p. 85-6).
Other members of this family were: Francis Roades, living in 1670; Edward Roades (son of above John Roades), living in 1678; and Frances Roades, of Dilworth, widow, died in 1697. The name is still prevalent in the district.
  The corn mill of the Rhodeses was probably at Lum Mill, where plenty of water power would be available. It is mentioned as early as 1397 (see p. 49).

1 A farm in Ribchester still hears the name " Preston Wives."
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