The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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National Register of the Society Sons of the American Revolution,
Compiled and Published Under The Auspices of the National Publication Committee,
By Louis H. Cornish,
New York
Register List Collated And Edited By A. Howard Clark
Registrar-General National Society, Washington, D. C.

By Sons of the American
Compiled by Louis Henry
Published 1902
Press of A. H. Kellogg

Page 937: ARTHUR AUGUSTUS RHODES. Pawtucket, R. I. (9732). Son of Thomas
Henry and Coroline Augusta (Remington) Rhodes
; grandson of Peleg and
Mary Smith (Chapman) Rhodes
; great-grandson of Benjamin Rhodes, seaman
on "Pigot Galley," private Pawtuxet Rangers; great-grandson of Peter
, officer on "Pigot Galley."

Page 937: CHRISTOPHER RHODES, Providence, R. I. (6841). Son of Christopher Smith
and Olive Bicknell (Mauran) Rhodes
; grandson of Christopher and Elizabeth (
Allen) Rhodes
; great-grandson of Robert Rhodes, Captain Rhode
Island Infantry and Artillery; grandson of Joshua and Abigail (Winsor)
; great-grandson of Joseph Carlo Mauran, Captain Rhode Island Navy.
Page 937: EDWARD SMITH RHODES, Providence, R. I. (6862). Son of Peleg and Mary
Smith (Chapman) Rhodes
; grandson of Benjamin Rhodes, seaman on "Pigot
Galley, pensioned; great-grandson of Peter Rhodes, Member of Pawtuxet
Rangers, officer of "Pigot Galley."

Page 937: WILLIAM BATTEY RHODES, Pawtuxet, R. I. (7070). Son of Richard Utter
and Louisa Rhodes
; grandson of James and Sally (Arnold) Rhodes; great-
grandson of George and Ruth Arnold: great'-grandson of James Arnold,
Captain and Member of Rhode Island Council of War; grandson of Sampson
and Amy (West) Battey
; great-grandson of William West, Brigadier-
General Rhode Island Militia.