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Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem)



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Beckworth, James Noel  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I707 Jarrett Rhodes 
2 Cowart, Maggie E.  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I2057 Jarrett Rhodes 
3 Craig, David Ashley  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I421 Jarrett Rhodes 
4 Craig, David Lewis  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I425 Jarrett Rhodes 
5 Craig, George Hillary  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I422 Jarrett Rhodes 
6 Craig, Jack  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I1215 Jarrett Rhodes 
7 Freeman, Georgia  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I433 Jarrett Rhodes 
8 Rhodes, John Andrew  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I1423 Jarrett Rhodes 
9 Rhodes, Melvina Mattie  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I1426 Jarrett Rhodes 
10 Rhodes, Myrtle E.  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I1504 Jarrett Rhodes 
11 Rhodes, William Frank  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I2525 Jarrett Rhodes 
12 Robinson, Amanda M.  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I1422 Jarrett Rhodes 
13 Smith, Henry Estella  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I1498 Jarrett Rhodes 
14 Smyth, Elizabeth Matilda  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I368 Jarrett Rhodes 
15 West, Christian Sylvester  Butler Co, AL (Gravel Hill Cem) I1430 Jarrett Rhodes