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Kanawha County, West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Burgess, James R  Abt 1852Kanawha County, West Virginia I1171 RhodesChris1830 
2 Cobb, Nancy Jane  Abt 1852Kanawha County, West Virginia I9 RhodesChris1830 
3 Cobb, Nancy M  Oct 1851Kanawha County, West Virginia I172 RhodesChris1830 
4 Cobb, Sarah Caroline  6 Sep 1863Kanawha County, West Virginia I1181 RhodesChris1830 
5 Fields, John  Jul 1851Kanawha County, West Virginia I949 RhodesChris1830 
6 Godbey, Alfred S  19 Nov 1866Kanawha County, West Virginia I1036 RhodesChris1830 
7 Hamilton, James  Abt 1839Kanawha County, West Virginia I586 RhodesChris1830 
8 Hamilton, Nancy Givens  Abt 1843Kanawha County, West Virginia I194 RhodesChris1830 
9 Harper, Charles Taylor  2 Apr 1855Kanawha County, West Virginia I1138 RhodesChris1830 
10 Harper, Cynthia Catherine  20 Dec 1852Kanawha County, West Virginia I1092 RhodesChris1830 
11 Harper, Emily Jane  19 Dec 1854Kanawha County, West Virginia I970 RhodesChris1830 
12 Harper, John Allen  1 Apr 1851Kanawha County, West Virginia I1091 RhodesChris1830 
13 Harper, Malinda Adaline 'Addie'  Jul 1855Kanawha County, West Virginia I1137 RhodesChris1830 
14 Harper, Parthena  9 Oct 1853Kanawha County, West Virginia I891 RhodesChris1830 
15 Haynes, Alias French  Mar 1879Kanawha County, West Virginia I1465 RhodesChris1830 
16 Hunter, Frederick  6 Dec 1880Kanawha County, West Virginia I1436 RhodesChris1830 
17 Jones, Martha  Feb 1867Kanawha County, West Virginia I1200 RhodesChris1830 
18 Keenan, Alice Edna  1866Kanawha County, West Virginia I740 RhodesChris1830 
19 Milam, James Madison  23 May 1870Kanawha County, West Virginia I771 RhodesChris1830 
20 Rhodes, Mary Magdalene  18 Jul 1843Kanawha County, West Virginia I168 RhodesChris1830 
21 Shafer, Andrew Jackson  20 Jun 1840Kanawha County, West Virginia I643 RhodesChris1830 
22 Shafer, William Henry  May 1855Kanawha County, West Virginia I1159 RhodesChris1830 
23 Sharp, Margaret Frances  15 Dec 1927Kanawha County, West Virginia I1594 RhodesChris1830 
24 Young, Telitha  Abt 1822Kanawha County, West Virginia I40 RhodesChris1830 


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Casto, Samantha Estellina  1934Kanawha County, West Virginia I468 RhodesChris1830 
2 Gibson, Pernina  12 Apr 1931Kanawha County, West Virginia I975 RhodesChris1830 
3 Green, Rebecca Jane  19 Jun 1913Kanawha County, West Virginia I689 RhodesChris1830 
4 Hill, Analiza E 'Dutch'  Mar 1943Kanawha County, West Virginia I1069 RhodesChris1830 
5 Hunter, Frederick  25 Mar 1956Kanawha County, West Virginia I1436 RhodesChris1830 
6 Litton, Charles Elliot  24 Feb 1937Kanawha County, West Virginia I405 RhodesChris1830 
7 Litton, Jacob Foster "Jack"  6 Feb 1950Kanawha County, West Virginia I400 RhodesChris1830 
8 Lively, Zona  31 May 2004Kanawha County, West Virginia I1538 RhodesChris1830 
9 Parsons, Icy Dora  1 May 1950Kanawha County, West Virginia I887 RhodesChris1830 
10 Rader, Dora Ellen  1 Jul 1932Kanawha County, West Virginia I1099 RhodesChris1830 
11 Randolph, Minerva Jane  10 Apr 1974Kanawha County, West Virginia I57 RhodesChris1830 
12 RANDOLPH, William Riley  9 Jan 1934Kanawha County, West Virginia I26 RhodesChris1830 
13 Rhodes, Eliza Dove  16 Feb 1943Kanawha County, West Virginia I580 RhodesChris1830 
14 Rhodes, Marcellus  15 Feb 1937Kanawha County, West Virginia I323 RhodesChris1830 
15 Rhodes, Martha Alice  25 Jun 1956Kanawha County, West Virginia I1464 RhodesChris1830 
16 Rhodes, Martha Jane  21 Mar 1957Kanawha County, West Virginia I419 RhodesChris1830 
17 Rhodes, Mazie Bell  14 Jan 1935Kanawha County, West Virginia I1308 RhodesChris1830 
18 Rhodes, Miles Herbert  2 Apr 1950Kanawha County, West Virginia I386 RhodesChris1830 
19 Rhodes, Virgil Walker  13 Jan 1958Kanawha County, West Virginia I679 RhodesChris1830 
20 Rhodes, William Mathias  4 Oct 1943Kanawha County, West Virginia I974 RhodesChris1830 
21 Southall, Harvey Austin  31 Jul 1931Kanawha County, West Virginia I786 RhodesChris1830 
22 Staats, Ann Isabel  11 Dec 1949Kanawha County, West Virginia I452 RhodesChris1830 
23 Whited, Belva Mae  20 Nov 1996Kanawha County, West Virginia I1306 RhodesChris1830 
24 Whited, Roy R  Sep 1984Kanawha County, West Virginia I1400 RhodesChris1830 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 /   9 Jan 1834Kanawha County, West Virginia F82 RhodesChris1830 
2 /   19 Aug 1846Kanawha County, West Virginia F163 RhodesChris1830 
3 Cook / Rhodes  1 Nov 1877Kanawha County, West Virginia F635 RhodesChris1830 
4 Eckenroad / Rhodes  9 May 1873Kanawha County, West Virginia F712 RhodesChris1830 
5 Good / Nancy Walker  31 Aug 1840Kanawha County, West Virginia F528 RhodesChris1830 
6 Rhodes / Cobb  1918Kanawha County, West Virginia F435 RhodesChris1830 
7 Rhodes / Thomas  3 May 1860Kanawha County, West Virginia F156 RhodesChris1830 
8 Rhodes / [Greenlee]  13 Apr 1950Kanawha County, West Virginia F706 RhodesChris1830