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Nebraska, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pethoud, Emma  Abt 1863Nebraska, USA I3396 john_c_rhodes 
2 Sheldon, Charles  Between Jun 1869 and May 1870Nebraska, USA I9761 john_c_rhodes 
3 Myers, Lillie Etta  Nov 1870Nebraska, USA I10866 john_c_rhodes 
4 Ehrett, Joseph Franklin  20 Jan 1875Nebraska, USA I15503 john_c_rhodes 
5 McFarland, John W.  Feb 1875Nebraska, USA I3667 john_c_rhodes 
6 Sheldon, Abbie  Between Jun 1877 and May 1878Nebraska, USA I10858 john_c_rhodes 
7 Kirkpatrick, Cora Pearl  Abt Sep 1879Nebraska, USA I9821 john_c_rhodes 
8 Edwards, James Lawrence  26 Jan 1881Nebraska, USA I10867 john_c_rhodes 
9 Kirkpatrick, Harold Bertrum  29 Aug 1881Nebraska, USA I10874 john_c_rhodes 
10 Rhodes, Helen  May 1883Nebraska, USA I15538 john_c_rhodes 
11 Sheldon, Ralph Jackson  31 May 1884Nebraska, USA I15528 john_c_rhodes 
12 Borland, Grace B.  Jul 1886Nebraska, USA I10880 john_c_rhodes 
13 Kirkpatrick, Sybil V.  Oct 1890Nebraska, USA I10876 john_c_rhodes 
14 Myers, Florence May  20 Jun 1893Nebraska, USA I15374 john_c_rhodes 
15 Kirkpatrick, Eva Fern  4 Jun 1894Nebraska, USA I10878 john_c_rhodes 
16 Schumeyer, Edith  30 Mar 1900Nebraska, USA I3738 john_c_rhodes 
17 McFarland, Forest  16 May 1900Nebraska, USA I3668 john_c_rhodes 
18 McFarland, Glen Howard  12 Jul 1902Nebraska, USA I3671 john_c_rhodes 
19 Ehrett, Melba A.  1904Nebraska, USA I15504 john_c_rhodes 
20 McFarland, Langdon Horace  Between Apr 1905 and Mar 1906Nebraska, USA I3669 john_c_rhodes 
21 Schroyer, Ruth Josephine  3 Aug 1905Nebraska, USA I15435 john_c_rhodes 
22 Edwards, Dorothy  Abt 1907Nebraska, USA I15456 john_c_rhodes 
23 McFarland, Ruth P.  Between Apr 1907 and Mar 1908Nebraska, USA I3674 john_c_rhodes 
24 Ehrett, Marjorie L.  Abt 1908Nebraska, USA I15505 john_c_rhodes 
25 Edwards, Vern  Abt 1909Nebraska, USA I15457 john_c_rhodes 
26 McHutchion, Salome V.  Abt 1909Nebraska, USA I15431 john_c_rhodes 
27 Sheldon, Frederick A.  20 Mar 1909Nebraska, USA I10881 john_c_rhodes 
28 Edwards, Benjamin   I15458 john_c_rhodes 
29 Kassing, Beulah M.   I3676 john_c_rhodes 
30 McFarland, Donald Darby  1 Dec 1912Nebraska, USA I10883 john_c_rhodes 
31 McFarland, Dudley R.   I3672 john_c_rhodes 
32 Burgett, Durelda M.  19 Jan 1915Nebraska, USA I15383 john_c_rhodes 
33 Rhodes, Jr. Cecil Earl Jr.  12 Dec 1921Nebraska, USA I3739 john_c_rhodes 
34 Gebhard, Frank E.   I10899 john_c_rhodes 
35 Rhodes, Lucile   I3740 john_c_rhodes 
36 Kasser, James Bernard  22 Mar 1928Nebraska, USA I15432 john_c_rhodes 
37 Rhodes, Leona   I3741 john_c_rhodes 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Pethoud, Emma  1896Nebraska, USA I3396 john_c_rhodes