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Cumberland, Allegany, MD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Detterman, Andreas Joannes  27 Apr 1869Cumberland, Allegany, MD I559 Craig Rhodes' 
2 Detterman, Andrew John  27 Apr 1869Cumberland, Allegany, MD I560 Craig Rhodes' 
3 Detterman, Anne Mary  14 Sep 1876Cumberland, Allegany, MD I565 Craig Rhodes' 
4 Detterman, Anthony  23 Jan 1881Cumberland, Allegany, MD I566 Craig Rhodes' 
5 Detterman, Anthony George  17 Mar 1893Cumberland, Allegany, MD I33 Craig Rhodes' 
6 Detterman, Anthony Joseph  1 Nov 1885Cumberland, Allegany, MD I567 Craig Rhodes' 
7 Detterman, Catherine  29 Apr 1878Cumberland, Allegany, MD I564 Craig Rhodes' 
8 Detterman, Emma Matilda  29 Dec 1907Cumberland, Allegany, MD I40 Craig Rhodes' 
9 Detterman, Francis  29 Sep 1867Cumberland, Allegany, MD I558 Craig Rhodes' 
10 Detterman, Francis Anna  18 Sep 1897Cumberland, Allegany, MD I36 Craig Rhodes' 
11 Detterman, Francis Joseph  14 Jan 1889Cumberland, Allegany, MD I30 Craig Rhodes' 
12 Detterman, Frederick Louis  12 Nov 1903Cumberland, Allegany, MD I39 Craig Rhodes' 
13 Detterman, George William  7 Nov 1901Cumberland, Allegany, MD I38 Craig Rhodes' 
14 Detterman, Henry Joseph  27 Mar 1872Cumberland, Allegany, MD I562 Craig Rhodes' 
15 Detterman, John Frederick  16 Jan 1890Cumberland, Allegany, MD I31 Craig Rhodes' 
16 Detterman, Joseph Nicholas  1 Sep 1894Cumberland, Allegany, MD I34 Craig Rhodes' 
17 Detterman, Katherine Mary  27 Dec 1899Cumberland, Allegany, MD I37 Craig Rhodes' 
18 Detterman, Loretta Elizabeth  21 Jul 1911Cumberland, Allegany, MD I41 Craig Rhodes' 
19 Detterman, Louis Alphonaus  7 Aug 1870Cumberland, Allegany, MD I561 Craig Rhodes' 
20 Detterman, Margaret Anna  30 Sep 1891Cumberland, Allegany, MD I32 Craig Rhodes' 
21 Detterman, Mariam  Abt 1867Cumberland, Allegany, MD I557 Craig Rhodes' 
22 Detterman, Mary Magdaline  20 Jan 1906Cumberland, Allegany, MD I7 Craig Rhodes' 
23 Detterman, Nicholas Joseph Jr  9 Sep 1864Cumberland, Allegany, MD I10 Craig Rhodes' 
24 Detterman, Petrus  16 Mar 1866Cumberland, Allegany, MD I554 Craig Rhodes' 
25 Hoffman, Annie Barbara  14 Jun 1874Cumberland, Allegany, MD I241 Craig Rhodes' 
26 Hoffman, Catherine Katie  25 Aug 1879Cumberland, Allegany, MD I243 Craig Rhodes' 
27 Hoffman, Elizabeth Eizzie  6 Jul 1877Cumberland, Allegany, MD I242 Craig Rhodes' 
28 Hoffman, Emma  27 Sep 1888Cumberland, Allegany, MD I373 Craig Rhodes' 
29 Hoffman, Frank W.  4 Jul 1886Cumberland, Allegany, MD I239 Craig Rhodes' 
30 Hoffman, Henry  8 Dec 1870Cumberland, Allegany, MD I368 Craig Rhodes' 
31 Hoffman, John Edward Johnny  26 Sep 1881Cumberland, Allegany, MD I371 Craig Rhodes' 
32 Hoffman, Joseph  5 Feb 1884Cumberland, Allegany, MD I372 Craig Rhodes' 
33 Hoffman, Josephine  26 Jan 1869Cumberland, Allegany, MD I87 Craig Rhodes' 
34 Hoffman, Margaret Maggie  3 Oct 1867Cumberland, Allegany, MD I240 Craig Rhodes' 
35 Hoffman, Mary Anna  26 Nov 1865Cumberland, Allegany, MD I11 Craig Rhodes' 
36 Hoffman, Peter  28 Nov 1872Cumberland, Allegany, MD I369 Craig Rhodes' 
37 Hoffman, Tracie Teresa  3 Nov 1875Cumberland, Allegany, MD I370 Craig Rhodes' 
38 Rarig, Mary Catherine Elizabeth  7 May 1842Cumberland, Allegany, MD I19 Craig Rhodes' 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Detterman, Catherine  23 Jul 1973Cumberland, Allegany, MD I564 Craig Rhodes' 
2 Detterman, Nicholas Joseph H  31 May 1905Cumberland, Allegany, MD I16 Craig Rhodes' 
3 Hoffman, Emma  20 Sep 1889Cumberland, Allegany, MD I373 Craig Rhodes' 
4 Rarig, Mary Catherine Elizabeth  8 Dec 1917Cumberland, Allegany, MD I19 Craig Rhodes'