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120) Cindy Lee Clugston 
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 10:34 IP: Write a comment

my 3rd great grandmother was Barbara Elizabeth Rhoades born 1817 Pennsylvania - she married David Walter/s. They had a son named Joseph Rhoades Walters. She died in Beale/Juniata County Pennsylvania. Any help direction would be appreciated.
Also -I am a direct descendant of Hans Graf - Jacok Graf was my 10th great grandfather. Fronica was my 7th great grandmother.
119) Linda Beach 
Yuma, AZ and Sacramento, Ca. Location
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Sara Delia Penny-Alexander and son Levi
118) john scott rhodes  Male
dearborn mi Location
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My name is John Scott born 7/26/1943 in Jackson Michigan.
My father was Frank George Rhodes 9/29/1913 -3/1/2002.
My grandfather was Frank John Rhodes 7/5/1877-4/16/1966
My great grandfather was Arthur Delos Rhodes 5/10/1848-10/9/1922
My great great grandfather was Cyrus c.
Rhodes 1810-1854.
All,except me, lived in and around Concord Michigan..looking to back further....
117) Karen Borton 
Ohio Location
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Saturday, 14 January 2017 15:01 IP: Write a comment

Looking for parents & siblings of [/u]David R. RHODES[u] born July 30 1822 in Virginia. Married [/u]Nancy E. SINCLAIR[u] January 22, 1843 in Jackson County, West Virginia. 1850 Mason Co, WV> 1860 Emmit, Paulding Co, OH> 1880 Hicksville, Defiance Co, OH. Parents may be from New York or Maryland.
116) Ashley Rhodes 
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I'm looking for any information starting with John and Stella(?) Rhodes. I know they had a son named Orvis (and 2-3 more children), and he had children (John Robert, Karen, and David, my father). But I'm having trouble finding John's ancestors. Help? Thank you. I hope I'm in the right place.
115) Elaine Wigginton  Female
El Campo, Texas Location
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Looking for the burial site of Adellia Nebraska Herrington Rhodes', wife of Joseph Perkins Rhodes. Born March 2, 1863;died nov. 16, 1945------Adellia born nov 25, 1868;died 1900 in vowel Mill, la.
114) Stephen Rhodes  Male
Texas Location
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I'm stuck and can't find out any information about my Great, Great, Great Grandfather, Andrew Rhodes. All I've got is a 1900 Census. Supposedly he was born in 1850 in New York, married to an Irish woman named Mary, and lived with his son and grandson. That's all I've got. I can't find any information from my family and I can't find anything more on Ancestry.com. Does anyone out there, by some crazy chance, know anything more about Andrew Rhodes? I want to know who his Father was and where our family came from before New York. I assume somewhere in England, but I don't know for sure. I'd like to find out before I take a trip to the UK this Fall, if at all possible.

Here's his spot in my family tree: [person.ancestry.com]

113) David Rhodes  Male
Melbourne Australia Location
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Your site is interesting. Im attempting to trace some family history & I was wondering if you had any information on Rhodes family in Sydney NSW
112) Gina Deleo  Female
Jasper, Ga Location
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I am trying to find relatives and information on my maternal grandfather Joseph Stafford Rhodes. He married my grandmother Virginia Crofoot and has a daughter Sandra Rhodes that is still alive. I know he passed away in 1992 but doing a geneological search and desperate to know anything about my grandfather Joseph. My mother had no information and last time she saw him she was 2 years old.
111) Wendy Rhodes McAllister  Female
Dedham, MA Location
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My Great-Great grandfather was Joshua Rhodes of Pittsburgh, PA. His son Joshua Walter died young in 1906. He was married to Grace Barbour of Detroit who also died young in 1903. They had 2 daughters, Katherine Barbour Rhodes and Dorothy Hazlet Rhodes (my grandmother)

I can find nothing about Joshua Walter or his mother Eliza Hazlet and siblings: William B, Mary and Annie.

Can you help me?
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