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128) Jacob Rhodes 
Pennsylvania Location
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Friday, 30 August 2019 17:44 IP: Write a comment

From a friend of mine whose grandfather said they have Rhodes' in there genealogy.
Martin Butz -- born 1816 in Onolzheim, Germany, Emigrated to the U.S. in June 1852. died in 1888 in Sylvania, Toledo, Ohio. Martin Butz married Fredericka Zhender who was born in March 1836 in Germany. They married sometime before 1852 before coming to the U.S. Then, they had Henry David Butz who was born in 1866 in Ohio. He married a Florence Stover in Ohio in 1891. Then, Henry and Florence had Charles F. Butz who was born in Moncolva, Ohio in 1894... he was in the National Army and had a private honorable discharge in 1919. He married a woman by the name of Olive (don't know her maiden name), but we share the same birthday. Charles and Olive are my great grandparents, my dad's grandparents. Olive died in Bothell, Washington (which is 3 hours from where i live in WA) on Jan. 3, 1992. And my great grandpa died February 1985 in Washington, Oregon. Anyway, Charles F. Butz and Olive had... my grandpa, Charles W. Butz in January 1928 in Toledo, Ohio. And well, come June 1953... my dad, Charles T. Butz was born.

I did find a family tree that has some of this information []

I'm trying to see if anyone has found any Butz - Rhodes relations specifically linking back to Walter Rode or Willemus de Rode.
127) Leslie Kelsey 
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Saturday, 18 May 2019 17:50 IP: Write a comment

[b][/b]Rachel Rhodes, daughter of Beacham Rhodes & Margaret McCartney is my 4th great grandmother. She married George Tarvin.

Rachel & her mother Margaret McCartney are in my maternal line. I had a mtDNA full sequence DNA test on FTDNA and my haplogroup is X2b-T226c. So it is also the haplogroup of Rachel & Margaret and their female line descendants.
126) Kathleen Elaine Kincy Rhodes 
Hockley TX Location
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Tuesday, 12 February 2019 20:33 Host: Write a comment

I am trying to trace my Father's family. They lived in and around the bootheel of Missouri. My Father Curtis Quentin Rhodes was born in 1918 to William J (Jefferson i think) Rhodes (who died around 1925.. Wife Cora Alice Myers. There were 8 kids I think... Earl Eric Warren Ora and I can't remember the rest. I think his Father was Samuel J Rhodes 1841 to 1919 Married to Susanah J Kirkpatrick (1851-1915) but not sure then there is Eli Rhodes maybe father of Samuel Not sure he belongs at all. Then I cant find anything. I was always told my Father was Irish (black Irish with coal Black hair and sky blue eyes) and my Grandmother Cora also Irish... I cant find anything to substantiate this I know there were Rhodes family in Ireland but I cant make a connection. Any help would be so greatly appreciated.
125) Mike Britt 
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In reading some of the text, it said that the township of Merry Hill was named for the Rhodes Plantation....which is false....Merry Hill was the name of Thomas Ashburn's Plantation in 1775, ..He willed it to his son William...I'm sure the Plantation was sold because by 1830 their were no Ashburn's living in Bertie or surrounding areas.
124) David Q. Rhodes  Male
Columbiana, Ohio Location
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Thursday, 27 September 2018 23:10 Host: Write a comment

Hello, I am David Q. Rhodes (B 1972), a descendant of Lewis Irwin Rhodes and Pearl Hinzman it may be in the WV tree he died in Ohio. Their son Warren H. Rhodes and Evelyn M. (Scott) Rhodes were my mother and father. I have 2 children, Caroline VG Rhodes (B 1996) and Carter Jay Rhodes(B 2010).
123) Daniel Verret  Male
Louisiana-Mississippi Location
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I am a descendant of William Rhodus (b. 1791-d.1852 MS) and have been researching for his parents for about two years now. I am posting because after studying naming patterns in my particular Rhodus family, I believe his father’s name should be one of the following:
1. William Wesley Rhodus (Rhodes)
2. Wesley Rhodus (Rhodes)
3. William Rhodus (Rhodes)

If you have an idea what Rhodus/Rhodes family my William Rhodus (1791-1852) might belong to, please feel free to email me at: danielverret98(at) I found United States Federal Census Records that indicate he was born in South Carolina, North Carolina and Kentucky. So, any help or information about his possible parents will be greatly appreciated!


Daniel Verret
122) Fred Toewe  Male
Round Rock, Texas Location
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Wednesday, 15 August 2018 06:06 Host: Write a comment

Hi y'all, Just wanted to add another RHOADES entry that seems to be missing from this site. It is:

Samuel RHOADES, born 18 Dec about 1826, in Pennsylvania, maybe Lykens Valley, Dauphin County, also lived in Schuylkill County, married at least twice, first to Lucy/Lucita GABLE/DeFREHN in the 1840s, then to Rebecca E. RICHARDS in 1868, possibly to a Susanna UNKNOWN in between.

Had a dozen children in Pennsylvania and Nebraska, where he moved the family in 1878. Died 4 Jan 1910, Waterloo, Douglas County, NE.

Please contact me if you have any related interest at ftoewe<at> Cheers.
121) Elaine Rhodes Trayer  Female
Wattsburg, Pennsylvania Location
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My 4th great grandfather was Christian Rhodes (1760-1848) of clarion county PA. Married to Susannah Shafer and then Elizabeth nulf. He's my brick wall, other parts of my family I can trace back to the 1500's, the Rhodes side ends with him. Would love to find his ancestry.
120) Cindy Lee Clugston 
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Tuesday, 10 October 2017 10:34 IP: Write a comment

my 3rd great grandmother was Barbara Elizabeth Rhoades born 1817 Pennsylvania - she married David Walter/s. They had a son named Joseph Rhoades Walters. She died in Beale/Juniata County Pennsylvania. Any help direction would be appreciated.
Also -I am a direct descendant of Hans Graf - Jacok Graf was my 10th great grandfather. Fronica was my 7th great grandmother.
119) Linda Beach 
Yuma, AZ and Sacramento, Ca. Location
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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 17:49 Host: Write a comment

Sara Delia Penny-Alexander and son Levi
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