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 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F11
Acha, Alvah Charles Squire, Mary Nancy 3 Jul 1882  Rhodes New England 
2 F14
Fisk, ???    Rhodes New England 
3 F03
Harris, William Wetherby, Ruth   Rhodes New England 
4 F08
Lampman, Charles Squire, Caroline A. 11 Feb 1849  Rhodes New England 
5 F05
Loree, William M. Rhodes, Harriet Mary 4 Jul 1847 Oberlin, OH  Rhodes New England 
6 F06
McClelland, David Rhodes, Abigail Emily 21 Mar 1856  Rhodes New England 
7 F02
Rhodes, Hosea Harris, Ruth 5 May 1814 Grafton, VT  Rhodes New England 
8 F04
Rhodes, Hosea Goodness, Elizabeth 17 Apr 1839 Grafton, VT  Rhodes New England 
9 F13
Rhodes, Isaac Newton Fisk, Jane H. 11 Jun 1868  Rhodes New England 
10 F15
Rhodes, Isaac Newton Bailey, Nellie A. 27 Dec 1881 San Jose, CA  Rhodes New England 
11 F01
Rhodes, Joseph ???, Mary   Rhodes New England 
12 F09
Rhodes, Joseph Warren Squire, Mary Nancy 21 Nov 1853 Russia Township, OH  Rhodes New England 
13 F07
Rhodes, Solon Harris Squire, Caroline A. 24 Aug 1854  Rhodes New England 
14 F12
Rhodes, William Harris Fisk, Nettie E. 16 Sep 1858  Rhodes New England 
15 F10
Squire, William Buckingham, Lorana   Rhodes New England