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Before I get busy, growing plants again, a little more on that incredible ancestor, Capt. Samuel Rhodes Born 1701 Newport, RI died pre June 14, 1756.

Capt. Samuel Rhodes was born Sept. 18, 1701 in Newport, RI, son of Capt. William Rhodes and Sarah Mansfield Rhodes, Sarah was from New Haven Conn where her family had settled (Moses Mansfield). Capt. Samuel Rhodes married two Boone girls of North Kingstown, first Martha and then Hannah, Martha dying young and is buried in the Boone burying Yard, North Kingstown. They had apparently at least two children Walter Rhodes and Martha Rhodes, for sure, and likely Phebe Rhodes. A Walter Rhodes is found having letters waiting for him in NYC March 29, 1756 published in the New York Mercury, indicating that he was apparently at Oswego, but had letters being held for him at NYC.

Capt. Samuel Rhodes' one page probate estate paper was filed in North Kingstown, RI June 14, 1756 indicating he had died before that, thus that date being shown as in relation to his death.

In the Oct. 7, 1754 edition of the London Gentleman;s Magazine, we believe our Samuel Rhodes is listed in a notice of troops being called up, as Lieutenant Rhodes from Half-pay of Pepperell, not sure of what that means, but there are vvarious captains listed, a Major Craven, a Lt. Col Mercer, and Col. Sir William Pepperell.

Capt .Samuel Rhodes had previously served with Pepperrill at the seige of Louisbourgh, and at Ft. Benton, Nova Scotia, where he was building a Fort and was approached by some French and Indians, 1748 and was asked to surrender. He refushed and they left and went on an captured someone else. Capt. Rhodes was given a letter of graditude for this effort. The fort was apparently going to be used to protect coal mines in the area.

It appears that between these years, if it is the same Capt Rhodes, that he sailed some ships and apparently in 1754 was again with Pepperrill. Google Book Searches for Major Craven and Lt. Col Mercer, seem to indicate that these men were involved in action in and around Oswego, NY 1754-1756, though we have not found any mention of Samuel Rhodes, but do find Mercer and Craven. There is reference to deaths from fighting and diease, so I guess it is possible Capt. Rhodes may have died from either of these, or none, or not there at all. But these are the references so far that we have found.

We are not sure that Walter Rhodes is the same Walter Rhodes of our line, father of Samuel , who was Father of Samuel of Scriba, father of Schuyler Rhodes. Walter Rhodes was born in 1738 so would have been old enough to have been with his father at 18 years old.

Through years of research, we believe that Capt. Samuel Rhodes was our grandfather and also the same of Louisbourg, from various documents, letters, listings of Mason members from Boston and to be honest, Capt. Samuels disposition, his hand writing and signatures. He had his hand injured by a cannon blast, overloaded by men when he was not overseeing them. Many of his letters can be found in the Pepperrill papers in Boston.

We have not located where his wife Hannah Boone Rhodes is buried, but she passed away soon after, within a few years, (Feb. 14, 1760), at North Kingstown , RI.

So nothing real definite, but a few clues.. perhaps more documents will be added down the road to the internet.
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