The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

From the book entitled: A family history comprising the surnames of Gade--Gadie--Gaudie--Gawdie--Gawdy--Gowdy--Goudy--Goudey--Gowdey--Gauden--Gaudern--and the variant forms, from A. d: 800 to A. d: 1919
Editor: Gideon Tibbetts Ridlon
Publisher: Journal press, 1919

Eliza Gowdy (1). fifth daughter of Robert (2) and Nancy (McKay) Gowdy, was married to William V. Rhodes Jan. 22. 1833. She passed away Feb. 6, 1890.
Eleven children.
i.   Elizabeth Arminta Rhoades, born July 29, 1834; was married
to Fred Hubbard, Dec. 4, 1861.    Dead.
ii.   Robert Gowdy Rhoades, born March 6, 1837; married Sarah
Roberts. Sept. 17,1868.  Dead, in.   Mary McBride Rhoades, born Sept. 3, 1839; was married to David Sherman. Nov. 8. 1876.   Dead.
iv. James Marion Rhoades, born Feb. 1.1841; died in civil war service, March 23. 1863.
v. Sarah Margaret Rhoades. bom March 6, 1847; now living in Xenia, Ohio.
vi, John Brown Rhoades, born Feb. 20, 1849; married Adelaide Dolson, Jan. 14. 1874; now living in Columbus, Ohio.
vii. Charles William Rhoades, born Jan. 19, 1854; married Mary Frankenbbrger, Jan. 5, 1883.   Now living in Peru, Ind.
viii.   Alice Eliza Rhoades, born Aug. 9, 1860; was married to James Howell. Jan. 22, 1880.   Resides in Xenia, Ohio,
ix.   Albert Clinton Rhoades, born Dec. 28, 1861; married Mary Belle Haines, March 19, 1888.   Resides in Xenia, Ohio.

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