The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

Oakdale Cemetery, Osceola County, Michigan
Rhodes, Ann, b. 25 Dec 1835, d: 18 Apr 1902, At rest, s/w Nelson Rhodes Mother header/footer
Rhodes, Frank, b. 12 Mar 1861, d: 18 Oct 1905, s/w Fred Rhodes Frank header/footer
Rhodes, Fred, d. 1 Nov 1890, age: 25y 4m 4d, Son of Nelson & Ann Rhodes Gone but not forgotten, s/w Frank Rhodes Fred header/footer
Rhodes, Marvin R., b. 16 Oct 1930, d: 21 Jan 1983, Cpl US Army Korea, US military bronze marker
Rhodes, Nelson, b. 1868, d: 1939
Rhodes, Nelson, b. 3 Feb 1828, d: 3 May 1909, s/w Ann Rhodes Father header/footer
Rhodes, Raymond Allen, b. 1955, d: 1956
Rhodes, Raymond, b. 1904, d: 1954
Rhodes, Ruth, b. 1907, d: 19--
Rhods, Frank C., b. 1906, d: 1921, Hand made marker under bush just north of Nelson Rhodes

Striker Cemetery
Baltimore Township, Barry County, Michigan

Rhodes, Alice W., b: 1869, d. 1913
Rhodes, Emery, b: 7/1/1861
Rhodes, Emily, b. 1861
Rhodes, Jacob, b: 1826, d: 1911
Rhodes, Maria, b. 1836, d: 1914
Rhodes, William H., b: 1869, d: 1943

Hastings Cemetery
Hastings Township, Barry County, Michigan

Rhodes, Clara J., d. 1873
Rhodes, H. Archie, d: 12/9/1944
Rhodes, Levi, d. 1880

    1880Ada G. (Shawl) Rhoades died 8/6/1967, buried Greenwood Cemetery, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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