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The English portion of the following genealogy is compiled from Familiae Minornm Gentium, by Joseph Hunter, Vol. II, pages 583-87, Harleian Society Publications.
John 1 Rodes, of Staveley Woodthorpe, Yorkshire, married Attelina, daughter of Thomas Hewet, of Wales, Yorkshire, and had a son, Fran- cis* Rodes, of Staveley Woodthorpe, Esq., made Sergeant at Law 21st August, 1582; Justice of the Common Pleas 29th June, 1585; purchased Barlborough, Houghton and other considerable estates. Will dated 7th June, 29th [year] Elizabeth; proved 28th April, 1591. Francis' Rodes married (I) Elizabeth, daughter of Brian Sandford, of Thorpe- Solwin, Esq.; buried at Staveley; (II) Mary, daughter of Francis Charl- ton, of Apley, Shropshire, sister to Elizabeth, wife of John, Earl of Rutland. By this second marriage Judge Rodes had, besides several daughters, a son, Sir Godfrey 3 Rodes, of Great Haughton, knighted July 13, 161 5, and died 1633-34, who was the father of Godfrey 4 Rodes, D. D., Dean of Londonderry, and of Sir Edward* Rodes, of Great Haughton; commissioned colonel of horse March 13, 1654, by Oliver Cromwell, and a Privy Councellor and M. P. for the Shire of Perth in 1556. Godfrey* Rodes, of Great Haughton, was also M. P. for Scotch boroughs in 1656, during the ascendancy of the Parliamentary army, and his great nephew, William Rodes, of Great Haughton, who died in 1740, was the last male of this branch of the family.

Francis 1 Rodes had by his first marriage, with Elizabeth Sandford, a son, Sir John' Rodes, of Barlborough, Knt., aged 7, in 1569; Sheriff of Derby 36th Elizabeth; knighted at the T6wer 15th March, 1603, died September 16, 1639. He married (I) Dorothy, daughter of George
Saville, of Wakefield; (II) Frances, daughter of Marmaduke Constable, of Holderness, and widow of Henry Cheek; (III) Ursula, daughter of Sir John Mallory, of Studley. By his first marriage he had a son, John,* of Harbury, Yorkshire, who was disinherited; by the second marriage Sir John 8 Rodes had: I. Sir Francis 4 Rodes, of Barlborough, knighted at Whitehall 9th August, 1641; created a Baronet 14th of same month; died in February, 1645; married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Sir George Lascelles, of Sturton and Gateford, Knight; she aged 19 in 1614;
II. George, second son, buried at Barlborough December 27, 1665; III. Henry, third son, unmarried 1634; IV. Mallory, fourth son, died un- married December, 1660; V. Catherine, married Sir John Hotham, of Scarborough, Bart.; VI. Priscilla, married John Bright, of Middlethorpe; VII. Gertrude, unmarried in 1650; VIII. Lenox, married Sir Marma- duke Langdale, Lord Langdale; IX. Anne, married John Walthal, of London; X. Elizabeth, no issue; XI. Mary, no issue.

Sir Francis* and Elizabeth (Lascelles) Rodes had issue: I. Lenox, married, 27th March, 1649, John Truman, attorney, of Mansfield; II. Catherine, married Leonard Robinson, of Newton Garth, in Holderness;

III. Elizabeth, married Thomas Booth, of Goushill, Lincolnshire; IV. Penelope, married, April 17, 1649, Henry Holme, of Paul Holme; V. John 5 Rodes, of Sturton, fourth son, married Elizabeth, daughter of Simon Jason, of Edial, Staffordshire; VI. Peter, 6 fifth son, a divine, slain at Winfield Manor, fighting for the king; VII. George, sixth son, died unmarried; VIII. Ann, died unmarried; IX. Eleanor, died infant; X. Frances, died infant; XI. Lascelles, died infant; XII. Sir Francis 5 Rodes, of Barlborough, second Baronet, died May 3, 1651; married Ann, daughter of Sir Gervas Clifton, Baronet; XIII. Clifton* Rodes, of Sturton, Esq., aged 40 16th March, 1662; married, first, Lettice Clifton (and had a son, Gervas, who died in infancy), and secondly, Elizabeth, daughter of John Scrimshire, of Cotgreave, Esq.

John 5 and Elizabeth (Jason) Rodes had issue: I. John' Rodes, of Corn- hill, London, linen draper, eldest son living 1695; married Mary, daugh- ter of Wm. Tighe, of London, and had issue: William,' aged 6, Feb. 14, 1694-5; John,' who died in 1694, aged 7 months, and two daughters.

Wm.' Rodes, of London, had a grandson, Rodes, of London,

Gent., on whom Sir Jno. Rodes (d. 1743) entailed his estate on failure of the male issue of his sister; II, " Francis [7] Rodes, 2d son, resided some time in Maryland, where he was twice married, but is now, 1698, in England, and has issue; " III. "Charles [7] Rodes, 3d son, lived in Virginia, where he is lately married, 1695"; IV. Anne, married Henry Harrison, of Worksop.

Sir Francis 5 Rodes, Bart., had an only son, Sir Francis, with whose son Sir John, of Barlborough, who died unmarried in 1743, this branch became extinct. Sir John was born in 1670, and his will was dated March 13, 1731.
Clifton 6 Rodes, of Sturton, had issue by his second marriage with Elizabeth Scrimshire, a son Godfrey who was born 1653, and died young, and a second son (and heir), John, born in 1662, supposed to have been cast away at sea. With him the line of Clifton Rodes became extinct. So the title to the baronetcy would lie between the descendants of John Rodes, of London; Francis Rodes, of Maryland, and Charles Rodes, of Virginia.

While positive proof has not yet been found that John Rodes, who was born in Virginia in 1697, was son of Charles Rodes. who was living in Virginia, and lately married in 1695, yet the presumptive evidence is strong. The tradition in every branch of the family has been that this John Rodes was the son of the immigrant; the name Clifton has so frequently appeared both in the English family to which Charles Rodes belonged, and in the Virginia family descended from John; and the fact that John Rodes was born in 1697, in or near what was then New Kent county, makes it hardly doubtful that he was the son of the "Charles Roades," whose daughter Mary's baptism, February 7, 1702-3, is recorded in the register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent county. The birth of a son ( John) in 1697, and of a daughter (Mary) in 1703, would accord very well with a marriage in 1695. A Clifton Rodes was living in Virginia during the first half of the 18th century, who may have been another son of Charles Rodes. There is on record in York county, a deed dated December 20, 1740, conveying land in York county to Clifton Rodes, of Jamas City county. [The James City records are unfortunately, destroyed.] The will of Clifton Rhodes, of York county (of course the same as of James City 1, was proved in York county, July 15, 1745. His legatees were his wife Sarah, his sou Francis, and other children whom he does not name. If all of his children died during their minority, the property was to go to John and Elizabeth, children of Francis Rhodes, and to Clifton Rhodes and his brother, the children of John Rhodes, of Hanover county.

It is highly probable that there are in England wills which will clear up the connection of the families. There may also be something in Maryland, where Francis Rodes is stated to have lived, which would throw light.

1. John Rodes, was born in the lower end of the present Hanover county (traditional as to birthplace), November 6, 1697 (Family Bible , .uid died May 3, 1775. He removed to Louisa county, and in September, 1765, was appointed a vestryman of Fredericksville Parish. In October of the next year, John Kodes and Mary his wife, of Louisa couny, made a deed to their son Clifton Rodes, of Louisa, conveying land they had bought in 1727. He was also a justice of Albemarle county. The will of John Rodes was dated February 12, 1774, and proved in Albemarle, October, 1775. He gave his son Charles 382 acres taken from the north end of testator's land; to his (John's) wife Mary, his real and personal estate during her life if she did not marry, and if she did. then to "be put to her thirds." After her death or marriage, the land he lived on was to be sold and the proceeds divided between his five daughters. All the rest of his estate after his wife's death to be equally divided between his four sons and five daughters; the slaves to be divided as the children should agree, but none to be sold out of the family. Appoints his sons Charles and John executors. The inventory of his personal estate amounted to ^"1,044. 17. 3., a large property for the time and county.

John1 and Mary Rodes had issue: 1. Clifton* 2. Charles? 3. John,i 4. David.'1

2. Clifton* Rodes was a private in the Louisa county militia in 1758

1 I-/filing, ), and was sheriff of Albemarle, 1783-85 {Albemarle

Records). He removed to Fayette county, Ky. His wife was Sarah, daughter of John and Agnes (Carr) Waller, of Spotsylvania county, Va. iHavden's Virginia Genealogies, 388-393), and had issue:

6. Agnes," married Boone; 7. Henrietta,* married Joseph Rogers; 8. Daughter,' married James Rogers; 9. Debora,* married in 1784, David Kerr (marriage bond in Albemarle county, November 25th 1; 10. John,* married Jane Burch. Did he leave descendants? 11. Mary," married in 1786, Joseph Birch (marriage bond in Albemarle county, November, 26); 12. Waller*

3. Charles* Rodes, settled in Nelson county, Va. We have but meagre accounts of his descendants, but from statements by descendants, he married "Amy, sister of General Robert Duke," and had issue; 1. Charles,* of Nelson county, who married Jane, daughter of Colonel John Hopkins, and neice of General Samuel Hopkins, of Kentucky, and had a son, James Hopkins4 Rodes, who was the father of Charles E. Rodes, of Gallatin, Tennessee, and other sons and daughters. J. T Rodes, of Fayetteville, Tennessee, and Dr. J. E. Rodes, of Manchester, Tennessee, are also descendants of this branch. James E. Rodes, of Fayetteville, Tennessee, is son of Iverson Twyman Rodes, who was a son of Thomas Rodes, who removed from Nelson county, Va., to Tennessee, in 1837. It 's hoped that some one will furnish us with a full and correct account of the descendants of Charles * Rodes.

4. John* Rodes, of Albemarle county, was born November 6, 1729, and died July 15, 1810 (Family Bible). He was a justice of Albemarle county. His will was dated July 6, 1804, and proved August 6, 1810, in Albemarle. Legacies; first, to his son Robert, three negroes; second, to his daughter, Henrietta, three negroes; third, to daughter Ann, three negroes; fourth, to son John, three negroes: tilth, to son Clifton, three negroes, and a tract of land on which he (Clifton) now lives; sixth, to son Tyree. three negroes; to daughter Sally Harris, three negroes. All of the land on which he resided, and all adjoining the same which he had purchased, to be sold, and proceeds divided—one third to his daughter Henrietta, one third to Sally Harris, and one third to be put at interest to be divided equally among the children of his daughter Anna.

The rest of his estate to be divided among all of his children, viz: Robert, Henrietta, John, Clifton, Tyree. Sally Harris and Anna. Ann Garth's share to be put at interest and divided among her children when they come of age or marry. John and Clifton Rodes, and b: Brown, executors. John* Rodes married Sarah (born May 24, 1736, died Jan. 31, 1803) daughter of .Major Robert Harris, of Albemarle county (who had been a member of the House of Burgesses for Hanover in 1743-44). They had issue:

15. Mary,* born February 14, 1757; died young; 16. Robert;* 17. Henrietta," born May 26, 1761, married Bernice Brown of Albemarle; 18. Ann,'born July 22, 1763: married, June 17, 1782, John Garth, of Albemarle, and removed to Paris, Kentucky; 19. John;* 20. Clifton;* 21. Tyree;* 22. Doctor Charles,5 born February 22, 1774, died unmarried; 23. Sarah Harris,* born July 3, 1777, married September 22, 1808, Micajah Woods, of "Holkham," Albemarle county, and died January 25. 1850, leaving a son Dr. John R. Woods, of Albemarle (born January ig, 1815, died July 9, 1885) father of Captain Micajah Woods, of Charlottesville, &c.

5. David* Rodes, of Albemarle county, born , died Dec. 29,

1793. He married first, May 13, 1758, Mary (who died April 10.

1781) and second, on March 27, 1783, Susannah . (By the second marriage there was one child Agnes, born January 11, 1784, died September 13, 1784.) The will of David 2 Rodes was dated June 9, 1790, and proved in Albemarle, February, 1794. He wills the lands and negroes derived through his wife Susannah to her; farm called " Pomgranate " to son John; 304 acres to son Matthew, besides 500 acres in Madison county, Ky.; to son Charles, tracts in Nelson county, Ky., on the waters of Green River, in all 1,195 acres; (0 to daughter Mary Douglas; all his children to have equal shares with daughter Elizabeth Goodman, lands excepted; wife Susannah and son Mathew executors. Issue:

24. Mary,'born Dec. 11, 1760, married Douglas; 25. Bettie,' born

June 20, 1762, died December 27, 1852, married, 1783, Horsley Goodman (marriage bond Albemarle county, May 8); 26. John,' born February 14, 1764, died August 19, 1823. Did he marry and have issue ? 27. Matthew;* 28. Charles,* born September 15, 1767; 29. Nancy,5 born June 16, 1769, married Delaney; 28. Lucy,* born May 4, 1771; 29. David,* bor n March 9, 1773, died August 24, 1789; 30. Ann,' born February 20, 1775, died September 25, 1852, married May, 1790, in Albemarle county, James Ballard; 31. Judah,' born December 15 1776, died August, 1784; 32. Patsy,* born October 23, 1778; 33. Milly.'born September 25, 1780 (a Milly Rodes, doubtless this one, married in Albemarle in July, 1795, William Walden.)

12. Waller' Rodes, of Kentucky, married his cousin Elizabeth Thompson (she married secondly Gabriel, Slaughter, Governor of Kentucky) and had one child, Colonel William * Rodes, of Fayette county, Ky., member of the State Senate 1841-45, wno married twice, first, his . cousin Sarah Waller Burch, by whom he had one son Joseph Waller5 Rodes, who married Sarah E. Marshall, and left two sons: J. Waller" Rodes, and Dr. William6 Rodes, both of Lexington, Ky. Colonel William * Rodes married secondly, Margaret Todd, and had one son Levi Todd,5 who married Mary Martin.

16. Robert" Roues, born May 11, 1759, died November 20, 1818; is said to have served as a captain in the Revolutionary War; removed to Madison county, Ky., in 1783, and represented that county in the Convention held at Danville in 1787. On the formation of the State he was appointed one of the justices of Madison county, and later was a judge of the Circuit Court. He married. May 30, 1782, Elizabeth (born January 29, 1759, died January 31, 1803* daughter of John Delaney, of Amherst county, Va., and had issue:

34. Mary Eddins,* born August 5, 1783, died July 20, 1835, married July io, 1800, James Estill; 35. Sarah Harris,* born [une 7, 1787, died August 11, 1856, married April 18, 18i1, Dr. Anthony W. Rollins, of Kentucky, and had a son, James Sydney Rollins, born at Richmond, Ky., April 19, 1812; member of Legislature from Boone county, Mo., 1838, and State Senate, 1868, &c.; Member Congress, 1860-64, President of the University of Missiouri; 36. Elizabeth,* born February 20, 1789, died February. 1857. married December 20, 1807, Wallace Estill; 37. John,* born January 4, 1792, died November 21, 1814; 38. William? 39. Nancy,* born February 3, 1796, died September 15, 1869, married October 15, 1816, Samuel Stone, of Richmond, Ky., and was mother o( Robert Rodes Stone, of Lexington, Ky., and grandmother of Samuel H. Stone, now State Auditor of Kentucky; 40. Clifton}

19. John' Roues, of Albemarle county, Va., born June 2, 1766, died March 1, 1841 (in which year his will was proved). He married in May, 1793, in Albemarle, Francisca, daughter of Bernard Brown, and had issue: 41. Sidney,* born January 27, 1794, died July 23, 1855, married December 13, 1811, Powhatan Jones (born October 9, 1792, died September 13, 1880), of " Breman," Buckingham county, Va.; 42. Ryland;* 43. John D.,* married Mrs. Morris, of Albemarle, and died without issue; 44. William? 45. Sarah,* married Samuel Woods, of Nelson county, emigrated to Missouri; 46. Tyree;* 47. Virginia,* married W. C. Smith, of Nelson county, and died in 1854 or 55; 48. Jacintha,4 married, first, J. Smith, of Nelson county, and second, James Harris, of Nelson county, 49. Fannie,4 married Garland Brown, of Nelson county, and emigrated to Mississippi, where she died; 50. Lucy Ann,4 married, first.

James A. Payne, of Warrenton, Va., and second, Newlands, of Rolls county, Mo.

20. Clifton' Rodes, born August 8, 1768, married December 1, 1796, Elizabeth, daughter of John Jones, of Albemarle county, and removed to Kentucky, settling according to one account in Barren, and according to another, in Madison county. He hiid two children, Mary,4 who married Colonel Murrell, member of Kentucky State Senate, and Elizabeth.4 who married, first, Frank Gavin, and second, Watkins.

21. Tyree* Rodes, born December 24, 1770. died July 17, 1827. He removed in 1807 to Giles county, Tennessee, and settled on an estate, which he named "Clifton Place." He married, April 25, 1811, of Halifax county, N. C., eldest daughter of Major James Holland, of Halifax county, N. C., who was for eighteen years Member of Congress from that State. They had issue: 51. Sarah Myra,4 born October 18, 1812, died March 12, 1865, married, first. John H. Rivers, of Tennessee; second, Colonel Joseph Trotter; 52. James Holland,4 born June 1, 1814. died April 19, 1824; 53. Robert;4 54. Sophia Selina,4 born October 26, 818, died October 24, 1829; 55. Tyree,4 born July 18, 1821, died July 28, 1858, married Jane Elizabeth Murrill, of Kentucky, and had: (1) Clifton,5 born September 3, 1852, died June 13, 1877, unmarried; (2) Myra Ophelia,5 born November 7, 1856, died March 7, 1858.

Powhatan and Sidney F.4 (Rodes) Jones had issue: (a) Addison, married and removed to Texas; (b) Adaline Sidney, born February 19, 1816, died September 11, iSi'S, married Colonel Joseph Littlebury Carrington (born October 25, 1810, died January 24, 1890), of "Walnut Hill," Cumberland county, and afterwards of Richmond, Va.; (c) Judith Francisco, married Ayres; (d)John Samuel, removed to Mississippi and married; (ei Martha Brown, unmarried; (f) Sarah Elizabeth, married Gilbert Carrington, and removed to Mississippi, where she died; (g) Powhatan Tyree, died in California; (h) Virginia, married, first, Colonel Scott, of Petersburg, and second, Wilson, of Cumberland county; ti) Josiah Ryland, married and lived in Kockingham county; (j)
Walter Scott, died in boyhood; ih) Mary Jacintha, married Clarke,of Goochland county

John H. and Sarah Myra (Rodes) Rivers had issue: (a) William, born June 19, 1831, married in 1857, Martha Julia, daughter of William C. Flournoy, of Pulaski, Tenn., and died in 1882, leaving issue: Flournoy, of Pulaski; Tyree Rodes, lieutenant U. S. A.; John H. (deceased), William Cannon, lieutenant I'. S. A.; Myra, and Julian; (b) Cynthia, married

April 6, 1851, M. F. Carter; (c) Mary Elizabeth, married, first, George
Sykes; secondly. Dr. William Batte.

From the book entitled: The Virginia magazine of history and biography, Volume 6 and 7
Author: Virginia Historical Society
Publisher: Virginia Historical Society., 1899

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