The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

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  Rhodes' listed in the book: "Family Tree Book, Genealogical and Biographical, listing the relatives of General William, Alexander Smith, and of W. Thomas Smith
  By William Thomas Smith, William Alexander Smith, Osmer D. Flake, January 1, 1922

          (A) Sid Rhodes, born about 1875, res­taurant, Lexington, Tenn., married Nellie, daughter of William Jackson, one daughter.
  page 43

          1. s, born about 1877, married, Milan or Jackson, Tenn.
          2. Arthur Rhodes, dead, no issue.
          3. Lizzie Rhodes, born about 1881, mar­ried Elder Dallas Hamilton, of Primitive Baptist Church,
          R. R. Lexington, Tenn. Children: Mary Hamilton, born about 1903, school teacher; Vera Hamilton, born about 1905; Myrtle Hamilton, dead, one son, girl baby.
          4. Vesta Rhodes, born about 1883, far­mer, R. R. 2, Lexington, Tenn., married Ludy Burket,
          issue: Ruby, Addie Sue and two smaller children.
          5. Edward Rhodes, born about 1888, farmer and Elder of Primitive Baptist Church R. R. 2,
          Lexington, Tenn., married Ethel Phillips, married at age of 16, issue: Frances Rhodes,
          Ardie Rhodes, John Arnold Rhodes, and four smaller children.
          6. John Parker Rhodes, lives in Texas.
          7. Thomas Rhodes, lives in Texas.
          8. Amanda Rhodes, born about 1856, married Ben Phillips. Both dead. Children: Everett
          Phillips, born about 1870, farmer, Lexington, Tenn., married Ivey Welch, one child; Bertha Phillips,
          born about 1872, married Mr. Hawthore, moved to Blysthvilie, Arkansas.
  (J) Morning Rhodes, born about 1858, Milan, Tenn., married Frank Fessmire, dead. Children: Maggie Fessmire,
  born about 1888, Nettie Fessmire, born about 1890. A son died.
  Both buried at Rhodes Graveyard seven miles northwest of Lexington, Tenn. Children:
          (A) Richard Rhodes, born about 1848, married Mary, daughter of Thomas Fessmire, both dead.-163-
          (B) Albert Rhodes, born about 1853, mar­ried Lou Fessmire, both dead.-162-
          (C) Wylie Rhodes, born about 1857, mar­ried Sarah Douglass-161-
          (D) Bud Rhodes, born about 1877, mar­red Sarah Burkett-160-
  -159-D-Bud Rhodes, married Sarah Bur- kett, Carpenter, Lexington, Tenn. Children: Ethel Rhodes,
  born about 1901; Ruth Rhodes, born about 1903; Freeman Rhodes, born about 1905.
  -I59-C-Wylie Rhodes, farmer, Lexington, Tenn., married Sarah Douglass. Children: Edgar Rhodes,
  born about 1900, R. R.
  dna Rhodes, born 1918. First wife died and Wylie Rhodes then married Ludy Ringo and they have four children,
  Ethel being oldest.
  Both buried at Antioch Church, Hender­son County, Tenn. Children:
          (A) James Rhodes, who died without issue.
  After the death of first wife, Albert Rhodes
  married Bettie Fessmire, cousin of first wife. She lives on R. R. 5, Lexington, Tenn. Born to them:
          (B)		Felix Rhodes, born about 1890, farmer, R. R. 5, Lexington, Tenn., married Ada, daughter of
          James Welch. Two children living, one dead.
          (C)		Hattie Rhodes, born about 1892, mar­ried Levi Hamilton, farmer, R. R. 5, Lexing­ton, Tenn. Several
          (D)		Lessie Rhodes, born about 1894, mar­ried Calvin Hunter, Jackson, Tenn., saw mill.
          Children: Willie May Hunter, Joe Hunter.
  Both buried in Henderson County, Tenn. Children:
          (A) Harriett Rhodes, born about 1873, married Walter Ingram, residence Rosa, Ark.-168-
          (B) Dollie Rhodes, now dead, married Charles Miland now in Texas. Issue:
          Bernice Miland, about 1900.
          (C) Frank Rhodes, born about 1876, mar­ried Lizzie Fuller-167-
          (D) William Rhodes, born about 1878, farmer, cotton gin, Wildersville, Tenn.,
          mar­ried Pearl Meals. Issue: Josie Lee Rhodes about 1918.
          (E) Cecilia Rhodes, born about 1880, Wildersville, Tenn., single.
          (F) Robert Rhodes, born about 1882, dead. No issue.
          (G) Addie Rhodes, born about 1884, dead, married Peter Phillip. One child died when small.
          (H) Luther Rhodes, born about 1886, married Ruby Scott-166-
          (I) Birb Rhodes, born about 1888, now dead, married Sarah Lewis-165-
  (J) Everett Rhodes, born about 1891, married Nina Lee-164-
  -I63-J-Everett Rhodes, farmer, Lexing­ton, Tenn., married Nina Lee. One child, Catherine,
  born April, 1918.
  -|63-I-Birb Rhodes, now dead, married Sarah Lewis, Lexington, Tenn. Children: Everett Rhodes,
  born about 1911; Mageline Rhodes, born about 1913; Virginia Lee Rhodes, born about 1915;
  Eva Rhodes, born about 1917; Birb Rhodes, born 1920.
  -I63-H-Luther Rhodes, Farmer, Lexington, Tenn., married Ruby Scott. Children: Paul R. Rhodes,
  about 1911; Excie Rhodes, about 1914.
  -I63-C-Frank Rhodes, farmer, Wilders- ville, Tenn., married Lizzie Fuller. Children: Andres Rhodes,
  about 1903; Lether Rhodes, about 1905; Mary Rhodes, about 1907; Boyd Rhodes, about 1909;
  Verna Rhodes, about 1912; Elbert Rhodes, about 1914.
  They were perhaps born between 1830 and 1840, married in Henderson County, Tenn.,
  moved to Cuba, Graves County, Ky., and died there about 1880 or 1890. Children:
          (A)		Neal S. Brown Rhodes, married Susan Graves.-534-
          (B)		Pyles Rhodes, married Manerva Cham­bers, and, if living, they are perhaps in
           Graves County, Ky.
          (C)		Holland Smith Rhodes, dead. No issue.
          (D)		Benjamin Rhodes, said to have married and later died.
          (E)		Millard Rhodes, said to have married and later died.
          (F)		Elijah Rhodes, said to have died single.
          (G)		Homer Rhodes, said to have died single.
          (H)		Newton Rhodes, said to have married and left several children in Graves County, Ky.
  -533-A-Neal S. Brown Rhodes, born about 1848, in Henderson County, Tenn., died Feb. 28, 1919,
  buried Lexington, Tenn., married Susan Graves, born about 1848, died about 1895. Children:
          (A) William Rhodes, married, died about 1895, leaving one son, Fielder Rhodes, born
          about 1898, veteran in the World War, resi­dence, Avery, Texas.
          (B) Molly Rhodes, married Chris Harden, farmer, Lexington, Tenn. She died about 1813.-535-
          (C) Charles Abraham Rhodes, born Dec. 4, 1876, married Lou Annie Ringo.-536-
          (D) Lizzie Rhodes, married John Fess­mire.-537-
  -534-B-Molly Rhodes, born about 1875, married Chris. Harden, farmer, Lexington, Tenn.
  She died about 1913. Children:
          (A) William Harden, farmer, Jackson, Tenn.
          (B) Walter Harden, born about 1898, farmer, Jackson, Tenn.
          (C) Thomas Harden, born about 1900, farmer, Jackson, Tenn., married Esther Har­den and have
          one "child: Jefferson Davis Harden.
          (D) Rose Harden, born about 1903, R.R. Lexington, Tenn.
          (E) Dollie Harden, born about 1908, R.R. 5, Lexington, Tenn.
  (G) Sudie Harden, born about 1911, R.R. 5, Lexington, Tenn.
  -534-C-Charles Abraham Rhodes, R.R. 5, Lexington, Tenn., married Lou Annie Ringo, born 1871, farmer.
          (A) Lula May Rhodes, born Aug. 1897, died Aug. 28, 1897.
          (B) Jesse Rhodes, born Sept. 10, 1899, R.R. 5, Lexington, Tenn., farmer.
          (C) Modie Rhodes, born July 10, 1902, died Aug. 18, 1903.
          (D) Cecil Rhodes, born Aug. 10, 1904.
  -534-D-Lizzie Rhodes, born about 1881, Lexington, Tenn., married John Fessmire, farmer. Five children:
          (A) Elvis Fessmire, born about 1898, mar­ried Lila McDaniel.
          (B) Dee Fessmire, born about 1900, single.
          (C) Margary Fessmire, born about 1903,
  married Jesse Cody, farmer, Wilderville, Tenn.
          (D)		Pastell Fessmire, born about 191 I.
          (E)		Edward Fessmire, born about 1913.

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