The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

Rhodes/Roads Marriage Records of Duplin County North Carolina
compiled by Annie Walker Burns, 1936
Husband Wife Date Bondsman
Brice, John Rhodes, Mary 10-17-1796 Maning, Moses
Brock, Stephen Rhodes, Rachel 07-18-1809 Lawson, (Ch)ristr
Johnston, Thomas Rhodes, Sarah 07-22-1800 Dickson, Jas. Jr.
Rhodes, Benjn Parker, Elizabeth 05-01-1791 Southerland, Robert
Rhodes, Geo C Williams, Mary Ann 12-30-1852 Williams, Harper
Rhodes, Henry E Pearsall, Martha 04-02-1851 Pearsall, Jos
Rhodes, James B. Williams, Levina C 04-14-1853 Maxwell, Houston
Rhodes, Jas Thos Ferrior, Polley 09-20-1803 Williams, Jesse
Rhodes, John Taylor, Eliz. 03-11-1786 Thomas, Thos
Rhodes, John Houston, Dorothy 01-19-1797 Houston, Saml
Rhodes, Jno F Houston, Eliza 11-23-1848 Grady, A J
Rhodes, Jno F Miller, Barbara Ann 03-29-1855 Wms, Blany
Roads, Joseph Ball, Anne 05-25-1762 Ball, Wm
Kenan, Felix

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