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Rhoades, Rhodes and Roads in the Queensland Australia Marriage Records (1829-1914)

Reg # Subjects family name Subjects given names Other party's names  
1907/B005532 Rhoades Marjory Ann Vida William Wolff  
1911/B010012A Rhoades Andrew William Thomas Edith Sobey  
1890/C002258 Rhoades John Henry Catharine White  
1901/C002192 Rhoades David Henry Edith Katherine Andersen  
1911/C000619 Rhoades Daisy May Andrew Robert Hardy  
1912/C003166 Rhoades Grace Rose Charles John Irwin  
1911/C001919 Rhoades Rupert Reginald Kathleen McGuinness  
1913/C001988 Rhoades Violet Agnes Arthur Henry Cavell  
1880/B006814 Rhoades Mary Elizabeth Robert Rogers  
1880/B006848 Rhoades John William Mary Margaret Kirkmaster  
1887/B011648 Rhoades David Henry Margery Ann Gordon McKay  
1884/C001415 Rhoades Thomas Atkins Hainsworth Eva Jane Huntington  
1892/B015398 Rhodes Mary Ann Joseph Hirst  
1908/B006465 Rhodes Fred Edith May Thomas  
1900/B000482 Rhodes Edith Isabella Joseph Asher  
1910/B008766 Rhodes Caroline William James Harrison  
1891/C001724 Rhodes Charles Catherine Scott  
1892/C001671 Rhodes Hannah Alfred Lewis  
1890/C001767 Rhodes Jane William Bradbury  
1891/C000311 Rhodes John Frederick Margaret Wylie Dexter  
1894/C000292 Rhodes Rhoda Dorthea William Arthur Dean  
1893/C000325 Rhodes Thomas William Mary Jane O'Rourke  
1891/C002054 Rhodes William Annie Farley  
1899/C000343 Rhodes Fredrick John Elizabeth Jane Crouch  
1897/C000007 Rhodes James Jessie Singleton  
1898/C000550 Rhodes Rosetta Robert Frost  
1908/C001532 Rhodes Arthur Leslie Mary Bennet King  
1905/C001003 Rhodes Clara Elizabeth Ernest Edward Young  
1908/C000680 Rhodes Kate Albert William Phillips  
1905/C002312 Rhodes Nellie Robert Davison Brown  
1903/C000822 Rhodes Edith Edward Ulie  
1902/C000266 Rhodes Mary William Mackie Paul  
1914/C002428 Rhodes Thomas Hulda Caroline Schultz  
1865/B001164 Rhodes Cordelia George Gotcher  
1865/B001257 Rhodes Henry Thomas Martha Kluver  
1870/B003094 Rhodes Ralph Eliza Sarah Snape Daly  
1873/B004008 Rhodes Ann Isaac Markwell  
1876/B005452 Rhodes Clara Joseph Foot Mitchell  
1886/B010969 Rhodes John Thomas Mary Donavon  
1866/C000409 Rhodes John Frederick Mary Jane Blackburn  
1874/C000194 Rhodes Marthe Carl Franz Eisert  
1874/C000342 Rhodes Maria Thomas Valentine Madge  
1879/C001068 Rhodes Mary Bush Charles Wellander  
1882/C000611 Rhodes William Frances Nicol  
1884/C000951 Rhodes Eliza Jane William Henry Sutton  
1913/C002877 Roads Michael Parker Grace Wellsley Wellington  

Thanks to the folks behind the Queensland Australia Government and the Queensland historical index search site for this information.

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