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Rhodes, Rhoades, and Roads in the Queensland Australia Death Records (1829-1914)

Reg # Family name Given name Fathers given names Mothers names
1893/B025801 Rhoades Ann William Hainsworth Mary Rippon
1900/B000443 Rhoades Thomas Lawson John Rhoades Elizabeth Cole
1893/C003627 Rhoades Charles Edward John Henry Rhoades Kate Sweeny
1893/C004166 Rhoades Ethel May Huntington Thomas Atkins Hainsworth Rhoades Eva Jane Huntington
1914/C002240 Rhoades Robert - Ellen Rhoades ** born Queensland aged 5 months
1912/C000365 Rhoades Walter - - ** aged 26 years
1862/B000895 Rhoades Alice Ann Thomas Rhoades Ann Hainsworth
1887/C002160 Rhoades Unnamed (F) John William Rhoades Mary Margaret Kerkmaster
1889/C002969 Rhoades Mary Elizabeth John William Rhoades Mary Margaret Kirkmaster
1912/B016630 Rhodes Frederick William Rhodes - ** born England aged 62 years
1893/C000864 Rhodes Arthur John - Rhoda Rhodes ** born Queensland aged 6 days
1894/C000886 Rhodes Lydia Thomas William Rhodes Mary Jane O'Rourke
1894/C003660 Rhodes Lydia Thomas Potter Emma Swift
1892/C000738 Rhodes Margaret Wylie John Mathie Elizabeth Wallace
1896/C001250 Rhodes John - - ** born New South Wales aged 49 years
1897/C000953 Rhodes Lily Thomas William Rhodes Mary Jane O'Rourke
1898/C000425 Rhodes Lily John Henry Rhodes Catherine Sweeney
1896/C002515 Rhodes Ralph - - ** born England aged 87 years
1897/C000949 Rhodes Violet Thomas William Rhodes Mary Jane O'Rourke
1904/C000538 Rhodes Frederick William Frederick John Rhodes Elizabeth Jane Crouch
1903/C001919 Rhodes Pearline - Clara Rhodes
1898/C004302 Roads Ellis Daisy Thomas Roads Eliza Parker

Thanks to the folks behind the Queensland Australia Government and the Queensland historical index search site for this information.

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