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Natchitoches Parish, La



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Booty, Mytrle Pauline  26 Jun 1895Natchitoches Parish, La I110 Wm Wade 
2 Cox, Carra Crawford  8 Aug 1895Natchitoches Parish, La I596 Wm Wade 
3 Dowden, Bessie Virginia  24 Jan 1908Natchitoches Parish, La I145 Wm Wade 
4 Foshee, Weuel Oben  2 Apr 1926Natchitoches Parish, La I267 Wm Wade 
5 Franton, James Marshall  5 Jun 1890Natchitoches Parish, La I201 Wm Wade 
6 Honeycutt, Nora  23 Dec 1902Natchitoches Parish, La I126 Wm Wade 
7 Montgomery, Joseph Andrew  31 Dec 1868Natchitoches Parish, La I181 Wm Wade 
8 Montgomery, Willie Edward  25 Oct 1899Natchitoches Parish, La I224 Wm Wade 
9 RHODES, Ada Belle  18 Jan 1882Natchitoches Parish, La I178 Wm Wade 
10 Rhodes, Elizabeth  24 Jan 1868Natchitoches Parish, La I51 Wm Wade 
11 RHODES, Elvira  5 Apr 1880Natchitoches Parish, La I73 Wm Wade 
12 RHODES, Rev. John Abreham  1 Nov 1909Natchitoches Parish, La I160 Wm Wade 
13 RHODES, Lit  6 Jul 1890Natchitoches Parish, La I60 Wm Wade 
14 RHODES, Lydia  3 Apr 1875Natchitoches Parish, La I92 Wm Wade 
15 RHODES, Martha Ella  24 Mar 1887Natchitoches Parish, La I90 Wm Wade 
16 RHODES, Oscar J.  1901Natchitoches Parish, La I235 Wm Wade 
17 Ricks, Rev James Hillard.  2 Aug 1877Natchitoches Parish, La I147 Wm Wade 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Dowden, Bessie Virginia  30 Mar 1997Natchitoches Parish, La I145 Wm Wade 
2 Dowden, Sheldon Page  1 Dec 1994Natchitoches Parish, La I834 Wm Wade 
3 Dowden, Stephen Grant  8 Mar 1929Natchitoches Parish, La I119 Wm Wade 
4 FLENNIKEN, Fannie Belle  12 Sep 1973Natchitoches Parish, La I61 Wm Wade 
5 Honeycutt, Nora  10 Jan 1996Natchitoches Parish, La I126 Wm Wade 
6 Howell, Lillian  29 May 1999Natchitoches Parish, La I512 Wm Wade 
7 Jones, Mattie Elizabeth  25 May 1962Natchitoches Parish, La I250 Wm Wade 
8 LaCaze, Pershing  14 Jul 1969Natchitoches Parish, La I304 Wm Wade 
9 Montgomery, Annie L.  23 Dec 1991Natchitoches Parish, La I223 Wm Wade 
10 Montgomery, Joseph Andrew  13 Oct 1951Natchitoches Parish, La I181 Wm Wade 
11 Montgomery, Josephine  21 Jan 1990Natchitoches Parish, La I222 Wm Wade 
12 Montgomery, Willie Edward  4 Aug 1925Natchitoches Parish, La I224 Wm Wade 
13 Murray, Melvina Elmo  14 Jan 1986Natchitoches Parish, La I298 Wm Wade 
14 RHODES, Eliza J.  1 Sep 1943Natchitoches Parish, La I86 Wm Wade 
15 RHODES, Elvira  22 Jun 1887Natchitoches Parish, La I73 Wm Wade 
16 RHODES, Josephine Marganie  13 Feb 1992Natchitoches Parish, La I157 Wm Wade 
17 Rhodes, Mellie Annie  8 Aug 1893Natchitoches Parish, La I25 Wm Wade 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 RHODES, Lydia  Natchitoches Parish, La I92 Wm Wade 


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Adams / Booty  11 Nov 1921Natchitoches Parish, La F162 Wm Wade 
2 Booty / Singletary  12 Jan 1893Natchitoches Parish, La F33 Wm Wade 
3 Booty / Tynes  5 Nov 1928Natchitoches Parish, La F163 Wm Wade 
4 Cox / Booty  8 Feb 1916Natchitoches Parish, La F167 Wm Wade 
5 Dowden / RHODES  3 Mar 1901Natchitoches Parish, La F30 Wm Wade 
6 Foshee / Montgomery  5 Jan 1915Natchitoches Parish, La F59 Wm Wade 
7 Montgomery / Honeycutt  17 Jan 1926Natchitoches Parish, La F60 Wm Wade 
8 RHODES / Booty  10 Dec 1892Natchitoches Parish, La F23 Wm Wade 
9 RHODES / Byrd  7 Apr 1898Natchitoches Parish, La F19 Wm Wade 
10 RHODES / Dowden  8 Dec 1900Natchitoches Parish, La F41 Wm Wade 
11 RHODES / FLENNIKEN  11 Feb 1911Natchitoches Parish, La F21 Wm Wade 
12 RHODES / Foshee  19 Mar 1885Natchitoches Parish, La F26 Wm Wade 
13 RHODES / Singletary  24 Mar 1889Natchitoches Parish, La F8 Wm Wade 
14 Self / RHODES  19 Dec 1901Natchitoches Parish, La F253 Wm Wade 
15 Singletary / Booty  9 Feb 1896Natchitoches Parish, La F31 Wm Wade 
16 Singletary / RHODES  12 Jan 1868Natchitoches Parish, La F25 Wm Wade 
17 Sparks / Frantom  14 Dec 1920Natchitoches Parish, La F195 Wm Wade 

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