The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

Rhoades, Daniel, Mary, WO-4878 served in Capt. James Keen's Co. MA Mil.
Jacob, Jane, WC-8564, served in Capt. Daniel McCreery's Co. OH Mil. As a Pvt.
John, SC-3853, served in Capt. Robert Mallory's Co. VA Mil. As a Pvt.
Levi, SC-7406, served in Capt. Hugh Moore's Co. NH Mil. As a Pvt.
Orin, helpless child Lovisa Rhoades, child's C-#35519, Old War Child's file #26160 rejected, served in  Capt. Smyth's Co. MI Mil. & Lt. Isaac Lee's Co. US Vol. Light Dragoons, m. Lucretia (Lewis), she married a second time Thomas Brown, she died 19 Mar. 1856.
Silas, Laura C., WC-20733, SC-10621, served in  Capt. B. Bradford's Co. NH Mil. As a Pvt.

Rhoads, Daniel or Daniel Rhodes, Mary, WC-2352, served in Capt. Luke Person's Co.
Jacob, Esther, WC-11092, served as a Capt. In the IN Mil.
Jacob or Jacob Roods, SC-15633, served in Capt. George Hartman's Co. PA Mil.
John or John Road, Elizabeth (Frick) WC-405, m 25 Sep 1811 Harrisburg, PA sd. 9
9 Dec. 1856, wd. About 1879, served in Capt. Richard Knight's Co. PA Mil., as a pvt.,
wid., lived Harrisburg PA
Samuel, Elizabeth, WC-23125, served in Capt. Hull's Co. NY Vols.

Rhodes, Allen, Hannah, WC-17250, SC-21873, served in Capt. Amos Tapley's Co. TN Mil.
Charles or David C.S., WO-44648, served in Capt. James McClure's Co. NJ Mil.
Clifton, Elizabeth, WO-11543, served in Capt. Mallory's Co. VA Mil.
Daniel, Ruth, WO-14334, served in Col. Knicklerbocker's Co. NY Mil.
Daniel or Daniel Rhoads, Mary, WC-2352, served in Capt. Luke Person's Co. VT Mil., as
David. Old War IF-#17388 rejected, served in Capt. Strait's Co. in Regt. Of NY Mil as a Pvt.
David alias David Rodes, Winnaford, WC-33078, served in Capt. Geo C. Neill's Co. NC Mil
As a Pvt.
David or David Roades, Jane Margaret, WC-24657, served in Capt. Cramer's Co. VA Mil
David C.S., see Charles Rhodes, WO-44648 & SO-25956
Eden, SC-5628, served in Capt. Hasken's Co. OH Mil.
Eli, SO-18640 Rej, served in Capt. Bird's Co. MD Mil as a Pvt.
George, Catharine, WC-20093, served in Capt. Levi Dunn's Co. NY Mil as a Pvt.
George, Jane, WC-23992, served in Capt. McCarthy's Co. 5th VA Mil, alleged
Henry, SC-12824, served in Capt. John Station's Co. TN Mil.
Iram, Grace, WO-38527, served in Capt. Beecher's Co. NY Mil.
Jacob, Anne, WC-4244, served in Capt. Jno. Gilleland's Co. PA Mil as a Pvt.
Jacob, Elizabeth, WC-14206, served in Capt. William Harrison's Co. VA Mil.
James, Elizabeth, WC-9634, served in Capt. William Dougherty's Co. DC Mil.
James B., Sally, WO-27042, served as a Teamster in the Qtr. Mstr. Dept.
Jared, Martha, WC-9959, served in Capt. Heath's Co. GA Mil. as a Pvt.
Jesse, Nancy, WC-32596, served in Capt. W.W. Old's Co. SC Mil.
Joel alias Joel Rhoads, SC-19274, served in Capt. James Hurry's Co. VA Mil.
John, Nancy, WO-30372, served in Capt. John Hill's Co. DL Mil as a Lt.
John, Navy Privateer, WF-#112, served as a Marine on the Privateer "Gov Tompkins"
John, Persis, no pension, served on the "Little Adams" in the USN, enlisted in ME, BLW #
John, SO-28295, served in Capt. Silas Call's Co. NH Mil.
John, Eliza, WC-22357, SC-896, served as a Pvt in Michael Skidmore's Co. NY Mil.
John H., alias John Rhodes or Rodes, Rebecca C., WC-12533, served in Capt. Griffith's &
Capt. Grey's Co's MD Mil.
Jonah, SC-7959, served in Capt. Robert L. Gourley's Co. NY Mil.
Jothan, Eliza, WO-39008, served in Capt. Walker's Co. MA Mil.
Levi, SC-3362, served in Capt. Slatton's Co. TN Mil as a Pvt.
Lodowick H., Lucinda H., WC-27693, served in Capt. P. Farnham's Co. NY Mil.
Mathew, Susan, WC-1001, served in Capt. Jack Key's Co. SC Mil.
Matthew, Old War IF-#25774, served in Capt. Key's Co. NC Mil. as a Pvt.
Nicholas, Old War IF-$4086, served in Capt. Thompson's Co. 2nd Regt. US Inf. as a Pvt in
Richard, Ruth, WC-3184, SO-16307, served in Capt. Smith's & Capt. Thos. Floyd Jones'
Co's NY Mil.
Rosmante, Old War IF-#1271, served as a Seaman on the Frigate "Guerriere" in the USN
Samuel, SC-18628, served in Capt. George Marthews' Co. KY Mil.
Samuel, SO-30725, served in Capt. B. Hackney's Co. MD Mil., alleged
Samuel, Parthenia, WC-29165,served in Capt. Daniel Rowland's Co. VA Mil as a Pvt.
Sion, no pension, srv. Capt. Douglass' Co. NY Mil as a Sgt. BLW # 34480-160-55
Thomas, Mary, WC-17850, served in Capt. Samuel Mott's Co. 2nd Regt. NY Mil as a Pvt.
William, SO-3987, served in Capt. Samuel Hawley's Co. NY Mil.
William, Charity, WC-14565, served in Capt. Horace Timberlake's Co. VA Mil.
Zachariah, no pension, served in Capt. Barnes' Co. MD Mil as a Pvt., BLW #s 76907-40-50
& 20735-120-55

Rodes, David alias David Rhodes, WC-33078, served in Capt. Geo. C. Neill's Co. NC Mil as a Pvt.
David alias David Roads, Rebecca, WC-32385, served in Capt. W.C. Scott's Co. WI Mil.
Jacob, Elizabeth, WC-25674, served in Capt. Taylor's Co. OH Mil.
Thomas, SC-7868, served in Capt. W.C. Scott's Co. VA Mil as a Cpl.

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