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William Silas & Mary Magdaline (Rhodes) Anderson are ancestors of , and is responsible for this data. Please contact her if you have further information.

Mary Magdaline Rhodes, was the daughter of George Rhodes and Susanna Peters.

B. abt 1800 Rockbridge, VA d: 14 Mar 1876 Webster Co, WV

m. William Silas Anderson s/o Robert Baxter Anderson & Margaret Young

B. abt 1800 Rockbridge Co, VA d: 1866 Webster Co, WV



B. 11 Jun 1821 Rockbridge Co, VA

D. 5 Apr 1914 Webster Co, WV

m. 1840


B. 30 Sep 1821 d: 6 Feb 1916

note: Civil War Veteran

I-i. William Albert Cowger (1841-1917)

m. Susanna Moats (1841-1921)

I-ii. Allen Mark Cowger (1843-1914)

m. Mary E Hinkle (1848-1911) d/o Caleb & Elizabeth (Vandevender) Hinkle

I-iii. Deliah E Cowger (1845-1849)

I-iv. Isabell A Cowger (b&d 1848)

I-v. Daniel Webster Cowger (1849-?)

m. Tericy Cogar

I-vi. John Elihue Hutton Cowger (1851-1926_

1st m. 1873

Naomi S Rexroad (1852-1926)

2nd m. Ruhanna Bickel (1864-1938) d/o McClure & Jane Bickel

I-vii. Hazel W Cowger (1879-1969)

1st m. Sarah Cowger d/o Josiah & Sarah "Sally" (Cogar) Cowger

2nd m. Naomi "Oma" Bickel (1852-1942)

note: A twin sister to John E H Cowger's 2nd wife, Ruhanna.

I-viii. Roena Roxana Francis Cowger (1859-1939)

m. William Aken Pugh (1853-1939)


B. 30 Jun 1822 Rockbridge Co, VA

D. 3 Aug 1911 Webster Co, WV

m. 15 Sep 1840 WV

BARBARA SNYDER d/o Frederick & Mary Elizabeth (Simmons) Snider

B. 6 Jan 1824 VA

D. 3 Aug 1911 WV

note: Barbara's child prior to marrying Alfred:

Addison Snyder (1837-1933)

1st m. Nancy Louk (1844-?)

2nd m. Mary E (Kittle) Channel

II-i. Mary Magdaline Anderson (1840-1932)

m. 14 Apr 1863

Able "Abe" Perry Hinkle (1843-1908)

II-ii. Elvira "Ella" M Anderson (1843-?)

m. Silas Arbogast (1847-?)

II-iii. Peter C Anderson (1846-?)

m. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Cowger (1844-1927)

II-iv. Elias Anderson (1853-1937)

m. Mary Cowger (1859-1917) d/o Josiah & Sarah "Sally" (Cogar) Cowger

II-v. Margaret "Peggy" Anderson (1855-1907)

m.Warwick Clawson Anderson (1856-1941)

II-vi. Martha Anderson (1857-?)

m. Eugene Marshall Anderson (1853-1905) (George Lewis Anderson family)

II-vii. Anthony W Anderson (1858-prob d/y)

II-viii. Sarah Jane Anderson (1859-1892)

m. 1889

Allen W Simmons (1868-1963) s/o David & Artheila (Arbogast) Simmons


B. 14 Mar 1825 Rockbridge Co, VA

D. 18 Mar 1907 Webster Co, WV

1st m. MAY SNYDER d/o Frederick & Mary Elizabeth (Simmons) Snider

B. 14 May 1823

D. 21 Jan 1901

2nd m. Nancy L Thomas (1855-1931)

III-i. infant (D at birth)

III-ii. Sarah Rebecca Anderson (1844-1891)

m. John Wesley Cowger (1846-1932) s/o Josiah & Sarah (Cogar) Cowger

III-iii. Alexander C Anderson (1846-1929_

m. Eliza Brake (1844-1940)

note: Alexander was a Confederate Civil War Veteran

III-iv. Henry W Anderson (1847-1938)

1st m. Mary Magdaline Grimes (1851-1876)

2nd m. Mary Ellen (Rader) Vance (1852-1944)

III-v. Baxter Butcher "Butch" Anderson (1849-1932)

m. Rebecca Jane Cogar (1850-1929)

III-vi. Tobitha Elizabeth Anderson (1850-1893)

m. William McClure Bickle (1840-1928)

III-vii. Infant (Dat birth)

III-viii. John Addison Anderson (1852-1938)

m. Susan Ellen Long (1851-1934)

III-ix. Dalilia Jane Anderson (1854-1934)

m. James Franklin Arnold

III-x. Mary Anderson (1857-no record after US Census 1860.

III-xi. Allen Wesley Anderson (1861-1949)

1st m. Norma Smith (1862-1921)


B. 1828 Randolph Co, VA

D. 3 Feb 1913

m. 31 Oct 1847 Randolph Co

SARAH "SALLY" SNYDER d/o Frederick & Mary Elizabeth (Simmons) Snider

B. abt 1829 Randolph Co, VA

D. 1 Nov 1913

note: George Lewis may possibly be twin to Lusanna

IV-i. George Riley Anderson (1847-1906)

m. 1862

Virginia Ann Pugh (1848-1925)

IV-ii. Jessie W Anderson (1848-1919)

m. 1874

Frances C Heron (1854-1936)

IV-iii. Eugene Marshall Anderson (1853-1905)

m. Martha Anderson (1857-?) d/o Alfred & Barbara (Snyder) Anderson

IV-iv. Angeline Jane Anderson (1855-1910)

1st m. Alvin H Cutright (1856-1899)

2nd m. Alex A Brown

IV-v. W Bolton Anderson (1856-1939)

m. Mary Duke

IV-vi. Charley Frederick Anderson (1858-1932)

1st m. Melvina Anderson (1865-1898)

2nd m. Minnie Estaline (Fisher) Pudder (1882-1981)

IV-vii. Robert Daniel Anderson (1859-1939)

m. Nancy "Nannie" Pugh (1859-1933)

IV-viii. Henry F Anderson (1861-?)

m. Sarah "Sally" L Wolf (1859-?)

IV-ix. Jasper Anderson (1863-1905)

m. Josephine Louisa Jordan (1862-1929) d/o Marshall & Mary (Tharp) Jordan

IV-x. Lewis May Anderson (1865-1948)

m. 1892

Virginia "Maggie" Wolf (1873-1968)

IV-xi. Mary Francis "Fanny" Anderson (1869- 1964)

m. Leaster Pugh (1863-1914) s/o Curtis & Harriet (Arbogast) Pugh

V. LUSANNA ANDERTSON (possibly a twin)

B. 1828 Randolph Co


note: no record after 1850

note: never married


B. 12 Mar 1830 Randolph Co, VA

D. 1908

m. ANNA SNYDER d/o Frederick & Mary Elizabeth (Simmons) Snider

B. abt 1836

D. 16 Apr 1901

VI-i. John Markum Anderson (1850-1936

m.Georgianna Grimes (1856-1948) d/o Abraham & Margaret (Brady) Grimes

VI-ii. George Lewis Anderson (1852-1943) Randolph Co, VA

m. Sarah Catherine Hinkle (18854-1935)

d/o Caleb & Elizabeth (Vandevender) Hinkle

VI-iii. Rachel Clementine Anderson (1854-1931)

1st m. Nathaniel Tackett

2nd m. Dave Warden

VI-iv. Warrick Clawson Anderson (1856-1941)

1st m. Margaret "Peggy" Anderson (1855-1907)

d/o Alfred & Barbara (Snyder) Anderson

2nd m. Fanny (Tenney) King

VI-v, Eliza "Liza" Anderson (1859-1951)

m. 19 Aug 1876

John Hinkle (1856-1930) s/o Caleb & Elizabeth (Vandevender) Hinkle

VI-vi. William Silas Anderson (1865-?)

m. 1884

Effie Ann Pugh (1869-1926) d/o Curtis & Harriet (Arbogast) Pugh

VI-vii. Amanda Melvina Anderson (1869-1955)

1st m. Thomas Jefferson "Jack" Dever (1860-1918)

2nd m. Thomas McClure

VI-viii. Rosetta "Rose" Isabelle Anderson (1876-1968) Webster Co, WV

m. Erastus Solomon Pugh (1858-1941) s/o Curtis & Harriet (Arbogast) Pugh


B. 1832 Randolph CO

D. ?

1st m. SOLOMON ARBOGAST s/o John & MAry Arbogast

2nd M. EMANNUAL SNYDER s/o Frederick & Mary Elizabeth (Simmons) Snider

VII-i. Rebecca Jane Arbogast (1850-1935)

m. James Perry Ware (1842-1916)

VII-ii. Charles E Arbogast (1852-?)

VII-iii. George Washington Arbogast (1854-?)

m. Sophia Simmons (1859-1903)

VII-iv. Randolph Cleaterson "Clete" Arbogast

m. 1879

Nancy Jane Snyder (1862-1925) d/o Addison & Nancy (Louk) Snyder

VII-v. Dell Lee Arbogast (1863-?)

m. Ann Channel

VII-vi. Albert T Arbogast (1865-1949_

m. Vernie Ware (1867-1950)

VII-vii. Jefferson "Jeff" D Arbogast (1869-1944

1st m. Barbara Ann Hinkle (1867-1912)

2nd m. Earmie Herron

VII-viii. Jasper Arbogast (1870-?)

m. 1890

Eliza Ware (1872-?0

VII-ix. Melvina E Arbogast (1872-1900_

m. Leister Ware

VII-x. Harmon Arbogast (1974-?)


B. 4 Sep 1833 Randolph Co, VA

D. 1 May 1885 Webster Co, WV

m. 26 Jun 1851

DANIEL SNYDER s/o Frederick & Mary Elizabeth (Simmons) Snyder

B. 15 May 1829 prob Pendelton Co, VA/WV

D. 1916 Webster Co, WV

VIII-i. Atha Robert "Bobby" Snyder (1853-1862)

VIII-ii. William "Bill" Frederick Snyder (1855-1941)

m. Florence Davis Herron (1875-1937)

VIII-iii. Mary E Snyder (1858-1887)

m. Andrew b: Grimes (1861-1890)

VIII-iv. Frances "Fanny" R Snyder (1863-1884)

VIII-v. Sabina Jane Alice Snyder (1868-1953)

m. 1888

Samuel Jesse Cutlip (1866-1949)

Of added interest: Taken from "THE WILLIAM S ANDERSON FAMILY of


* Five of William S and Mary Magdaline Anderson's children married

five of Frederick Snyder's (and Mary Elizabeth Simmons) children.

* The marriages of the above Andersons and Snyders resulted in

forty-five double-first cousins.

* Indications are that Rebecca (Anderson) Cowger settled in Northern

Webster County prior to her four brothers: Alexander, Alfred, Allen

and George.

On a personal note: I was born about 20 miles from the area where the Andersons have always lived. I grew up and played on the same ground where they sweated to raise their crops and prayed to praise the Lord.

They were among the first settlers in this area and much of the land is still in Anderson hands. They sent their fathers, husbands, sons and brothers off to every war ever fought. And the women fought alongside the men to save themselves from Indian attacks. What a sturdy, remarkable people. I am so proud of my family. I would like to share it with all the Rhodes' so they can see what their own Mary Magdaline helped to create.

Almost everyone listed here was born and died in Webster Co, WV. Sometimes you may see in some of the records where it will indicate Braxton Co, VA/WV or Randolph Co, VA/WV. Webster Co was formed from parts of Braxton and Randolph, which were taken from Virginia.

Also, for the most part very few moved away until my generation (B.1946) came along and "moved where there was work." Most of us have ended up in Ohio with a few scattered to other places. Everyone still goes "back home" whenever we get a chance. Those mountains and rivers are part of who we are. CANNOT GIVE IT UP and don't want to. We ALL feel this way.

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