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The Dictionary of national biography, Volume 16 By Stephen (Sir Leslie), Sir Sidney Lee, Robert Blake, Christine Stephanie Nicholls. Page 970

Hugh Rhodes (b. 1550), author of the ' Book of Nurture,' ' born and bred in ' Devonshire, was a gentleman of the king's chapel. For the benefit of the children of the chapel he prepared his ' Boke of Nurture, or Schoole of good Maners. For Men, Servants, and Children, with Stans puer ad mensam.' This was printed by Thomas Petit, probably about 1650. There is a copy (imperfect) in the Bodleian Library. It deals with (1) ' The Duties of Parente and Masters; (2) The Manner of serving a Knight, Squire, or Gentleman ; (3) How to order your Mayster's Chamber at night to bedwarde ; (4) The Book of Nurture and Schoole of good Manners for Man and for Chylde ; (6) For the Wayting Servant; (6) The Kule of Honest Living.' A new edition is dated in 1677, and this edition was reprinted in 1868 for the Early English Text Society by Dr. F. J. Furnivail.

Rhodes was also author of ' The Song of the Chyld-byshop, as it was songe before the Queenis Majestie in her privie Chamber at her manour of Saynt James in the Feildis on Saynt Nicholas Day and Innocents Day this year nowe present, by the Chyld-byshope of Paules Churche with his Company ' (1555) (waston, ed. Hazlitt, 1871, iv. 237). This poem consists of thirty-six octave stanzas and is a fulsome panegyric on Queen Mary.

[Pruface to the Early English Text Society's reprint of the Boke of Nurture in the Babees Book, edited by F. J. Furnirall, 1868.]

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