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Thanks to Jonathan Rex Rhoades (), for the following data:
    Colonial Families of the United States of America: Volume 6
 I. 1. HENRY RHODES, b: in Lancashire, England, 1608, came to the Massachusetts Bay Colony, settling at Lynn before 1640, where he d: in 1675. He m. Elizabeth WHITE (or PAUL) who d: in Lynn 25th November, 1700. He was an ironmonger in Lynn, 1640; a witness 1647; representative to the General Court 1657. Served in King Philip's War and fought against the Indians in the Nipmugg Country, and at Narragansett in 1675. He signed his name with various spellings, but commonly "RODES." BODGE, in his "History of King Philip's War," records him as "Henry RHOADES," as he is frequently quoted in other historical references. There are many branches of the RHODES family existing in the United States, practically none are found spelling their names "RHOADES," except the descendants of Henry, of Lynn. In England, where the family originated, but one family is found which so spells its name and that is the one from which Amphillis RHOADES, great-grandmother of George WASHINGTON, descended.
 This branch of the RHODES family descended from a long line of English ancestors, tracing back to Willemus, of Rode, on many of whom heraldic honors had been conferred. Henry RHODES brought to America a coat-of-arms and copy of the original charter inscribed, "These are the ancient names of the family of RHODES of Adrod, Cheshire, whereof James RHODES, of Lancashire, is descended of the second house, Henry RHODES, son of George."
 All descendants of Henry RHODES are qualified for membership in the Society of Colonial Wars and Order of Founders and Patriots of America.


2. I. Eleazer RHODES, b: 6th February, 1640; d: 15th May, 1716.

*3. II. Samuel RHODES, of whom later.

4. III. Joseph RHODES, b. January, 1645; m. Jane COATES (COOTES).

5. IV. Joshua RHODES, b. April 1648; m. Ann GRAVES; d: 29th December, 1725.

6. V. Josiah RHODES, b. April, 1651; m. Elizabeth COATES.

7. VI. Jonathan RHODES, b. August, 1654; d: 7th April, 1677.

8. VII. Elizabeth (Eliza) RHODES, b: March, 1657; m. 5th November, 1695, Nathaniel WHITTEMORE
of Boston.

9. VIII. Henry RHODES, Jr., b. circa 1659.

(Authorities; Family bibles and records, vital statistics of Massachusetts and Colonial War Registers, BODGE'S "History King Philip's War.")

  II. 3. SAMUEL RHODES, b: Lynn, Massachusetts, February, 1642; d: 1718; m. 16th January, 1681-1682, Lynn, Abigail COATES, dau. of Robert COATES, b: 1627, England, d: Lynn; great-granddaughter of Thomas COATES who came in 1635, from Sarum, Wilts, England. Abigail, b: Lynn, 10th April, 1663; d: 20th August, 1743. They lived at Lynn, Massachusetts. Samuel served in King Philip's War under Captain GARDNER. Robert COATES served under Captain TURNER in garrison at Hadley, Massachusetts, 1676, et seq.


10. I. Jonathan RHODES, b. 28th November, 1683; d: 3d February, 1745; m. Sarah BAXTER.

11. II. Samuel RHODES, b: 2d August, 1685.

12. III. Abigail RHODES, b. 19th January, 1686-1687.

13. IV. Eleazer RHODES, b. 3d November, 1688; d: 1727, m. Sarah NEWMAN.

V. Sarah RHODES, b: 31st July, 1690; d: 8th October, 1690.

*14. VI. OBADIAH RHODES, of whom later.

VII. Sarah RHODES, b: 16th August, 1696; d: July, 1698.

15. VIII. Joane RHODES, b. 19th August, 1699; m. Ralph MERRY, 12th January, 1720.

16. IX. Joseph RHODES, b. 25th August, 1701; d: 8th April, 1765; m. Mary FULLER, 14th November,

17. X. Benjamin RHODES, b. 12th June, 1704; m. Rachel SILSBY, 1727.

(Authorities; Family bibles and records, vital statistics of Massachusetts and Colonial War Registers, BODGE'S "History King Philip's War.")

III. 14. OBADIAH RHODES, b: in Lynn, Massachusetts, 13th May, 1693; removed to Voluntown, Connecticut, admitted to First Church, 15th September, 1728; m. 1717, Abigail, whose family name is unknown, but who was admitted to First Church, Voluntown, 1729. Obadiah was one of the earliest settlers of Voluntown where he was a respected citizen, serving as selectman and in other official capacities.

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