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The following is from Daniel Rhoads' Revolutionary War pension file no. W.1485.

Reference is made to your letter in which you request information in regard to your Revolutionary War ancestor, Daniel Rhoads, who was born October 5, 1755 in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

  The data furnished herein were obtained from papers on file in claim for pension, W.1485, based upon the military service of Daniel Rhoads in the Revolutionary War.

  Daniel Rhoads was born October 5, 1755, place not shown, nor are the names of his parents given.

  Daniel Rhoads enlisted in Bedford, Pennsylvania, sometime in June, 1775, served as private in Captain Robert Cluggage's company, in Colonel Thompson's First Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment, and was discharged sometime in June, 1778.

  He was allowed pension on his application executed August 1, 1818, at which time he was living in Knox County, Indiana.  He was living in 1821 in Vigo County, Indiana.

  He died in Edgar County, Illinois, April 8, 1838, or April 25, 1839.  These dates are all shown in the claim, but no explanation given as to the use of them.

  The soldier, Daniel Rhoads, married February 10, 1777, Eva Foust, who was then aged fifteen years and three months.  She died January 15, 1792.

  He married March 15, 1794 in Nelson County, Kentucky, Elizabeth Newman.  She was born March 20, 1773, place not stated, nor are the names of her parents shown.

  The widow, Elizabeth Rhoads, was allowed pension on her application executed March 9, 1845, at which time she was living in Edgar County, Illinois, where she continued to live in 1851.  She died February 28, 1855.

  The following data in regard to the children of Daniel Rhoads and his first wife, Eva, are shown in the claim -

David, born November 20, 1778

Elizabeth, born Feburary --, 1779

Rachel, was born on Nov 25, 1780.  She married Isaac Newman and their first child was born on March 18, 1798.

Susana, born August 16, 1783

Jacob, born May 10, 1785

Catharine and Sara, born April 6, 1789

Hanah, born November 13, 1791, died May 8

  The following data relative to the children of Daniel Rhoads and his second wife, Elizabeth, are shown -

Thomas, born July 13, 1796

Jonathan, born September 3, 1798

Joseph, born January 17, 1801

Isaac, born Feburary 2, 1803

John, born February 7, 1807

Newman, born October 3, 1811

George, born December 11, 1814

  The son, Newman Rhoads, was living in 1846 in Edgar County, Illinois.

  The papers on file in this claim contain no further discernible data relative to family.

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