A case of mistaken identity: Frances Chiles, aka Frances Fairchild wife of Richard Breeden

Thanks to Sharon Jeanne Smith/Logan of Hawkins, TX’s detective work in discovering Frances wife of Richard Breeden real maiden name. In Sharon’s own words: “Frances’ maiden name is not Fairchild as family tradition states (I was led to believe the same thing). Her maiden name was Chiles. I can prove this through the will of Paul Chiles who left his daughter Frances Chiles 200 acres on Mayo River in his will dated 2 September 1761, Halifax County Virginia. In 1773, Richard Breeding and his wife Frances sold 130 acres to John Stanton in Henry County, VA (Henry was created from Halifax). Also, of note, Paul Chiles parents were Henry Chiles and Ann Rowland”. The good news about the Chiles line is that it goes back to Walter Chiles of Jamestown who had the first brick home”. Whoever is descended through this line are eligible for Jamestowne Membership.
Here is some links to Frances data: Frances Chiles’ individual record, Frances Chiles’ pedigree record.