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In late March of this year I reviewed a computer program called AeroSnap. AeroSnap is software for that makes program window resizing quick and easy, please see it at this link: Since then I found another program: FreeSnap, (its also free), it has much more functionality than AeroSnap, although it isn’t as easy to use. Unlike AeroSnap, FreeSnap does not require Microsoft .NET to be installed, which can bring a heavy payload, starting at around 54 MB to 250 MB. Plus with AeroSnap you can only resize program windows into two vertical plains, but with FreeSnap you can do vertical, horizontal, in a multitude of windows, in any combination. FreeSnap also works with dual monitors. Using AeroSnap is almost as easy as dragging a program window to one side or the other, with FreeSnap you use the Windows Key + the arrow keys and others. The functionality of FreeSnap out weighs AeroSnap’s easy of use.

Program page:

See PC Worlds review of this software here:,25420/description.html