A newly discovered blog: Civil War Memory

Kevin Levin is a High School History Teacher and Civil War Historian. For the last three years he has been writing the blog ?Civil War Memory?.

In 2007 Kevin’s blog was honored with the Cliopatria Award for Best Individual Blog.

The following is about ?Civil War Memory? in Mr. Levin own words: ?I blog about subjects related to how Americans have chosen to remember and commemorate their Civil War. Topics cover a range of issues from Civil War historiography to issues in public history and the teaching of history on the high school level. To get a better sense of the range of topics covered on this site I highly recommend browsing the archives by category or by individual tags. You can also take advantage of the ?Related Posts? feature, which can be found at the end of individual posts and before the comments section.?
Here the link: http://cwmemory.com/