The Back Rhodes of Our Genealogy

We hope you find your missing links among ours

From: THE HISTORY of CLARK COUNTY, OHIO, CONTAINING Biographies of Early Settlers and Prominent Men (and Women) CHICAGO, W. H. BEERS & CO., 1881, p. 907.
Samuel RHODES, retired farmer; P.O. Springfield. Samuel Rhodes is one of eight children - seven sons and one daughter-of Jacob and Barbara Rhodes. of Lancaster Co., Penn., and was born in Chambersburg, Penn., on Nov.11, 1812; his ancestors on his mother's side were from Holland; he lost his father while only ~ and. the family circumstances being very limited, he began the battle of life alone and unaided at even that early age, and his pres-ent comfortable situation in life is an indication of how successfully he has fought that battle. On Dec. 12, 1833, a few weeks after the memorable shower of stars, he married Miss Elizabeth Slevick, of his native county, at the family home, and farmed six years, then worked at the trade, of which St. -Orispin is the Patron Saint, six years, then, in October of 1845, he moved with his family to Springfield, which has since been his home; here he farmed until 1862, when, having secured a comfortable competency, he built his present cozy home, 169 South Yellow Springs street, and retired from further active exertions. Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes' children, mentioned in the order of their ages, are; Mrs. Amanda Stewart. living in Nebraska; Samuel S., living in Indianapolis; Cyrus C.. at Bradford, Penn.; Hiram H., here; and Mrs. Hattie E. Raymond, in Franklin, Penn. It may be mentioned as remarkable that not only did Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes raise all their children, but that three sons and two sons-in-law were three years in the Union army, and returned home whole. Their young-est son, Hiram, is foreman in the paint-shop of P. P. Mast & Co., and lives in his own house. next door to his parents; he married Miss Ella Shorey on Dee. 22, 1871, and has one boy, who was 3 years old in September 1ast. Mr. Rhodes was a member of the B oard of Equalization for eleven years, and is now an Infirmary Director; he is an earnest member and one of the Trustees of St Paul's Church, a recent colonization from the Central Church; an unpreten-tious, honest and highly respected citizen, and one about whom only pleasant things are said.

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